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  1. Today was the first time I included an insult in a post because I have had it with Wii.


    Wii and others akin to him are why activity has died down here. I have spoken to numerous people who seldom post now because it has become such a negative place and positive people just get jumped on.


    Am I a bit stubborn in my views? Sure, but I don't insult other people.

  2. My behaviour has been fine. I haven't posted things to rile people up, or insulted people. I may be outspoken in defence of Nintendo, but my "behaviour" has been nothing on Wii's

  3. I intended to leave the threads when the bitching about the delayed features started...that's just about to heat up and I am about to take my leave. The Wii stuff was irrelevant to that point


    I'm just offering my advice here in how to mod because I run a forum which a crapload of users, some of whom act like Wii, except they only act like Wii a couple of times before we actually stop that behaviour and it's shocking that you guys allow it to continue.

  4. Well clearly your punishments aren't working on him. Sort him out, it is getting ridiculous.


    Also, "dumbass" is hardly something worthy of threatening a ban, especially when he acts exactly as he did in that thread.

  5. Oh, it went live? Sweet :)

  6. I am well, yourself?

  7. Essentially, yes.

  8. That's the spirit!

  9. Just have to sit back and enjoy it :p

  10. Na, he's like herpes anyway. Once you think you've got rid of him, there he is again.


    He needs psychological help. He's clearly not with it.


    It's impossible to make things worse for me with regards to this. Thanks for taking my side. He has done this on numerous forums now, though.

  11. Unfortunately I have not. He still crops up with his absurd stories (the original version of him has apparently died and so I should unban). He changes his story all the time and is a massive nuisance. Just have to ignore him and hope he goes away

  12. You don't even need to do that. If you press IR on the C-Gear on both games, you can trade no matter where either player is

  13. Thanks :) I actually have that card!

  14. It is the enhanced version of Diamond & Pearl..same storyline and all. Platinum improves on all aspects of it too

  15. Fair enough. Go with Platinum next :)

  16. Best Pokémon games I've ever played :D

  17. Hoping we'll get them in the next 24 hours

  18. It took a lot of time to get to this level. Find a niche and focus on that, then people will come :)

  19. Hey. Good thanks, yourself?

  20. Will you just leave me alone

  21. Keep at it. It gets better from there :)

  22. Until the start of May

  23. Incidentally, at 1pm, an event will open on the Global Link. If you hit the Promotions tab on it when logged in, you can get Arceus with the password ARCEUSVOTE

  24. Yeah, hits run in cycles really. At the moment it's quiet with a weekday average of 250,000 unique visitors a day. When new main-series games come out, it can top 1,000,000 unique visitors in a day.


    Hasn't been a new main game out in Japan for over a year and a half with one likely in September for release elsewhere around Easter next year so I won't see those hits again for a while.


    Serebii.net is the most popular, despite the second most popular having better Search Engine Optimisation and priority since it's a wiki

  25. Awesome. Glad you're using it :D