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  1. Lol! You deleted it. Slacker. I concur btw.

  2. Will do! I've just seen your car, oh my gods. Its pretty awesome! how did you do it? (no I havent read your actual post yet, I'm lazy) xxx

  3. Ah sorry to hear Ash, they're clearly fools of a took. Maccies will fly by (in the style of Dame Judi in Notes on a Scandal) and then you'll be in London, wooooop.


    Last week was good, did absolutely no work on Friday which was lovely. I didn't truth bomb anyone as my new job is upstairs in the same building...awkward, heh.

  4. It's personal preference then really. I guess at school it gets hammered into your mind so much that most wouldn't even question it thereafter. Just like the ''you must not split infinitives'' rule, which is in fact perfectly fine apparently.

  5. Chesham Waitrose is rubbish. They had no fillet steak. Lols. TIF though, I drove to Thame. An all round... lovelier Waitrose. :heh:


    Oh I was all stressed so I forgot to go to the comic book shop. I will do, one day.

  6. Cant send external email *shoots self* xxx

  7. I will continue to boldly go and remain carefree!

  8. Thats an interesting green font you chose there :P :P

  9. Love you longtime but your background colour offends me, plus the white writing doesn't show up. Sort it out! :p

  10. You only get invites if you're a premium account person. I am a freebie person, for now. When I get a smart phone, I'll get it. Daft has premium, you could if he has any to spare xxx

  11. I miss Tricia, I can't lie :p

  12. OH GOD. Massive cringe. I wish you hadn't told me that. I can always feel him perving. OH GOD.


    Lol. xxx

  13. It's classic.

  14. lmao! I love that my profile now looks like a spread from nuts. She does look good though.

  15. Hmm, I'll explain in person. Get your invite? xxx

  16. My HOLIDAY is lovely, thank you. xxx

  17. I dunno Mike. He does something wrong, he says sorry, gets forgiven, then he does it all over again. I've really had enough.


    I do wanna see Paranormal Activity but I've got too much to do application wise!

  18. No big deal, honestly. xxx

  19. I know, lol. The heart wants what it wants. Apparently. xxx

  20. Yeah it's next Tuesday so I don't really have time to do anything else. Sucks. You should go with Spenno/Lucy! xxx

  21. Noooo idea. Shhhhhh. :P xxx

  22. Raining my dear! I just was wondering if you ever got your MSN working again? On my PC, it still won't download the new one! xxx

  23. Ah, that sounds complicated. Perhaps I'll just stick with my netbook for mssssn!

  24. Molly

    I love your sig/av combination.