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  1. Beijing Olymics 2008

    Bolt is a joke. He can go faster. He will go faster. He's 22 (as of today) and definitely hasn't reached his prime yet. Bolt will best both of those records at least once before his career is through. Disgusting.
  2. Hello folks.

    I'm fine bro. Life's different to how it used to be. I hear you've kept well. We'll chat on MSN.
  3. Hello folks.

    Danamello Lasarge strikes again!
  4. Fantasy Football 2007/2008

    Does anyone really care though?
  5. Fantasy Football 2007/2008

    my bad, it was way down the list... My team is: Jaaskelainen Campbell Ingimarsson Woodgate Hargreaves Lampard Alonso Ronaldo © Anelka Torres Healey Bring it
  6. Fantasy Football

    Hey everyone. Do you like football? Well, head over to http://fantasy.premierleague.com, sign up for free, create a team, and then join me in a season long battle for crown champion of the N-Europe fantasy football championships! I have set up a league, named Wii Like Football, for everyone who wants to participate to sign up and join. But be quick! If you want to get in in time for the first week of the season, you only have 2 days left! When you have created your team, click the 'leagues' link on the left hand side, and in the 'Join a private league' box, copy and paste this number sequence: 476237-140312 Good luck!!
  7. Official Band-Pimping Thread

    Our band has two vocalists, by the way, just incase you thought otherwise. As well as backing vocalists. Nice clip Twozzok.
  8. Official Band-Pimping Thread

    lol, love the new thread title...
  9. Official Band-Pimping Thread

    Can't please 'em all.
  10. Official Band-Pimping Thread

    haha, mate, to be honest it doesn't really matter, it's your opinion :-P
  11. Official Band-Pimping Thread

    lmao, I AM the vocalist
  12. http://www.myspace.com/skullthrash. Go have a listen. I say no more.
  13. My Princess Peach Cosplay! #^_^#

    Haha, that's great.
  14. The worlds greatest breakfast?

    Favourite cereals eh? I am quite a fan of cereal actually. I have a few favourites. Rice Crispies, Honey Nut Loops, Cheerios, crunchy not cornflakes, muesli, Multi-Grain Start, Weetabix..... yeah they're the shizzle.
  15. Revolution's image not good in the press!!

    I nominate this post for the 'post which contains the most amount of stupid ideas in one post' award.