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  1. Thanks :). Hope you had a good Christmas!

  2. Happy Birthday Rummy! Enjoy all of the Nintendo goodness!

  3. Chhhhhheeeeeers :-)

  4. Just saw it today. Back in the Bay and utterly confused by Hugo's return. Rentals filled me in though and now it makes sense...

  5. Hey dude, wasn't sure if you were still on that e-mail that's all. :)

    Glad you're back into college, final year or new year? I've been enrolling hundreds of students this week. College is tiring for staff too see!

    Anyways, glad you got the review. I see Ghostybusters has been well delayed so that PAL review won't be up for awhile. I sent the GH5 review to someone too (you and Tom maybe?) We should get GH5 and RB: Beatles up together for the weekend. Would be a good comparison review to place at the same time.


    Anyhoo, nothing on the horizon I'm too excited about tbh. NSMB Wii will be brilliant fun but 4 player LBP has kinda curbed my enthusiasm for that one. I'm really looking forward to Uncharted2 as well as FIFA 10. Hoping the arcadey Wii version is better than 09 which was dire.


    Other than that I'm scribblenaughting at the moment. It's a great sandbox title.

  6. Yeah, trues. I'm sure I saw the Twycross one your on about too. Sooooo long ago! I think it may have been on Gamesmaster or Bad Influence. Sommat wild like that. 12 Layers = mind blowing.