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  1. Oh, man, I haven't got around to it yet! Money's a little tight this month. I've heard nothing but great things!

  2. Nice! :D Keep me updated! :)

  3. Ooh, you haven't played that yet? In that case you're in for a treat! :D

  4. Hi! Your Ace Attorney signature picture is adorable! I presume you're a fan of the series? :) Welcome to the forums, by the way! It's not so often we have newcomers who get so involved in the community so quickly - it's great to see. :)

  5. I have plenty of games, but so many other things occupying my mind. :heh:

  6. I game far too little in general nowadays. :(

  7. I just assumed you were talking about Jenna since she's the main thing in the picture, but in retrospect you were obviously talking about my friend. Whoops. :heh:


    To make it even more awkward, I was actually in love with said friend, but she didn't feel the same way. :heh:

  8. I only just considered this ...




    ... were you talking about my friend in the TARDIS costume? :heh:

  9. Cool! I don't use it much except to play Dual Destinies at the moment, though. :heh:

  10. I do! My friend code is 3711-7812-7694. :)

  11. I approve of your avatar/sig combo! :D

  12. But that's the thing, the lack of faith in the Western market was the reason for the AAI2 fiasco, not the result; they simply couldn't sell enough games in the West to justify the localisation. In fact I believe they have taken the AAI2 fiasco into account and learnt from it; I believe that's why they made the decision to make DD a digital release, making localisation viable again. If you've followed the development team's blog, you'll see that they more or less localised the game as they were making it, which also accounts for the short wait between releases. To me it seems quite obvious they care about their fans and have gone to great lengths to satisfy their entire fanbase with this game - just look at all the ad campaigns and what have you up until the release - which is why I find it weird they still make content exclusive to their Japanese market; it seems to go against their overall marketing strategy with this game.

  13. Well, yes, it was always about the case requiring in-depth knowledge of Japanese culture. They never claimed it was a translation issue. I'm still a little bothered that we don't get it, and a bit confused to boot; why a case focused entirely on knowledge of Japanese culture now that they're more focused on their Western audience than ever?

  14. Ha! Nice. :D I guess I just need to be more confident. :heh:


    Tropic jungles and deserts in little Denmark? XD That's such a hilarious thought. :heh: Yeah, we're very much an island nation.

  15. I haven't seen any Theros cards in the Magic 2014 game yet, but I can't rule out their existence; I recall the 2013 game having decks from the Ravnica set, which was the first one after the 2013 Core Set. I'm collecting Theros decks and boosters in real life, though unfortunately I don't play with anyone at the moment. There's a comic book store in Aarhus which has both official tournaments and free play, but all the players there seem pretty pro, so I feel rather intimidated. :heh:


    The Colossus of Rhodes ... in Aarhus?! :p Haha! That's cool, though. :heh: Aarhus is often called the capital of Jutland - we Danes have a friendly rivalry going between the larger landmasses. :heh:

  16. Bastard. :heh: You just had to tell me about the Theros set being based on Ancient Greece, didn't you? Now I'm completely hooked on it! :p How could I possibly resist the holy union of two my favourite things? :heh:

  17. Red decks are aimed at direct damage, but as a result they generally don't have overly powerful creatures or spells; they rely on a quick-fire playing style that overwhelms the opponent.

  18. Blue decks are designed for manipulation; they're difficult to master, but when used properly, they're absolutely devastating.

  19. Reading up on it, it would appear the quiz thing is the second DLC content in its entirety!

  20. Heh, I know what you mean, though I do prefer the far more professional look of the modern cards.

  21. Oh, really? I'm confident I read somewhere that it was the entire case we'd be missing out on. Oh, well, that's much better! :) Though, as you say, it seems even weirder now.


    Ah, cool! As I said, I haven't really been in the loop lately, so I wasn't aware. Thanks for the heads-up, though, I'll go check it out. :) Vaguely apropos, my cousin just gave me a little stack of old Magic cards she had, which was pretty cool; they looked so different back in the day!

  22. They've been able to handle spelling puzzles before, though - one that particularly springs to mind is Ema's name in blood on the broken vase in Rise from the Ashes. However, it might be something that just won't translate to a Western audience; considering we're getting a whole new game and one of the two downloadable cases, it doesn't seem like laziness or a money issue. I think it's genuine concern, but it still bothers me greatly that we're constantly missing out on actual story content in such a plot-heavy series. It's bad style, Capcom. Despite my hopeless optimism I'm starting to consider resorting to fan translation playthroughs, though it doesn't sit right with me.


    (I've been a little out of the loop recently and haven't really taken a look at Theros, but our conversation is also resuscitating my Magic spirit. :D)

  23. On the topic of Ace Attorney and things not being localised, have you heard that one of the two downloadable cases in Dual Destinies won't be released over here as well? Apparently it requires too great a knowledge of Japanese culture, which, while an excuse, is not a very good one if you ask me. Why can't they just let us try it ourselves? It's not as if the Japanese elements in the previous games been off-putting.

  24. The toughest encounter I ever ... encountered ... only played Primordial Hydras, one each turn from the 3rd turn onwards. It took me forever to beat it, and then only by a hair's breadth using a deck with a spammable mechanic for dealing damage to the opposite player. In comparison I beat the final boss in my first go with the green deck I'd been using throughout the rest of the game - legions of huge creatures and exorbitant amounts of mana FTW. :heh:

  25. I have Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013, and then I have a bunch of physical cards. I'd like to play people in real life, and there's actually a Magic group here in Aarhus, but they're quite pro, which is highly intimidating. :heh:

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