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  1. Actually you need Mega Fishing flies which can be caught with the bug net around Deserted Island. The other one are Snakebee larvae which can be gathered from pretty much any bee hive.
  2. Wii General Discussion

    But if those games you mentioned were full price they would surely have a bit more content than they have now. The low price just matches the content you're going to get. Not to mention that there are various full price games that aren't worth their money.
  3. Maybe this time we'll get to fight the dungeon's mini-boss BEFORE acquiring the map and the compass But honestly, the dungeon-structure of Zelda games has become awfully stale. And they could also come up with some new motifs as well (not forest, fire, ice all the time). I'm still baffled that, up until now, they didn't make a dungeon related to sound/music.
  4. If anything in this game is like Pokémon it's the pins. There are tons to collect, they get stronger by levelling up and they even evolve. A few also have branching evolution depending on what type of exp they get. And mastering all of them takes ages!
  5. No More Heroes

    Yay! Can't wait to see what that new mode does to Speed Buster
  6. Rhyming story

    'Cos nobody loves me it's true, not like you do And I'm aroused whenever I hear your "Moo!"
  7. I started a second playthrough a while ago, though I'm still in the middle of chapter 3. The only differences I noticed so far are the additional messages from Ashley's dad, the slightly different code for the bag in the lake and a strange squirrel with a big swirled tail, that's running around the background near the old cottage. I'm pretty sure that squirrel wasn't there in the first playthrough, but I never heard something about it anywhere else.
  8. Rhyming story

    Falling and falling, through skies I tumble And prayers to Heaven are the only things I mumble
  9. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    Update: The Stars Catalogue has updated with two sets of foam cut-outs to decorate your walls. Each set contains 3 cout-outs of various Mario characters (and Link) and costs 4500 stars. Link
  10. Rhyming story

    You will keep forever, I'll bury you like treasure It hurts me more than you, but it's the only appropriate measure
  11. Are you a horse or a currant bun?

    I'm a horse. That way, I can eat all the currant buns in this thread. PUZZLE SOLVED!!!
  12. Rhyming story

    I'm only happy when it rains And when my soul receives stains Like some child possessed, the beast runs through my veins While reciting recycled lines that circle on my cerebral lanes
  13. Rhyming story

    I'm only happy when it rains And when my soul receives stains
  14. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Aside from that, in Trilogy, all of the scans from your previous playthroughs get carried over, like in the original Corruption. So, if you really want to scan everything, you can just do it on future playthroughs.
  15. Box Man

    Do you really want to know? I searched for "boxman" and found this: You can read his name on the side of the box. Didn't even take 10 minutes.
  16. Box Man

    I did a quick Google search and it looks like his name is "Danboard".
  17. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Well, I finished Corruption today. Got all the scans and items in around 12:26 which is my best for this game so far. I also played them on their respective consoles before finishing them again on Trilogy. It took me a little bit more than 20 hours to finish Prime 1 on my very first playthrough and around 10:30 to beat it on Trilogy, yet I can't say I was speedrunning. I still scanned everything that was scanable, read through all the logbook entries and examined the rooms pretty well. I also had to fight with some reading errors. On the other hand though, after having examined them once, I usually rush through the rooms ignoring most of the enemies and hazards. I don't even fight back when the enemies attack me and I just try to dodge their fire. Sometimes I also run through the the lava in Magmoor, just because I don't feel like doing platform jumps (the game gives you more than enough energy tanks after all). But all that are just general gaming habits of mine and I really don't care much about achieving record-breaking times. Does that happen when you're fighting Space Pirates? Because those (and a few other enemies) have special manoeuvres to "unlock" themselves. If you don't own the 3 games already you shouldn't even think about NOT buying Trilogy!
  18. Rhyming story

    What am I supposed to do, when the best part of me was always you? Don't worry, you can come back to me. Like a baby that crawls into the pouch of mommy kangaroo!
  19. Rhyming story

    Why split these states, when there can be onlllly one! Because having multiple states is much more fun! But these wars, they can't be won! Winning's not the point of wars. To mix thing's up, is why they're done!
  20. No More Heroes

    If you've seen the real ending, then you already have all the katanas. Does the '...Of course it's not ready yet' come from Naomi? Because then it's probably just an oversight by the developers.
  21. Rhyming story

    Why split these states, when there can be onlllly one! Because having multiple states is much more fun!
  22. Considering this game gets published by Nintendo... NO!!! Marketing-wise, this game will most likely become just another Disaster.
  23. Odd = Win!

    Hope you had an awesome birthday Mr. Odwin! : peace:
  24. Rhyming story

    What country is this lady from? She's from California - Joanna Newsom If she came to my country, would you come? This story needs a new topic, this is getting dumb
  25. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

    If you look above, you can see that Dante already posted the EU release date (Jan. 29, 2010)