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  1. absolute BS, the entire year.


    The *only* good thing was being redeployed into a better job.

    - was shielding and losing my marbles

    - finally asked to wfh, had 4 months of backlogged work absolutely piled onto me

    - former colleagues mostly dickheads who did nothing but disrespect my space when i did have to come back to work

    - redeployed - and all the stress that came with that

    - took extremely ill on top of already being in pretty poor health and ended up in ED in august

    - more medications that are plastering over the monumental failing of the nhs

    - sister took covid, BiL nearly died

    - finally saw rhematology - probable ankylosing spondylitis which means waiting for probably most of 2022 for MRIs to confirm

    - fucked up my back, can barely move, in agony pretty much 24/7

    - had someone really awesome in my life, and he broke my heart

    OH and found out im likely to be in significant pay arrears because of a ridiculous pension scheme system.  A tiny 1% ? pay increase, puts me from 5.6% to 7.2% pension payment. and its backdated from march 2021. LOL

  2. Had mine a few weeks ago, well mine wasnt a booster but rather a 3rd full vaccine. (high clinical risk people have to get the full dose every time) and i got my flu vaccine at the same time.  I was actually dreading it because i had such a bad bad time with the first vaccine - my glands all exploded within half an hour and i was in agony for a week... but nothing this time! :bouncy:

    I am really excited about the anti viral drugs they have now introduced for people who happen to get covid, this is game changing.  Should mean people (hopefully) recover faster, and get them out of hospital beds and home.  I predict that the vaccines on top of effective medication FOR covid will be what ends this once and for all.

    I do sitrep reports at work and the numbers are getting worrying again :(


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  3. On 25/11/2021 at 3:44 PM, Happenstance said:

    Stole a pen from the school office and it just exploded all over my hands. Feels like karma.

    oof definitely karma lol


    i've been MAD BUSY in my new job.  felt like i was handling super confidential data in my old post (mostly patient medical records) but now ive moved on to governance within mental health which is super intense (adverse incidents, most of which are suicides or serious self harm) and im like eep ok :bouncy:

  4. On 01/11/2021 at 3:35 PM, Happenstance said:

    So it turns out the other IT guy that was on holiday was contacted for the info after all. He did reply with it immediately but set the reply as a scheduled email for 9am on Monday when his holiday had ended :laughing:

    thats the passive agressive shit i just love lol

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  5. i hated working from home, its really not for me.  I had quiet space, and could work fine, but that space was my *home*. This is my gaming space, not my working space.

    I like the finality of closing the door behind me, the processing time of the drive home.  I would never permanently work from home again unless i absolutely had to (aka another covid shut down for CEV). 

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  6. On 10/10/2021 at 10:17 AM, nightwolf said:

    @Raining_again its finally happening, I got a letter yesterday morning! I'm on the waiting list for surgery! :bouncy:

    It might seem like bad news to many of you, which to be honest I'm fairly torn myself. Yesterday I finally got confirmation that my surgery will go ahead which means:

    total hysterectomy (sub-total and total are different!)
    bilateral salpingectomy
    excision of endometriosis (again)
    segmental bowel resection

    So basically hysterectomy plus excision of endo plus cutting my bowels, which is madness. But in a ridiculous way gang it really validates all the pain over the last 15+ years. My organs have been stuck together, growing masses and generally causing me agony...which kind of also explains some of my mental health / capabilities over the years too. One doctor recently pointed out that I shouldn't be able to exercise, let alone work. Yet I had to tell him that nobody had ever given me any pain relief or help with it until it got to this stage. 

    Anyway, its happening. Slightly terrified, kinda excited. This will quite literally change my whole life, I just hope for the better. 

    it may sound like bad news to folk who have zero understanding of how horrendous it is to live with a severe chronic pain condition that often results in barely being able to function.

    And its also multi layered.  Of course its a relief to be free of that issue.  But theres a lot to process, the physical pain of an op, the loss, the grief.  Even if you dont mind not having kids, or not having bio kids its still a big part of whats considered of being a woman.  And the endless questions of "when are you having kids already" etc

    I'm so sorry that you've been let down, this really seems to be so common with women, apparently we are all just "hysterical", no one can tell me that sexism doesnt exist in medicine.  My cousin has similar, and was treated the very same.

    I am nervously excited for you :heart:

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  7. I definitely don't like gaming chairs, I dont like pleather/leather, and just want a simple chair.

    I got a fabric office chair from The Range but i dont particularly like it.   The chair I was supplied with at work is fkin amazing but its like £400 lol

  8. Yeah, very very few of the general overall population can be bothered navigating away from the mainstays.... facebook, insta etc.  Honestly can't remember the last time i ventured to someones personal web page. We've become very lazy online consumers.. why would we need to actually search for things when the algorithms have found us exactly what we "want" before we even have to type it.   One of the big reasons why (sadly) independant groups, forums websites etc (like this one incidentally) have seen a huge drop in numbers over the past 10,15 years.  It will be interesting what will replace the likes of facebook etc in another 20 years

  9. 18 hours ago, Will said:

    Even though we’re only at the start of this I already feel stressed about it all.

    Yeah its genuinely one of the most stressful things you can do in your lifetime... especially when its a move cross country.  I do have a great belief that things work out the way they do for a reason and sometimes you just have to take the opportunity and jump with it, and try not to worry about the smaller things!

  10. I personally couldnt do without outside space, but i know thats not for everyone. 

    Somewhere to hang the washing out!  Especially in such a wet country (ireland) it can be so bloody difficult to keep on top of dampness and mould. Having the dryer on or clothes hanging inside just multiplies that.

  11. jesus wept, those plugs are horrifying.

    Realistically even most families dont need more than a 3 bed semi.  Theres definitely a culture where i live of going over your means and being in absurd amounts of debt (most cars around my town are <3/4 years old.)  My mum used to clean for people that lived in ridiculously huge houses for absolutely no reason at all other than materialism and being able to show off.  Even having a cleaner was a huge status symbol even though they paid her literally pennies lol

  12. On 01/10/2021 at 12:58 PM, bob said:

    I don't know why people push to get the absolute maximum mortgage they can afford.

    We have some friends who got a ridiculous mortgage on a 5 bedroom house that cost them the absolute limit of what they could afford, and aside from the fact that they have no money left each month to do anything, they have no flexibility at all with salaries, childcare etc. Both of them hate their jobs, but neither can do anything about it because they have no buffer at all.

    My wife and I probably went too far the other way tbh. We live in a tiny hobbit hole of a house, but either one of us could lose our jobs and we'd be ok paying the mortgage on one salary.

    ^^ ding ding ding

    I feel like living standards have got to a crazy crazy high - i'm on my own, i really don't need 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms to clean lol.