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  1. Nano Car - Smaller than DNA

    WOW! that is tiny.
  2. Media Players

    http://www.winamp.com ITs ace, but i only have to explain that cos of the post limit
  3. Conspiracy..?

    Well, they would of had to sneak in explosives to a load of different places (of which they would have to work out exactly), without been noticed. Also making shure that noone noticed them (Public or not). Also, the buildings had some design flaws, which was the cause of the collapse The pentagon is a different story tho...
  4. Created Games

    I modfy computer games, but i dont know how to create them from scratch.
  5. [Video Game] Wallpapers here! (56k)

    Also, im prettey shure its "goddess" not "goddesse"
  6. 3D Modelling Thread

    Started working on a scale model of the solar system (im planning to do 10 planets), so far ive done earth and the moon. Heres some renders:
  7. SIGN Petition For Pokemon MMORPG!!

    l'll sign a petition to stop any more pokemon games from been made.
  8. University Applicants.

    Im appplying for astrophysics at manchaster, liverpool, sheffield, durham, cardiff and leeds just need to write the darn personal ststement
  9. completely deleting MSN profile

    I wanted to do that. I just deleted all my contacts and emails. Opened notepad and typed in a load of random letters/numbers/symbols and copied and pasted as a new password.
  10. Best PC gaming case

    if you want have the best PC, dont get a stupid case with clear parts, led's or neon.
  11. The world in your hands

    Years old (well, keyhole is)
  12. What media type will the REV use ?

    Panasonic are part of the Blu-Ray team. Panasonic make GC disks.
  13. Test The Nation: English

    i did it clicking random things. 31/70.
  14. How Good is your comp?

    Processor AMD Athlon 64 1800MHz Display Card ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700 Memory 512MB Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Free Disk Space 22.2GB Display Card Memory 128MB Display Driver Version DirectX Version 9.0c Optical Drive CD/DVD Sound Card Realtek AC97 Audio Your system is among the top 21% of all systems scanned by the Game Advisor. Not bad for a cheap laptop.
  15. Stardock

    yea, i use the patch (iirc, it does exactly the same as StyleXP without a GUI)
  16. erm no! One-play DVDs

    Shurely someonw will find a way to let you play it more than once on a PC.....
  17. lol all good except: Cos in one ep of Enterprise, the Enteprrise is involved with a time-wearp phnomena kind of thing where they travel to 2003..the 21st century
  18. Well, i turn my laptop on....it boots up.....shows the windows loading screen the loading screend just stays on. im leaving it on now...its been over 12mins and still nothing
  19. I have a Dual Layer DVD-RW drive im my laptop.....i just need some disks.
  20. Next Gen Mario Art

    please do ....or email or pm
  21. im using a program called PC Inspector File recovery....so far ive got over 2.6GB of data back....just looking through all the chunks its found anr restoring what i want. I must admit i act too quickly when it comes to computers.... edit: thanks for the tip...as i dont have money for an external HDD, ill just copy stuff to my desktop for backing up
  22. Super Mario Ragdol

    other than that, its pointless fun
  23. Super Mario Ragdol

    It crashed when i had the screen almost full of mushrooms, blocks and marios.
  24. Computer Wont Shut Down

    the exact opposite to the problem i had... she could always just turn if off the wrong way..
  25. ive already reinstalled windows....there was no option to just 'fix' it so ive lost almost everything using different file recovery tools. on the 4th now....didnt find any of my documants or moded game files.