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  1. Having learned bass parts in the past - either to play on actual bass guitar or on keys (yep I've played keyboard bass in bands, pitchforks lighter fluid and matches are on the shelf to your left) - I really appreciate when the bass player does something interesting that really makes the song. Compare some RHCP or Black Sabbath basslines, to ones where they just follow the guitar chords (glances over at Metallica) Quite a few successful pop songs over the years too, I've discovered the bass line has really made the song (Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins, Crush by Jennifer Paige and In Your Eyes by Kylie are ones that spring to mind... I'm sure there's more modern examples too) Here's the start of a Flea youtube spiral to get an idea what I mean...
  2. So turns out it was an easy fix for the Scarlett, MacOS Catalina by default sets the bitrate from the default 48Khz down to 44Khz which makes it freeze. So all fixed and up running with the Scarlett + Macbook + Logic again Have used PreSonus Studio One at a colleague's house, it's great. Really straightforward and intuitive UI/UX, even not being familiar with the software I could find my way around it really easily and figure out what was going on.
  3. Thank you! Shameless plug time, here's the product of the Yamaha piano and Korg synth:
  4. Oops, the link disappeared Edited & added!
  5. Piano and synth connected to the 10 year old mac mini, cos the Scarlett audio device stopped working with the newer Macbook when I let it upgrade to Catalina 😢 That’s a Korg X50, still my favourite & most versatile recording + gigging keyboard. (The Nord stage, by comparison, hasn’t left its carry bag since lockdown started!)
  6. Westworld (TV series)

    I found S3 just...weird, and it lost my interest about halfway through Watched to the end but it left me wondering if finishing at the end of S2 would’ve been better...
  7. SEGA 3D Classics

    Grabbed it last night in Australia, they currently have stock at both EB Games and JB HiFi. Such barebones packaging - you literally get the cart and a single piece of paper inside. No booklet or anything. Still glad to have supported the physical release! Had the PC version of that back in the day, and was convinced they'd accidentally used the CGA palette for all graphics cards (even EGA/VGA). For anyone too young to remember old PC graphics cards (lucky you), it had 2 palettes but the majority of games used Cyan/Purple/White:
  8. SEGA 3D Classics

    Power Drift is probably the main one I'm waiting for right now.
  9. SEGA 3D Classics

    Absolutely love Cruising Line, it fits the game so perfectly. Camino a Mi Amor sometimes feels right and sometimes not so much! Still glad to have both of them. I love how when you play without crashing, Cruising Line's styles/sections change with the scenery. The best EQ I've found for both headphones and speakers is like a < shape - high treble & bass, leave the mids in the middle. Then I am on a 3DS XL and I know the new ones have way better speakers...
  10. Forum User Photos

    Holy crap, that's 1 big eyebrow piercing! ...oh wait.
  11. Wii U and 3DS Gaming Bargains

    Thanks!! I just checked shopto and found it there for a similar price too (in case anyone's in areas that Base can't deliver to):
  12. SEGA 3D Classics

    Playing these games in 3D makes me both excited to finally be able to see the perspective decently beyond the blocks sprites, and it also makes me feel fortunate to be old enough to have experienced these in the arcades, before everything went polygonal (and then grainy and realistic and less colourful). I have specific memories of seeing each of these games for the first time - Outrun (in an arcade while on a school trip), Afterburner (at the shopping centre where I'd go to the cinema with friends on weekends or during holidays), Powerdrift (at a different cinema complex, somebody was actually once playing it wearing his motorcycle helmet! Couldn't ridicule him because he was brilliant at the game tho), Space Harrier (far out of town resort that I sometimes went with my friend's family maybe once every year or 2), etc. It's a pity that those type of associative memories are mostly lost now with playing everything on home PCs/consoles.
  13. SEGA 3D Classics

    Didn't realise there was a physical version out in JP! That looks ace
  14. Wii U and 3DS Gaming Bargains

    Super Mario Bros U £12.85 at ShopTo.
  15. The Wonderful 101

    "Making of" article including history with Nintendo characters & prototype footage here: