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  1. New iMac, Macbook and Mouse!

    I have a Macbook. I have a PC as well. I like them both and wouldn't pick one over the other. They both have pros and cons but neither is better than the other so I'm happy having either.
  2. I Love the game, haven't yet finished it, but I think that the days are just too long, by the time I've planted/watered my crops, picking flowers and fed my animals I still have a lot of time to spare that I can never seem to use up to do anything else, and I end up sleeping for ages til the next day arrives to repeat it all.
  3. LittleBigPlanet Thread

    Can't you just not go to your girlfriends, and play the game if it comes? You could always do that. If I got a new game I'd wanna play it the day I got it.
  4. Fable 2

    I love Fable II. I played Fable: The Lost Chapters on my computer many many times, and I thought that Fable II was better because your character can be female, and as a female, I don't particulary like playing a male character. The gaming world can be pretty darn tootin' sexist.