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  1. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Never noticed but I don't think I've paid any attention to them for ages, so kudos for spotting it! Have to say I'll be SO glad when I get home from work today, will be home about 4 and my girlfriend is off on holiday for a week with her auntie, cousins and granny. That's not what I'm looking forward to I now have every night this week free to finally get back to Samus :D Currently sitting on 80% pick-ups and something like 93% log book entries and I'm itching to get back to it after not being able to for over a week!
  2. The big filesharing debate

    I'm sorry, was my agreeance offensive...? Wasn't meant to be, I just agreed with every they had said. Whether it's theft or copyright theft, it's still illegal, still theft and you're still stealing. There's no justification for illegally downloading someone else's copyrighted material.
  3. The big filesharing debate

    Here, here! Eloquently put and I agree with every word. All my thoughts on this summed up in your one post
  4. 21 is the MAGIC number...

    Happy birthday to each and every one of you :D
  5. FlashForward

    five gets viewers in the low millions, Sky gets viewers in the high hundreds of thousands, so the programme will get much more exposure if it stays on five. five is, after all, a terrestrial channel and available to everyone but Sky is subscription only. However, programmes that do prove popular are usually stolen by Sky unfortunately. five does pick winners a lot of the time, although the new Knight Rider (which was very enjoyable in the pilot movie and had bags of potential, but was then handed over to Gary Scott Thompson of the first Fast & The Furious film for the regular series and he butchered and raped it into a piece of shit ) has been picked up by five's Fiver channel and they're hyping it up well and advertising the hell out of it and it HAS been cancelled.
  6. How many gamecube games you have left

    Hi guys, as you probably know I'm quite new so I'm still sniffing around the forum looking at the threads and this one seems interesting I traded in a whole bunch of GCN games when the Wii was coming out, I'd never traded before, hated the idea of not keeping all those boxes on my shelves for years to come but it helped hugely in buying my Wii and everything I needed/wanted with it. I've since traded in all my GCN games except two: Donkey Konga and Eternal Darkness. DK is simply because it's still fun at parties now and again, but I really wish I hadn't traded in Jungle Beat since the new version isn't compatible with the bongos That game may have wrecked but it was brill fun. Oh well, I've still got Konga and two sets of drums I'll never trade in ED as alongside Mario Sunshine it was the first game I had for my GCN and it blew me away! I still haven't played it through three times to see the full ending and may never do so, but it's staying with me Maybe if they do release a sequel for the Wii I'll play it through to catch up... Asides from that, my 30+ collection is no more, either traded in or given to my nephews, who still have my F-Zero GX and original Metroid Prime.
  7. Has anyone made the jump to HD for films?

    I have to laugh at Sky, they are constantly attacking the BBC as "having a monopoly", and that they shouldn't be allowed to have an HD channel that's free to broadcast, a free iPlayer or free whatever. Murdoch just wants us to pay for everything, that's what it's all about, it's nothing to do with the competitive marketplace, he wants the monopoly on special services through his subscription-only Sky tv services. You'll see "news"papers like The Sun and News of the World do this too, but that's because they're also owned by Murdoch. We've (I work at the Beeb) got BBC HD which is available free of charge (well, apres TV licence lol) on FreeSat and it's coming soon on Freeview. That's really pissed off Murdoch and I hope other channels like the "UK" brand follow suit and air their's on these free services. Even though they're owned by Virgin Media now, they have to move with the times, think about the revenue from advertising and with all the extra features Virgin already offers I'm sure they can add to these and come up with more that'll still attract paying customers without having to charge for HD.
  8. Merlin (series 2, episode 2) "The Once and Future Queen" Wow! This episode was definitely a breath of fresh air after the (brilliantly) creepy episode we had last week. Mainly played for laughs, it worked on every level. The farmer they brought in to pretend to be Arthur was hilarious! I loved the way he barked orders at Merlin but then couldn't help a goofy laugh, and the scene where all the Knights are lined up in front of Uther and he's having trouble controlling his horse was a classic! Many laughs to be found with Colin Morgan's physical comedy this week, and with the interplay as usual between him and Arthur However, for something starting out as pure comedy this episode is a truly important one in the myth of Camelot, with the way things are unfolding between Arthur and Gwen, some truly masterful scenes there and probably THE most important screen kiss in a long time on TV in my opinion! On a final note.... the jousting! Fantastic! This just shows how much more gripping and dangerous-feeling the action in a series like this is when compared to cliched guns and fist fights. These duels looked awesome, the tension superb, and the stunt work beyond anything I've seen in a long time. The music just added to the whole experience too, brilliantly done all round! From not being fussed enough to watch the first series at all until recently, I've become a huge fan! Such is the quality of this production. 10/10
  9. Has anyone made the jump to HD for films?

    Don't expect this to happen for a lloonngg time yet. The uptake just isn't there yet, not in the way it happened quite quickly with DVD's. And the big players in the industry just won't take the risk of alienating people, they can't afford to lose sales, not when DVD's are selling so well and at such low prices are still profitable.
  10. Has anyone made the jump to HD for films?

    I'm not going to make the jump for a long time yet, I just don't see it being worthwhile as I don't believe the quality of picture is worth that kind of money. I've researched it by watching HD movies and don't feel it's the "big leap" it's advertised as. Plus, with the way things are going, CD's as a storage medium for movies will be gone in about 10 years, so if I'm going to make the move to HD for the next few years I don't want to be paying the price they are right now. Be warned about Sky HD too! It only outputs at 720, something they fail to mention, so buying a top of the line TV to go with it is pretty much a waste of money when a cheaper HD set will do. Also, I think Sky are up to their old tricks again in trying to convince everyone to upgrade. I remember when they were making the switch to Sky Digital, we had the old Sky dish and as Digital was coming in more and more the picture quality on the old satellite worsened, grains appearing on the screen and sometimes breaking up completely. Some friends who had made the switch early told me that was because the old satellite system was crap and digital was so much better by comparison, but I hadn't watched any of the digital signals so had nothing to compare it to. I was convinced Sky were decreasing the signal strength very slowly over a period of time to try to get people to make the switch. Now I think they're doing it again. I watched the new series of Knight Rider on Sci-Fi on my Virgin box and I was very happy with the picture quality. However, one week I was in my girlfriend's house where they've two Sky set-ups. One is HD for two rooms, while upstairs there's a regular Sky box. I began watching Knight Rider on the regular box and the picture was awful!! I mean REALLY awful!! It was blocky as hell and you'd have sworn it was being streamed on an old out-of-date PC if it weren't on the big TV screen! A quick look downstairs and there's the same program on the HD version of the channel looking all pretty, but identical to the quality of picture I received every other week on my standard Virgin cable box. (Virgin own Sci-Fi, which is strange too.) I honestly believe Sky are doing this again and a few friends of mine have noticed as well that if a program is available on one of their supposed "HD" channels, then the picture quality from a standard Sky Digital satellite will be rubbish! But just you watch, when the next program comes on and it hasn't got an HD version on another channel then the picture quality will go back to being very good.
  11. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    I envy you Noku, playing thorugh the first Prime and exploring Tallon IV for the first time Although saying that, it's just as much fun to rediscover the game all these years later with the brilliant controls and all the little touches! I'm loving it! Had to leave Samus stranded for a week while I was in Liverpool but I'm gonna get back there and help her out in a few days.... can't wait! We hold the remote the same way, but I've no difficulty in this at all. You don't need to move the pointer much at all, and I find running, dodging, jumping etc while changing beams effortless and doesn't affect my line of vision at all. Feels more natural than a joypad and I find it much easier than using the Cube's d-pad and c-stick, which at the time I thought rocked!
  12. I like Merlin's old-fashioned style, but I disagree that there's no overall arcs. Last year Nimueh provided our season-long villian and the secret behind Uther's hatred of magic and I enjoyed seeing this played out. However, it seems the programme is (rightly) sticking to a bigger gameplan than just a cliched season-by-season style of storytelling. This is the set-up for the legend of King Arthur and I think working its way towards that this show is one huge arc, with the individual characters providing the growth from season-to-season. I love it and can't wait for Saturday night! Last week's was a brilliant season opener,the climax with MacKenzie Crook was fantastically spooky! 10/10
  13. The big filesharing debate

    I used to download music illegally but once I got my iPod that stopped. I put all my CD's etc on to the iPod and have used iTunes ever since. I'm not a big fan of modern music however, so for me iTunes is perfect for getting a lot of older music legally and in great quality. The only CD's I buy now are the monthly Doctor Who Audios from Big Finish, even though the physical copy is a pound of two more than the iTunes version I'm a collector and like to have them sitting with my DVD's etc. I never did, and never will, download movies (the only TV show I downloaded was the recent Knight Rider - the pilot movie and a couple of episodes - just to see what it was like and then I watched it on Sci-Fi when it was broadcast in the UK several months later) as I do believe that hurts the industry and DVD's are that cheap nowadays anyway. And if it's a film that's yet to be released in the cinema, well it goes without saying it's better on the big screen anyway.
  14. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Ah right, yeah that makes sense I find that because I'm pointing where I'd basically like to be moving I kinda naturally point towards the middle of the screen anyway, I don't think about it, it just kinda happens as I've gotten so used to the controls.
  15. Watched last night's double bill on iPlayer (I'm addicted to that thing, can't wait for the Wii-specific one!) and really enjoyed it, I wonder if Michel Roux Jnr is the permanent second judge now of if it's just because this is the series for professional chefs, really enjoying this run. 8/10 Ironiocally, that's why I like Michel Roux Jnr, he seems very down to earth and just a great lover of food. But he's worked hard to get where he is and with the winner possibly going to work for him I'm not surprised he has exacting standards. The judge they've replaced was always the shouty one, the one who made you think your testicles would be cut off and served with lettuce and tomatos if you dared get something wrong. I'm not sure if you've watched the new run, but I find it a lot more relaxing than before and for the first time I'm going to watch the entire series. (Also makes me want to try new food. Anyone ever tried rabbit...?) Have to say I was disappointed by Shooting Stars' return. I remember watching it religiously at Friday tea-times when I was a teenager and I found the repeated jokes and scenarios hilarious week-after-week. It did get stale though after a few seasons and I was disappointed with the first episode of the new series as it just didn't live up to the expectations of those early episodes of the original run, not for me anyway. 4/10