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  1. What's your internet speed like?

    i know the bits/bites thing but I don't automatically know which one is being used when people say "megs" or "gigs" when talking about stuff. you say talking about "small amounts of data" but the industry clearly has taken advantage of the difference and exploited the idiocy of people like me. Luckily all their competitors (have to) do the same, so that means that I can compare what I have against others a bit more easily.
  2. What's your internet speed like?

    Cheers - I'm never quite sure when it's upper or lower case with these things! That site said I get 60MB/s while I was streaming something. Then I stopped teh stream and it said I get 20MB/s. I'm guessing that's to be expected in a house with 4 people.
  3. What's your internet speed like?

    I couldn't tell you what advertised speed our internet is here, but basically; Steam says my best dl speed is 5.3mb/s I typically game on PC with low quality games like AoE2 and get ping of 33/60 with my friends, so it's very playable. I have trouble convincing my friends to chat via teamspeak, so if I need to download a new game or update AND chat via skype... it's just not happening... I live in a house with between 4 and 6 people I also frequently play COD on the PS3 and lag is definitely to blame for at least 30% of my deaths (STFU it's not anecdotal) I don't know what you're used to, or what you intend to do. But I stream iPlayer, netflix and prime via my pc and I don't ever have any buffering issues. My wireless dongle thing likes to just stop working about three times a day. .. I have no idea what my net speed is supposed to be for this household so I don't know how beneficial any of this was to you! But play me at AoE2 anytime on your fancy fibre connection and I'll still beat you with lag.
  4. Job woes/wins

    So almost overnight I have an idea for a consultancy gig... if I am able to pull it together I think I could be in with a shout. I've had a chat with some friends who know what they're talking about and they agree the timing could be potentially massive... so I'm in a position where I could invest a lot of time over the next 3 months and potentially be in for a great little business. I'm so excited and terrified... I don't yet have the self-belief that I could pull this off - but at the same time I have some nuggets of confidence to know that I genuinely could do this, I just have to not let myself down. I need to keep the motivation up. It's so difficult not knowing anyone else with the same level of knowledge that I have who also has market experience - they would be able to tell me how foolhardy I am... Aaaaiii!
  5. Fallout 4

    I spent about 20 hours before I went to Diamond City, because when I played FO3 I took a left out of the vault and just explored for about 40 hours before I even went to megaton. I had no idea how big the game was or how long the story would be. Once I got to Diamond City the game really picked up. There's some really solid quests that introduce you to different strains of the game's focus -- essentially living off the Minutemen stories is pretty damn dry. I guess it's more interesting for Americans who are a bit more clued-up with the actual historical relevance. Having been to boston fairly recently I was really all about finding the Freedom Trail - which i came across during the story but couldn't follow it - then the story kept being cool, then super cool, and now I've found some interesting places and I have 17 missions on the go, plus I found at least 15 places that I couldn't visit because I was following a mission... I guess what I'm trying to say is that with FO3 I had no idea how BIG the game was, and to go into FO4 knowing that it would be a game of similar scope I had lost a lot of the curiousity and joy that FO3's surprises gave me, and I made the mistake of assuming I knew what to expect this time round. The game gets better the more you do, I think.
  6. Potential for future co-anniversaries though!
  7. Whatever happened to BISH?

    I still visit daily! I just don't post that much because I don't have anything interesting to say. A few friends of mine were talking about making an app for BISH a while back. Would make it a lot easier. I'd be happy to organise if there was enough interest.
  8. Doing the tinder thing for the last 2 days. Yes, i broke up with my gf - sorta probably permanently and my housemate convinced me it was a good idea. It's been hilarious. First two matches were bots. 3rd one must've unmatched me. 4th seemed ok but during chat she revealed she has a kid... so I dropped the "lol i'm blind" card but she's persisted -- so i've made the chat as boring as possible. I've come accross four people I know (swiped ONE right...) and given my phone to other people to swipe for me. I have no desire to actually meet any of these people but I guess there's the chance that one of them is engaging enough that I'd change my mind. Sooo many girls into rugby or the gym or horses..! Every profile tries to check the boxes; outdoorsy activity picture; social fun picture; picture of holiday... And the profiles where they pull the same duckface pose close-up with different hair that is trying to avoid the topic of "this is my body" but ends up leaving me think "she's probably really fat" -- and normally I wouldn't judge a person that way, fact is I don't want a girlfriend that I'm not attracted to. Sorry world. But I'm sure plenty of left-swipers saw me and judged me, so it's all good.
  9. Fallout 4

  10. Fallout 4

    Decided to get the game last night and played it today. I'm getting the same sensation as I got with FO3 -- that is, i kind of don't really know what I'm doing or where I'm going yet (well, i mean I know I can just follow the quests but I want to go explore!). I happen to have today and tomorrow off work, so I can invest a chunk ahead of my mates.
  11. Football Season 2015/16

    Doesn't matter if you made arsenal look shit, or if they actually played shit. Point is that you couldn't beat them.
  12. Job woes/wins

    I was talking with my mates about jobs and CVs and basically I realised that I have no idea how to look for jobs that I can actually do. My job title is a misnomer... how the hell do i find jobs that I can do?
  13. Bloody Halloween

    Man, I've really started to hate having fun. I get stressed out about it all. So I'm going to a party in like 2 hours and I have no costume because Past Me left it to Future Me. Figured I'd suit up and fake blood it up. Found a 'recipe' to make fake blood out of ketchup and soy sauce. Didn't have soy sauce so used worcester sauce. Mistake. Tested it on small patch on back of shirt. Looked like a poop stain. Washed it off but tap went berserk. Decided to try to iron the shirt (my only white shirt) and burnt a massive stain onto the front of the shirt. So now I'm sitting here in a maroon shirt with a maroon tie on trying to think of a witty way to go dressed as "marooned" and failing. New plan is to just get drunk and try to remember that anybody who judges you for not dressing up properly on hallowe'en isn't worth thinking about anyway. Aaaaah! Anyone else have more successful plans (or, for those reading tomorrow, had a good night)?
  14. They'll crack down on people using adblock and crank up adverts after red picks up. marrk myyy wooorrrrddss!
  15. Job Relocation Rights

    You hit the nail on the head. What's her contract? How long has she worked there? Has she actually been asked to move yet? What kind of work (for interest sake)? Not heard of a 14-mile limit before myself but if you have any source for that I would be interested. If she works for a recognised, large-ish company then I'm sure they've fully thought through the legal shit. The redundancy side of things is much more likely. Sorry, no experiences.
  16. General Movie Thread

    Oh. My. God. ... You can already tell it's going to be a "so near, yet so far" experience. It'll be neat with twists but... over-emphasis on action and a stupid ending that will be impossible to predict.
  17. Job woes/wins

    Best of luck with it. It's well worth doing just to get a taster of what is involved in actually being a section leader. The least that happens is that you get a new perspective and discover your own ability to do new transferable skills. It's only a positive thing. Keep us posted!
  18. My favourite bit so far is when moogle's head grew legs @3:40
  19. Job woes/wins

    by this, i mean the management of other people - not dealing with management. Especially with new staff joining vs. historic staff as they tend to 'get it'.
  20. Job woes/wins

    How deaf are you @DriftKaiser - and how are your colleagues about it? In my experience if you can do the job itself with a handicap then the real worry is only in how you deal with the management side of things. Is it a different case for you?
  21. good stuff thread.

    That's pretty cool. I don't think i'd know where to start if I was in your position -- and I think I'd probably have left things for ages. Similar to what eevil asked -- did you budget for this initially? I'm a long way off of reaching my savings goal for a deposit but I don't really know how much to save for furnishing/decorating -- and I know that if I don't have the money to do it at the start then I'll just leave it forever. @EEVILMURRAY ; my sister and her husband bought a half-refurbed house extra cheap because the homeowners were essentially amateurs. The previous owners spent close to 5 years and at the end of it the house was miles off completion. My brother-in-law managed to get £20,000 knocked off the asking price as well. Two months later the previous owners came to pick up some post and they found that my brother-in-law had tiled the kitchen, gotten wooden flooring for the lounge, the upstairs was fully carpeted and all rooms painted... holes in the wall were plastered over and both gardens completely weeded and re-decked etc... but my brother-in-law is a tradesman and knows joiners, electricians, tilers.. the lot. Of course it costed him money but a) mates rates and b) he did a lot of it himself and c) a hell of a lot quicker! I'd factor that in when looking for somewhere. Do you know anyone with skills?
  22. Job woes/wins

    Don't give up, happenstance. Look for a job now while you're employed -- and while you're part-time you can try to get interviews arranged so that your company won't ever know!
  23. good stuff thread.

    That flooring looks really awesome!
  24. @Shorty best of luck mate. If anyone deserves it, you do Let me know how it goes