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  1. Guitar Hero: World Tour

    Anyone else who got Guitar hero 3 for the ps3 feel the guitar was a lot clunkier than the other versions? I sure did. I just hope they fix that with this version...
  2. Disaster: Day of Crisis

    Was it not 34/40?
  3. Mock The Thread

    You've been a bad boy, u must get it from you father. *wink wink*
  4. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    7/10 Could have a better resolution..
  5. Arc Rise Fantasia (Marvelous/Image Epoch)

    Sounds like Ike to me...
  6. Disaster: Day of Crisis

    I think it seems very exciting, some bits take away from the epicness like the over sized food and box punching but overall it looks great.
  7. Wii Release List

    Aww, I wanted Tales of Symphonia!
  8. De Blob

    Will it stay at €25 after it comes out?
  9. Disaster: Day of Crisis

    Those are some cool vids, very spoilery....
  10. Disaster: Day of Crisis

    Thats just the tutorial, looks pretty fun to me...
  11. Mock The Thread

    "Stop throwing cigarette butts on the ground, our cockroaches are getting cancer."
  12. Disaster: Day of Crisis

    What makes you think it's a casual game?
  13. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    0/10 since u have no sig, just "Sig too big. 50kb limit."
  14. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Thx mate 7/10 Nice image, could use a border though...
  15. Monster Hunter Tri

    So is this game looking like a late 2009 or earlier?
  16. Monster Hunter Tri

    Whats the J stand for?
  17. Sonic Unleashed

    Oh, if its up side down it seems more doable...
  18. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    3/10 Seems like there's a part missing, if thats the joke then, I dont like it...
  19. Sonic Unleashed

    How does that work?
  20. Monster Hunter Tri

    its looks a bit like just art...
  21. Mock The Thread

    My last girlfriend left me for no reason. But it's ok, I gave her AIDS ;D
  22. Kirby Wii(?)

    At least there's one person, all the way in the back, looking the other way
  23. Nintendo Holding a Conference- October 2nd

    sensitive... Back to topic... I'd say we'll get a few core titles here, at least 3.
  24. Guitar Hero: World Tour

    What is MIDI?
  25. Nintendo Holding a Conference- October 2nd

    And that's why people die alone. But seriously why all the negativity?