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  1. The Wrasslin' thread

    Are there still fans of WWE here? I recently got back into it, mainly because Jeff Hardy is now WWE Champion!!!! I was so happy when i watched the triple threat match where he won it! He's been my favourite for so many years back as the Hardys, hell my name when i joined here was javhardy because i thought i was as cool as him! Anyway, dont post here if you just want to say "wrestling is fake", "it sucks and i stopped watching when the Rock left" blah blah. We've heard it all before and know it was great back in the glory days. But it is still fun to watch so this thread is for anyone who still watches it to discuss whats going on and stuff I havn't seen last nights Raw yet, but hopefull yit will better than last weeks. The whole JBL/HBK thing was so predictable, but i hope it develops. Who are your picks for the Rumble? I so hope that Vlad guy doesnt win. They are bigging him up way too much for how shit he is in the ring. I honestly have no idea who will win though so im excited. I have heard rumours that Christian may return from TNA at the rumble too which is pretty cool, i quite like him. So yeah, it would be great to have a good place to chat about WWE.
  2. Sorry buddy I totally missed this as have not been on the forums for a while. Hope it went well!
  3. Netflix vs. Lovefilm

    I just downloaded an extension for Firefox called hola! Works a treat to access US Netflix. I just hook my lappy up to the TV when I want to watch it on the big screen. Netflix is the better option for streaming, but I do also have LoveFilm to rent the more blockbuster type films on disc, oh and 3D blu rays.
  4. I say that to my gf all the time! She just tells me she loves me quite a lot so I get bored of saying it back Back to the prostitute story (amazing by the way), I remember a group convo on the topic a while back and getting scrutinised by practically everybody by suggesting it was a profession women actively choose in some countries, which it totally is! If I was a lady with a rocking hot body, enjoyed meaningless sex and lived in a country where it was legal, safe and protected I would totally consider it. The money they can make is ridiculous. I guess how professional and safe it truly is is the question, but yeh, man and woman will probably never agree on the subject.
  5. Your Last Game

    Same here. Just finished it last week. Got a bit bored in the middle, but glad I stuck it out as the last mansion was awesome! Found most of the Boos and the Gems but not too bothered about going back to find the rest. Last game i've completed for ages to be honest, last one before that was probably Skyward Sword! Mind you, I dont get as much time to play so any completions are pretty satisfying.
  6. Games You Tried To Like But Didn't

    Quite a few to be fair. Resident Evil springs to mind. All of them - survival horror games just don't do it for me. I still havn't played ZombiU even though it came packaged with my WiiU. I dont see me ever wanting too either. New Super Mario Bros 2. I dont know why, I really liked the first one. I guess it was just too much of the same and I didn't really enjoy the coin collecting gimmick. Pikmin 2. Ruined the brilliance of the first in my opinion. I loved the 30 day storyline, it gave it more meaning and I was totally consumed by the story as a result, hoping i'd complete it in time. Not sure whether to get Pikmin 3 now. CoD, and pretty much all war-based FPS games. Find the setting boring to be honest. Give me futuristic settings like Halo/Perfect Dark please. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Going back a bit now, but I loved Rare and this was such a disappointment. I think I am different to most gamers as I hate customisation, faffing around with options and different this and that etc, so building different vehicles wasn't what I wanted to do. I gave it a go of course because I loved the previous games, but I didnt last long with it. Also the reason why I dont touch RPGs now I think about it. It's a waste of time in my opinion when you get bogged down with stats and menus - just get me in the game and let me have fun! Anyway, maybe i've just grown cynical over the years. I also dont have as much time to play games so when I do it has to be easily accesible and fun from the get go. Also helps if it has good split-screen multiplayer that isn't too difficult for my girlfriend/family to join in on. So yep - NintendoLand and Mario Kart are the onlhy games getting any action in my house at the moment!
  7. This plan has one very simple flaw - adults want to watch porn. Probably males moreso than females, and porn has always had an element of privacy and secrecy about it so this is bound to create conflict amongst parents. Say the husband who likes porn is responsible for the ISP, he gets the phone call to opt out - somehow I think he will be doing exactly that. Then what? They have the awkward conversation with their wife why their kid can still access porn sites? Or maybe the wife is responsible for the ISP, what then? The husband has to confess and convince her to opt out? Of course, this works both ways, the wives could be the ones who like porn and not the husbands, but regardless, unless they both agree this has social nightmare written all over it. I would imagine most will avoid this awkwardness, get on with it and find alternatives should they have to so mobile sites, magazines and chat lines are going to have one hell of a sales boost! I agree with what they're trying to do but they really havn't thought it through. As others have said, best solution would be education - advising parents of how to put the restrictions in place themselves, by device, and not at ISP level.
  8. Nice one Platty I too have felt the same thing. 7 year relationship over last year, 4-5 months of getting my life back together and now been with a new girl for 9 months, courtesy of OKCupid believe it or not, and we're really happy. There is justice in the world! No holiday for us yet though sadly as she has no time for it until she finishes her PHD, but still, got a few plans for next year and currently saving to potentially buy a house together in a year or so too. Exciting times!
  9. I really enjoyed Sunshine to be honest, I would LOVE something more open like that game was. Galaxy 1 and 2 were both awesome too because they were so original and inventive, so yes I would be stoked to see a Galaxy 3 as well that utilised the Wii U's capabilities. So yes, I am a bit gutted that we have been given the 3D world affair instead - it feels over-used with all the NSMB stuff, however different they say it is. Still, if they can find a good balace between the single player and multiplayer experience then im sure it will be fun regardless.
  10. Zelda Guides Boxset

    Nice. Are these Prima guides or something else? I remember using the OOT Prima guide when i was little - that thing was amazing. I loved just reading through what I had done at night and reading just a little bit ahead to see what was coming up. Good times. Helped me through the Water Temple that's for sure!
  11. UP - A Masterpiece or Massively Overrated?

    I would say Wall-E is closer to 'masterpiece' status if any of them can be called that, purely because it achieves so much from an animation point of view. It's not a film I watch over and over again, i'll probably watch it once a year if that, but when I do watch it I admire it. Up is great too, and achieves similar greatness as others have said in the first 10 mins - it's basically down to Pixar's ability to emote a character's feelings without any speech. After that it is pretty much an average, funny animation film. I guess you can't call either of them a masterpiece as that implies it is something of such greatness you want to watch it over and over again and love it just as much now as in 50 years time. I dont think either film qualifies for that. I love Pixar for telling such fantastical stories filled with heart. That is their genius. But I don't watch them that often. I'd watch movies like Despicable Me and Wreck-It-Ralph more (though neither of which could be called masterpieces either). That being said, masterpiece also implies it is something of originality and significance, something of great beauty, like a classic painting or something, and Wall-E is as close to that achievement as anything.
  12. Well they definitely had a massive talk, I don't know much more than that. I imagine since they just got married that they would make it work, but she was really torn up about it. Just hope they can move past it really as they are a lovely couple.
  13. Girlfriend's sister saw some app on her husband's phone where he was having sex chats with girls. They only got married a few weeks ago! She was distraught and told her family... cue endless questions about pornography and such things for me! Yay Damn him! That conversation should never be had, I just decided to be very objectional about the whole thing. In general males and females will rarely agree on the topic - men are pigs, women are emotional - that is the stereotype on the matter. My girlfriend kind of came to the conclusion that although she would never be okay with me looking at other girls, she'd prefer that than actually forming a connection through chatting with anyone. Fair point in all honesty. I was very honest with her too and said that I haven't felt the need to look at porn for a while because she sexes me up enough as it is (totally true - her sex drive is higher than mine). Anyway, she seemed to like that answer! I also said that I would never promise that I wouldnt look at porn again though because I dont want to be that guy that is forced into this promise which is too easy to break, to which she said 'fine, i'll send you pictures of me instead so you dont need to'. Conversation win! Have any of you ever had to have such a debate with the partner? How would you handle it if you did? Can pornography and relationships co-exist? Are there varying degrees of acceptance, e.g. are stip clubs worse than pornography? Is chatting worse than videos or pictures? So many questions...
  14. But if 13 and 28 are done, surely endeavouring to complete this list by doing 38 and 47 will actually make life pretty shit?!
  15. What do you carry?

    Jacket stuff is transferred to bag stuff in summer :p I very rarely find England warm enough not to have a jacket or at least a thin hoodie on though to be honest. I don't need things in my pockets to look lumpy! I generally hate having too much in one pocket, it must be distributed as evenly as possible!
  16. What do you carry?

    Front right pocket - iPhone and notes Front left pocket - coins (so they don't scratch the iPhone!) Back left pocket - house keys (if not carrying a bag) Back right pocket - receipts Left jacket pocket - fags and lighter Right jacket pocket - car keys Inside jacket pocket - mints, usually spearmint Smints or tic tacs. Work bag will have my folder, snacks and wallet in. At weekends I have a manbag to free up my pockets. Only keep my phone and cash in my pockets then really. By the way this thread is like a pickpockets dream
  17. How did you discover N-E?

    I remember being annoyed that all the videogame news online was about America, i think i wanted to find a european release date for something and thought, why isn't there a European site specifically for this stuff?! A search for GameCube Europe brought up the beloved cube-europe. Wasn't long before Jim raped me onto the reviews team, Tim coerced me into the forum Admin team and then i got old and retired to being a Veteran. Good times.
  18. Currently working down south and people here have baffled me regarding what they call their meals. They call their lunch their dinner and their dinner their tea, i mean WTF?! Do you all do this down this end of the country?! Is it a London thing? I just don't get it. I even lived in Bournemouth for 3 years and never heard this. I don't even know what supper/tea is supposed to be, i thought they were just terms 'posh' people used. As far as i have ever known, and everyone i know back home in the midlands refers to them the same, the day's meals are named as follows... Morning - 6am-10am ish = Breakfast Afternoon - Between 12pm-3pm = Lunch Evening - Anytime after 5pm ish = Dinner That's just the way it is!!! Right?!
  19. No you're right, I totally agree. It's annoying really.
  20. Never had a one night stand in my life, couldnt do it, i get too attached i think. I like relationships, not meaningless sex. Anyway, relationship news. My g/f has a pretty high sex drive i think, and while this is generally pretty amazing, and i never thought i would say this, the other night i was just really exhausted and wanted to sleep! I even gave her a little massage hoping she'd then feel as worn out as i was, but that just made her even hotter! Of course, she thought i was rejecting her and got a bit upset, so i just had to say "look woman, let a man sleep!" (I didn't really, but i should have, would have made my point a lot quicker). :p
  21. Tomb Raider

    No i totally agree with Cube, things are more subtle than "its too hot here at the moment" examples. Things do just blend in and you have no idea they will be useful in future when you have a new item/upgrade. It is a nice touch. I only just started playing last night though for a few hours. Am quite impressed so far. The QTEs were a bit annoying for me as well for some reason, couldnt work out what i was doing wrong (its just pressing a button for god's sake!) but i got there in the end. Love the automatic cover. My heart was racing when i was hiding from guards for the first time. Goes without saying too that Lara looks amazing, as does the island, and i'm getting quite into the story. I really want to know what the feck is going on there!
  22. Your Greatest Gaming Achievement?!

    That's the one! Too... many... boomerangs!!! Arrgggh, just seeing it again brings back the nightmares! Felt good when I finally beat it though
  23. Your Greatest Gaming Achievement?!

    Diddy Kong Racing - Wizpig races. They were evil. Took me half a day to do the last level in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well, you know the special comet daredevil one. I've forgotten the name, but those bloody Hammer Bros near the end were a nightmare!
  24. The Wrasslin' thread

    Rumble was okay, thought the Ziggler/Jericho parts of it were the best. Bit of a shit ending to be honest with Cena winning. Rock vs Punk was good, shame about the table not going according to plan. I half expected vince to come out, but it did take a while so it was quite a good surprise still. Immediately knew rock would win after that though so thought it was disappointing they ended it on the elbow rather then playing it out more with a few kick outs to plant an element of doubt to it. Punk should have kicked from the elbow, likewise rock should've kicked from a GTS and then finally won with a rock bottom. That's what I think anyway! Predictable as that may have been, it would have been awesome. Hope they can come up with some good shows before mania, as like others have said, Rock vs Cena will be a bit bland.