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  1. Glad to hear it yo'!

  2. dwarf

    Short Circuit tee is rad



  4. Utterly destroyed.

    Did not think you'd act that quick, thought I was safe.


    You win this time Zourceflan!

  5. It's a shame Breaking Bad is a 15 rated show. 8 eps in, and Jessie's girl is fucking peng (forgot name), yet camera pans away before teh sexzz. Disappointing.

  6. dece, dece. too tired to rock out the thanks though

  7. dwarf

    Loser lolol.


    It's awkward cause I have a code, and as far as i can tell, you dont.

  8. Ah K I'll send it here then:


    OK so basiklee I have put together a couple of short vids of me doing football skilz for my blog, i was wondering if you could do me a massive favour by cutting them in sequence (one or two also need to be rotated 90 degrees) and putting a song over the top?

    Thanksmuchlove! x


    Could send the files over msn at a specified time if thats easiest?

    [email protected]

  9. Awesome. I'm just trying to figure out whether it's possible to get this unidentified file (it was fine like the others) to work. Looking it up naow.

  10. I've sent you the instructionz email, gonna start sending the vids now

  11. Bit of awkward going on in the reachness thread?


    give me a nudge for re-mailgate 4 if you feel like it.

  12. Sorry have I made this too much of a task? Maybe I shouldve put small print

  13. Oh. Well it says in the email too I think. Blargle

  14. Onch? possiblay with teh maddog

  15. Tell me if youve received the overhead video

  16. Literal apologies in order to you Mi - Cul



    Fatigue and hayfever destroyed me today, utterly reduced to a blubbing mess, essentially because of flowers. I'm such a pussy. LOL jk Im fkcing soliddddd!!!! blard

  17. S'all cool my end br0, we should play Unch soon but unfort ive lended it to some douche so they can experience the epicness.

    Also you has tumblr? Or do you not use it much?


    Blogly bbz hows things with you?

  18. I posted that link and then realised you posted it too. You beat me though.

    Not lol.

  19. Oh awesome, I think it's just as well we've giving others breathing space. We'll lulz them into a false sense of security by not gracing them with our presence then BAM we rock out online as they sit there all happy like 'ahah we're good and we don't get ridiculed' and that's when we hit them with a 50 grenade hammer. In real life. Then we get all grammatical and shit.


    Then they can move on and stop actually thinking that they're good. It's quite amusing they think they're good. Plebs.


    Oh and my Tumbz:



    probs not up your street but meh, where's yourz?


  21. Fucking tough crowd.

    Facebook: Make a shit joke and get 16 likes, make a football vid and get Jack Shit.


    Don't comment on fb though, that'll seem too tryhard

  22. OMGTHATZAMAZING. I shouldnt have expected anything less when I clicked on that.


    You win sir.


    Uhmmm. As I said I'm not sure, but the online will never die so don't you dare think it'll never happen. I'll keep you post-it-noted.

  23. I cannae believe you're missing Deagle Weekend >>>> the montage!?! so many possibilities. We could do a marvel sequence we we take the whole team, in the same camera

  24. Just imagine, we both take out two guys, then the last one we both hit with a bullet. Proper MGS4 cutscene swift like

  25. LOL You didz awzum i woodant worree