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  1. Is it too late??

    I think my first exam is around the 25th of May... i may start revising the day before like i usually do.
  2. Free .com, .net or .org domain name!

    Sounds like my sister's site. Google Page Creator is much better.
  3. Doctor Who

    Well, you obviously hate the new series of Doctor Who, so why do you watch it?
  4. Doctor Who

    Loved the episode, and the plot was well though out. The random comments, like "Oooh we met Queen Victoria" and "Oooh a werewolf" are cool too. It's called personality, and shows that these people are interested in some things. Its better then "A Warewolf. How do I kill it?". The way they also mention things from now (like "Balamory" - the only thing related to "a kid's program" in Dr Who) is also ace. Can't wait for the next one.
  5. I saw an advert for Pogs today

    Pogs...one of the few things worse than Trading Card Games.
  6. Videogames Make Kids Violent!

    The lease violent person i know is a playstation fanboy who only plays games if he can kill loads of people with guns. Well, except when i got him playing Wind Waker.
  7. Free .com, .net or .org domain name!

    I would get one, but i done even have a bank account, let alone a credit card.
  8. Doctor Who

    And the place he points to is where a shop is in the Wales Millennium Centre (where the scene was filmed)
  9. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    http://www.rockpapersaddam.com/flash/ Rock, Paper, Saddam
  10. Someone spending 10 mins in photoshop? And the Nintendo DS was NOT going to be called the DS.
  11. Woman dead in apartment for 2 years

    First one was 40....that aint that old.
  12. EASTER

    I could be getting a brother this easter (no not to eat). Nowdays, easter is more of a tradition for people than a religious festival. To some people easter is all about the chocolate eggs and sruff. Also, if you want to know the REAL meaning for easter changing date every year, is because the people who started the festival (having no idea when Jesus actually died...or born for that matter), copied the time from another pagen festival, which was dependant on the lunar cycle. Little known fact: As astrophysisists can predict to a high accurasy where planets are, they have found out that around 0BC, Jupiter and Saturn crossed each other in the sky. If you looked at the planets from earth, it would look like a large star. So the "christmas star" isnt actually a star.
  13. I never got any gifts in my 2 years of subscription to NGC
  14. Perhaps they could use the "parental settings" to its full potential...the "parent" should chose weather things like gore, swearing, etc are on; which then triggers options in the game.
  15. Things you have always wondered

    Also, doesnt open office run on mac? that opens .doc
  16. Things you have always wondered

    Why do people use Windows XP on a Mac, then? Probably because they are too scared of the new, and compatibility problems as a lot of games/programs dont work, even with the so-called "windows emulator" (its in quotation marks because it is not an emulator, just called one as to not confuse people) edit: wait, did i just answer my own question?? The why on earth did i ask it? Probably because someone will ask it soon, with the dual-boot thing all over the technology news. Oh, and there i go again.
  17. Things you have always wondered

    It wouldn't. our eyes only recieve certain frequencies of light, corresponding to different colours. A "new" colour wold not be noticed by the eye, like infrared, ultraviolet, etc.
  18. Worst Game you've ever played?

    probably the sims or one of the GTA's. Both get boring within 2minuites of turning it on.
  19. Things you have always wondered

    Incorrect. The Egg came first. The creature that was almost a chicken layed the egg which contained a mutated form of said creature. Mutated form is now called the chicken. - Why does mankind exist and what is our ultimate purpose in the universe? It exists because it does. There is no ultimate purpose - Just how far does the universe go? about 78 billion light years. - Why do people eat eggs when eggs taste like farts? Because they dont to most people - Why do people still believe that entries on Bash.org are real? Because some people are that stupid - Why is Flash such a unecessarily difficult program to use? It isnt if you learn how to use it - How in one of the season 8 episodes of the X-Files did John Doggett cut a slug from the back of Dana Scully's neck, ripping the back of her neck open yet not losing the small metallic implant housed in the back of her neck that keeps her cancer in regression? DID THEY THINK WE WOULDN'T NOTICE? The writers probably didnt notice - Why all primary school kids played the recorder? Because they are cheep to buy. shcools have budgets. - Just what the fuck that thing is in Spider-man's eye? His mask? - What the hell is going on in Lost? People are stuck on an island - What's my overall purpose in life? There isnt one - Why people KEEP creating fake 24 torrents to kill my spirit? Because they are illigal - Why is religion is so accepted despite strong scientific evidence it's all a lie? Because its the faith thats important to them, not the facts
  20. I'm screwed (lost phone)...

    Wern't they discontinued anyway?
  21. Blocked MSN attachments.

    http://www.a-patch.tk Can remove the blocked files, and other annoying features.
  22. isnt that the Yoshi stage from the original smash bros?
  23. Spider-Man 3 Plot Revealed

    The "black substance" could be from space...
  24. Things you have always wondered

    probably because companys can get away with using cheap chocolate for them, so they do. (just a guess) And about the colour thing (so glad to see it spelt like that on the internet), it's impossible to tell, and wouldn really matter anyway. We just reconise the frequency of it, and thats really all that matters to the brain.
  25. Turning two DVD's into one

    Sounds interesting. Could be helpful for putting finished deleted scenes back into films...