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  1. Apex Legends

    Can’t get enough of this game... it’s only getting better too!
  2. Monster Hunter Rise

    That counter, how it fills the phials, really is overpowered!
  3. Oda delivering the goods as per usual. One Piece 1010 was soooo good! It’s on break next week but my god it’s going to be great!!!
  4. So did anyone else finish Attack on Titan the other day? I felt it ended well, brought about the story to a good close. Loved the series overall.
  5. Monster Hunter Rise

    Can’t say much so far as I’ve only played up to 3 Star Village and not done any Hub yet but it has felt easy so far (I’m not upgrading armour)... although so did World, can’t remember anything being a challenge in that to be honest, albeit I didn’t play Iceborne.
  6. Monster Hunter Rise

    I’m going to spend my time changing the default chat options to complaints about a lack of voice-chat and saying how the game & Switch itself could do with voice-chat.
  7. Monster Hunter Rise

    Struggling for cash on this? Don’t...
  8. Monster Hunter Rise

    Nah, I’ll be on Apex Legends on the PS4. Most times I game I’ll be on that to be honest, haha.
  9. Monster Hunter Rise

    If there’s any truth to the rumours of a Switch Pro, do you think it’s feasible that a sequel to World will come out across all platforms?
  10. Monster Hunter Rise

    @Vileplume2000 sorted it for me, thanks guys.
  11. Monster Hunter Rise

    The app tells me that link is invalid or expired.
  12. Monster Hunter Rise

    How’s this Discord malarkey work then? I’ve downloaded the App to my phone but no idea what to do.
  13. Monster Hunter Rise

    @Blade twisted my arm into getting the online so I’ll be on... at some point in the future. Haha
  14. Monster Hunter Rise

    This playlist (not yet complete) will be a must for those unsure about what weapon to use or if anyone fancies giving any other weapon a go but doesn’t know much about them.
  15. Monster Hunter Rise

    Haha, I forgot I didn’t have Nintendo Switch Online! I guess I’ll not be joining you guys online, I’m not buying it just for this, I’ll be playing through single-player. It’ll not be the same but I’ll only be playing this here and there anyhoo.
  16. Monster Hunter Rise

    The issue extends to the radial menu too...
  17. Monster Hunter Rise

    Rise has shipped 4 millions copies!
  18. Monster Hunter Rise

    Is it not supposed to be a set-up for the upcoming DLC? The story, from what I’ve heard, is focused on the Rampage and that gets finished. The whole “a new threat coming” is supposed to be the cliffhanger setting up the DLC, not a continuation of the story arc (Rampage)... no?
  19. Monster Hunter Rise

    Huge praise all around for the game... Eurogamer stating this: https://twitter.com/eurogamer/status/1374376602709106691?s=21
  20. General Switch Discussion

    I’m half-gutted I bought the PowerA controller I did the other week, this will be the best Switch controller you can get...