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  1. Hm, fair points. Yeah, it is weird, all things considered.

  2. My guess: the writers/developers don't have much faith for the gobalization of the series, since the whole AAI2 fiasco.

  3. So, remember that Dual Destinies DLC that Capcom said they couldn't translate? Apparently, it really was about cultural differences. Taken from someone on Reddit:


    "One riddle would have required knowledge of how to correctly put on a Kimono to solve, another would have needed you to know how the price of Ramen is calculated at a Ramen Stand."


    So yeah, tricky stuff to localize, like that puzzle where the solution hinged on knowing how to properly write Japanese characters.

  4. Psh, they might forget a birthday thread for us, but I'm not forgetting you! I sure hope you had a good day!


    Hartelijk gefeliciteerd, Fused King :smile: (or is it Gefuseerde Koning?)

  5. I remember back when I used to play in real life, some more skilled players sometimes went easy on me... only for me to end up winning when they weren't expecting :P Also, I had a friend who somehow once managed to beat the top deck at the time.


    Games in Civ have little to do with real life geography (Viborg had deserts nearby, and Ribe was smackdab in the middle of a tropical jungle :heh:), so that's definitely something I didn't know. The whole concept of a country divided into local landmasses is pretty out there for a continental like me, but really cool.

  6. Haha :p Good to hear you're having fun with Magic. I did notice you playing it a lot on Steam, is that where you're playing with Theros, or are you lucky enough to do it in real life with a group of friends?


    Incidentally, I've recently played as Denmark in Civilization V, where Aarhus became my largest, most important city (even built the Colossus of Rhodes there), even though it wasn't the capital. The name sounded familiar, but I couldn't remember where I heard it... until I visited your page just now :heh:

  7. That's the design I still associate with Magic, though. The two blocks I used to play with back in the day were the last ones before the change.

    The modern one is sleek and all (and I love the little touches like the Ravnica crests, or the stars, or the transparency), but I still prefer the old one. There's just something engaging about text that looks like an ancient scroll, you know?

  8. Ok, so I checked that untranslated case a bit better... It's not an entire case, only a segment: a quiz segment where they ask you questions, that's what they're removing.


    On one hand, not much is lost. On the other hand, changing the questions really shouldn't be that hard. Huh.


    (Theros is based on Greek Mythology. I thought you'd be all over that :wink:)

  9. Hadn't heard about that, actually. There are things I think might be reasonable: if the case/puzzles requires knowledge of something as simple as Japanese writing (Capcom.jp once did a promotion puzzle where the solution literally was all about how a specific character is written), then I think it's reasonable. I suppose puzzles can be rewritten, but it might be the case that the entire...case... might require such knowledge (something like requiring knowledge of Japanese history, for example).


    Of course, this being modern-day Capcom, it's easy to think this is more laziness than anything else, but I still have faith in their translation/localization team, and if they're the ones who gave the justification, then I suppose it's understandable.


    (P.S.: I'm noticing the conversation between you and Animal about Magic. Almost makes me want to play it again :P Truth be told, "Theros" has me excited)

  10. Truth be told, I've softened up for Live Action adaptations in recent times, Gatchaman was in my to-see list after Ace Attorney. I'll still check it out.


    Gatchaman Crowds... hadn't heard about it, actually. Sounds pretty interesting, I think I'll check it out, if I find time. Been hard to just sit and watch something in recent times.


    Thanks for the heads-up :)

  11. The theory I originally read was a short time before his reveal, in fact :heh: May have been at the AskBlog itself, then. I only posted about it here when the design was unveiled, though.


    I do look forward to seeing Apollo get a good chunk of development. Hype! :bouncy:

  12. I wish! :heh: Though me and him are actually similar in some points, both having Godot and AJ!Ema among our favourite characters.


    I actually read a suggestion of this elsewhere and thought it was a great idea. When Apollo's "injured" design was introduced, I took it as a sign in this direction. Then someone pointed out in the CR forums that his right eye was bandaged...which meant that, from the player's perspective, there was only one seat in the courtroom where we could see Apollo's remaining eye...


    Tidbits here and there, you know? Then we got the criminal prosecutor and I was disappoint. They better write that ridiculous concept properly if they want me to accept that character.


    And then there's the fact that the recent trailer has Phoenix and Apollo disagreeing on the concept of "truth", so who knows (or maybe there's another explanation...)

  13. Yeah, you're right about Gatchaman fitting a live action style more. I think I'll wait for the film, then.

  14. I didn't know, truth be told. Live action adaptations aren't my cup of tea, most of the time (even Rurouni Kenshin, and that's an all-time favourite for me), though I may still check Gatchaman out, maybe it works well in live action.


    Still, thanks for the heads up :)

  15. Good man! We need to spread Soul Bubbles everywhere!


    It deserves all the love it can get :)

  16. Hey, so it is! This can only be a good sign :grin:


    Here's to us both, a Happy Birthday! Cheers!

  17. Why, thank you! :)


    And haha! That image is just awesome!

  18. Please highlight my post in that thread ;)

  19. Aw man, Lisbon & neighbourhood really is out of the way, I rarely go there. I'm even going to Algarve this year (also with my family), but the closest I'll get to Estoril during the trip is crossing Vasco da Gama bridge, or maybe a night (at most) in Lisbon.


    Man, and now that I just started playing Little King's Story, too. I'd need to thank you personally, you were the one who convinced me to buy it! I can at least wish you happy holidays, right? :) And hope that we may still meet one day.

  20. None at all, La-...Diageo. You're awesome :grin:

  21. (In second thought, "Groovy" is not the right word, but it's definitely something awesome. I really can't thank you enough :))

  22. It be groovy, but I think that background orange is a bit too bright. Lower the brightness (or change the colour to something a bit darker, like brown, or something) and I'm sold.

  23. No need for it, if you don't want to. I've improvised something for myself :) Thank you, anyway.

  24. Jigglypeeps, thou have won the N-Europe Image Comedic Caption Phrase Mega Super Fun Show Contest.


    It is thy turn!