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  1. Jon

    It's too late, I already have all my Chuck goodness on DVD. Brilliant for the lucky people who haven't seen Yvonne Strahovski unclose :)

  2. Jon

    Cool man, i'll just stare at your name until you accept my request.

  3. Jon

    You absolute bollock sack. What's your PSN ID again?

  4. Jon

    Thanks man, and to you from a few days back!

  5. Jon

    Cheers dude :)


    Happy Birthday is always a good thread title :heh:

  6. Jon

    Fail. my MSN is being largely gay.

  7. Jon

    It's red because I typed it my blood.

  8. Jon

    LOLZ, I saw someone on my friends list playing it and assumed it was not out.




  9. Jon

    Hey Matty, just to let you know that Fallout: New Vegas is out, just incase you forgot.



  10. Jon

    Cheers M8, tbh i put on my chemical romance and stare at it and all my problems go away.

  11. Jon

    We can ply l8r, i r way for a cat nap.

  12. Jon

    I know :( I've had to change my password about 5 times.

  13. Jon

    i got an email the other day from someone I was following, turned out was just a spoof email, though I didn't notice till i checked the email address. Looked quite genuine like.

  14. Jon

    Was my Twitter hacked?


    Not sure, get any dodgy messages?