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  1. as boring as that was, it would top englands games against estonia any day, i got so bored i switched to the scotland game(which was at a very good pace). even though eng scored 3 goals, it was generally a poor game of football. lacke pace, agression, desire.


    Well lets face it when a team like England's winning 3 - 0 at half time against a team like Estonia and considering how many games they have to play these days they're not likely to go at it full throttle.

  2. Entr Shikari, first time hearing them, and why in god's name would you take the worst part of metal music (the incoherent grating screaming) and transplant it into what could be ok emoesque music?


    Or in other words why take hardcore vocals and put it into hardcore music?

  3. I really wanted to like Enter Shikari, but I couldn't. I had good expectations from what I'd heard, and I was disappointed. Etcetera.


    Was it the screaming that put you off?


    I haven't a clue who they are, to be honest...are they an asian band?



  4. Also Hi Maase please stick around and hopefully have a laugh like most of the forum seem to do.


    1: You are always arguing with harribo (it may be someone else)


    2: Harribo is the person you are always arguing with


    3: It's just an observation. You do always argue with haribo, right?


    4: You always argue with harribo, that's why.


    Sorry again, for ruining your thread Maase.


    No he doesn't.

  5. Jesus Christ, Dynastygal's post and threads (bar one, which was a complete mistake that all new members make) mean alot more than half the threads all these 'old' members make.


    What the hell has gotten into everyone?

    It's like having hundreds of little harribos and ant-shimmins, running around insulting each other.


    EDIT: sorry, maase, I forgot to welcome you, how rude.


    Welcome Maase


    What? I made a joke and people laughed except dynastygal who appears to lack a sense of humour.

  6. Never got one when they came out but have one now because of fond memories playing on my mates. It truly is a great console and if I didn't have an assignment due in tomorrow I'd probably be playing it now. Just looked through my games and I have:

    Fur Fighters

    Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

    Soul Calibur

    Marvel Vs Capcom

    Power Stone

    Chu Chu Rocket(Don't remember ever buying that and have never played it)

    Street Fighter Alpha 3

    and empty cases for Aerowings and Sonic Adventure 2.

  7. do you get the remixed ones with them? i have none of the singles so for me this is like awesomeness


    Adieu the only one i don't have. the rest i got from the singles or downloading ages ago.


    Also may I say the best tracks on there are:


    The Feast(demo)

    Kickin' Back On The Surface of Your Cheek

    Acid Nation

  8. ‘The Zone' is a mini album full of B-Sides and Rarities recorded during Enter Shikari's hectic year. Had these tracks been written and recorded in time, they almost certainly would have found their way onto the debut album 'Take to The Skies'. But life doesn’t work like that. Of course, these tracks are all pretty much already out there in the universe, but there’s still them folks who’s lives have yet to be enriched by ‘em… so for them, there’s this.




    1. The Feast (demo)

    2. Kickin' Back On The Surface Of Your Cheek

    3. Keep It On Ice

    4. Adieu(Routron 500 Remix)

    5. Sorry You're Not A Winner (Zane Lowe BBC Session)

    6. Mothership (demo)

    7. Acid Nation

    8. Enter Shikari (demo)





    *has already preordered*


    theres only a limited number up in the air too


    Already got them all but might get it just because its limited like I got the vinyl version of Take To the Skies because its limited.