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Found 4 results

  1. New Forum Schemes!

    Different coloured schemes were suggested some while back (what's not to love about grey?) and I was on a creative bint last week so ladies and gentlemen I give you.... Pika! I am unashamedly on a Pokémon re-obsession at the moment and this combines that with my love of gaudy colours. Eevilmurray described it nicely as "like those websites which launched when Pokémon did" and that's kinda what I was going for. A bit over the top but in a fun childish way. Header thanks to GCTonyHawk64 It's-A-Me, Mario! A dark purpley scheme to counteract the Pokémon one. It has a starry background which I know at certain points doesn't look 'right' due to conflicting layers meaning it gets cut off mid-star but its the best we can do and I'm sure you'll agree overall it works quite nicely Header thanks to RedShell Now What? Well that's two over and done with and for future ones I am open to suggestions. I have a few ideas for what I want to do but any specific colours or themes (obviously Nintendo related, no Halo :p) speak now or forever hold your peace. If you have any issues with these schemes please let me know in this topic, and with a screenshot would be awesome. Enjoy
  2. Wii General Discussion

    Can't understand why we don't have a 'general discussion' thread for our lovely Wii console so here is one. A good place to put random Wii info and chatter. (Plus the 360 one has over a 1000 pages and there was a thought that a Wii one would get more pages....) Time will tell if we need this or not...at this moment in time it seems like a good idea! POST AWAY! : peace:
  3. The Television News Thread

    I believe minor most recent Family Guy series spoiler ; Lol. Ill watch it just to see what its like. It does actually sound good.