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  1. I'm adoring this. Just a great way to play SF2 on the go! Took it to the annual games convention I run the other day and won the final! It was very close but was enjoyed by so many folk! I've definitely sold a ton of switches based on this year's event as well! If anyone wants to watch the final it starts at 30seconds and we're then interviewed at 10:30. I'm on the right of the screen in the interview and mained Ken throughout the tourney! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/148756506
  2. N64 Appreciation Thread

    Anyone else tempted by the HD N64 mod? I'm on a waiting list but who knows when the next batch will land and how long the list is. I've got an RGB French N64 but can't resist trying to get the perfect image for the system. I can't fit a PVM/BVM in the house so the HD mod seems perfect. Just need to track down a translated Shindou edition of Wave Race and IPS patch it to a genuine cart and my life will be complete.
  3. Yeah kinda gutted about this. Had been asking Bhatti on twitter to no avail so kinda expected it. Sad as a few twitter fans were saying how great a platform match it would be (roaming MyClub FTW!). With Nintendo's Bomberman good-will partnership it could have been a great start to new games. I guess that Mystical Ninja N64 port dream I have will never happen... I'd expect PES 2019 if Switch continues to sell. Even the 3DS got a few versions until it stopped selling. Who knows, maybe Konami know it doesn't sell in the portable market... Speaking of 3rd party...I REALLY hope the STEEP port isn't dead. I loved it on PS4 but stopped playing it hoping to get back into it on Switch. Come on Ubi!
  4. Switch eShop Thread

    There are certainly frame drops when things get chaotic. Especially in later levels. The developer has indicated that they are prioritising a patch which is certainly welcome. However, the game has a fantastic sense of pace and action via cohesive physics and the shift mechanic which combine to make it a great blast - even with the occasional chug. Music is great too. Very Matrix lobby-scene. @Nicktendo I've not played Hotline Miami, so cannot compare. Taken on its own merits, it's a great little action game that is very addictive and encourages replays through timed runs.
  5. Switch eShop Thread

    Mr Shifty is fantastic. Loving it.
  6. 1-2 Switch (March 3rd 2017)

    This is a superb party game. Love the concept of a 'mobile' party machine and this delivers. Would have liked a few more games but have really enjoyed most of them. The marble box game blew our freaking minds!
  7. This game. It's just unreal how good it is. For all nintendo's flaws, when they make games like this everything else (just about) fades into obscurity. This is like a magnum opus. Pure craft and artistry melding wonderful imitations of crafting and world into a beautiful controllable anime. Delving into this self-directed wonder seems endless. Not since 1998 has Nintendo seemingly strutted into a Zelda with this confidence and direction. It's like they got their blueprints out and said 'what's next'. *may contain traces of hype!
  8. General Switch Discussion

    Pros: The overall premium quality of the system is brilliant. Nintendo finally got decent brightness and volume from a portable. That screen is superb. So crisp and vibrant. Zelda is GLORIOUS. I'm off the plateau and excited to explore this huge, alive world. Joycons are cute and the joycon grip feels cool to me Leaving the game room and continuing Zelda in bed! Couple of issues: Dock sliding feels cheap. Worried about scratches. Battery is a bit meh. Might be due to me hammering Zelda in portable mode though! Taking this to bed may result in the missus leaving me. Clicky buttons don't help light sleepers apparently! Can't get switch games from my local stores for love nor money. They had walls of cases yet told me they were all pre-ordered. I said what's the point of putting them out and apparently Grainger Games and GAME have to wait 48hrs before selling un-collected pre-order stock. They both assured me a couple of weeks ago they'd have enough stock for walk in collection, so I'm a bit miffed I couldn't pick up 1-2, Switch or Bomberman. Mulling over a pro controller but the nature of portable gaming means I'm usually just playing it this way. That £70 can wait. Bring on the Splatoon test fire!
  9. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    I was looking for a great party game in CEX and Grainger the other day. All I kept thinking was "1-2 Switch will be better than these games..." There is definitely space in the market for a great party game that doesn't require plastic peripherals or core gamer understandings. Can't wait to play it anytime/anywhere. Will be a right laugh.
  10. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    VC at launch would have been nice but it would have eaten up many other eShop sales. The first party juggernauts from past systems always sit atop the eShop charts. Coupled with BotW, better for Nintendo to give the system breathing space for third parties to establish a viable eco-system for third party software. Their 'Nindies' approach is a great way to showcase this as well. With NERD, Nintendo have a suitable VC developer with the experience and technical know-how to get things working quickly (especially on Switch's improved architecture). It'll come. We don't need 30 games day one (like WiiU had). Nintendo need a drip effect of buzz until Christmas. We all know the VC is an ace in Nintendo's sleeve. Better to announce it when the launch buzz cools off and to keep the hype train rolling...
  11. STEEP

    Was disappointed when I loaded the game up to play Alaska and then saw the delay online when looking for the new mountain. Meh. Still think this game is a fantastic chill out experience and the updates have made it a bit easier. Trying to get golds in paragliding and wingsuit. Love the snowboard/skiing too much so now getting better at those. They are great tbf. Still just wish there were a few more sights to see and a bit of wildlife. Other than that, may double dip when it hits Switch. It's the perfect game to drop into and chill in.
  12. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Aren't PES/FIFA huge games now due to kits/stadia/commentary? May have an impact on what we get? Yup... FIFA 32.5GB PES 18.1 GB EDIT: Titanfall 2 Developer stated you won't see it on switch: "No, you’re not going to be able to fit Titanfall 2 on the Nintendo Switch.” Titanfall 2 is 32GB. Doesn't fill me with confidence regarding EA support.
  13. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    It was just called FIFA too. Not FIFA 18 and will be a 'custom' release. FIFA 09 on Wii was the last good FIFA on a Nintendo platform, and seeing how they just released 'legacy editions' (appalling!) on 3DS and just had FIFA 12.5 on WiiU; I have no faith in EA's relationship with Nintendo (or Nintendo's support to EA).
  14. Puzzles involving HD Rumble/improved motion spring to mind. Rolling balls around mazes for example. Hopefully Nintendo will re-use the BoTW engine in a way they did with Majora's Mask from OoT and get another epic out there during the Switch's lifespan. Saying that, the Twilight Princess port to Wii didn't entice Nintendo to release a swift Zelda (outside of crossbow training). Guessing what Nintendo will do is ridiculous.
  15. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    I'm usually quite positive about Nintendo but not saying anything has me worried. If they had GCN VC or a fantastic eShop approach nailed down, surely they'd be showing it off to encourage more pre-orders/sales. In regards to motion - can't wait to experience this new experience. I'm loving the look of 1-2-Switch. Being able to bring the Switch into work and set it up for students to play in college will be awesome. Can't wait to have some 'quick-draw' knockout games and encourage non gamers to feel amused and humoured experiencing milking cows and finding marbles etc. Titles such as this demonstrate Nintendo executing mobile tech in its purest form - bringing people together in new ways. It's just a shame the system doesn't sit in the impulse- it territory. By Christmas maybe Mario and a fuller library will appeal to those seeking a family-friendly party machine that also appeals to the typically solo/core gamer.
  16. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    @Retro_Link there is a truth in the "gumdrop" analogy. Nintendo need to entice gamers more. They did this in the past but have become ever guarded with their upcoming software, often showing games at the last minute. Excitebots would be a prime example. They come and go with a whimper and the worst thing is they are usually decent games. Unlike some other devs who hype the hell out of things that turn out poor.
  17. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Maybe if you hadn't ordered everything we'd not have shortages... :p
  18. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    QFT! Got the e-mail too. May keep my second pre-order too for my nephew... Can't wait to play Zelda on Switch. If my young self could imagine a (portable) Ocarina evolution to BoTW levels, I'd say 2017 was what the future was meant to look like. We Ghibli now.:awesome: People only spend hours pouring over their decisions and debating and reacting as they care what Nintendo are doing. In Switch, the hardware looks superb and modern and when Pokemon, Mario, Mario Sport/Kart/Smash/Metroid etc. hits; their local multiplayer components will make this system shine. Can't wait for a warioware game on this system!
  19. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    This is why we can't have nice things. :-/ Removing the browser access is fine. They'll just give you a smartphone app to download for it. And the SD Card slot is a pirate's entry point surely... I hope it has the brilliant browser from WiiU with some added security. Nintendo need people to keep on picking this thing up when they have it. Including a browser/Netflix apps etc. is a quick, easy way to do this.
  20. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    @liger05 was just listening to it on my drive home and was wondering why nobody was hyped about it. Hyped again and can see why the joycons and pro controller are expensive. It is likened to the Vive in the talk and it's noted how it blows motion control and the PSMove away and that the camera is the real deal, working like a Kinect 2.0. It was also fascinating where she (sounded like a guy on the poscaat?!) talks about how "this thing is a dream to develop for" and how they make an educated guess as to the VC. Shame they got the analogue triggers wrong but yeah, tired etc. Nice to know there's movement on the price. Unlike wiiU which, from this discussion seemed like it did SO much wrong behind the scenes. Nintendo still brutal with VC games too. Interesting. It's £49 at ARGOS. *shrugs*
  21. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Seems like a ton of negativity floating around online about the Switch still. They are literally shooting themselves in the foot at this point and their silence is deafening. I've read a fair few forums, article comments and heard a few anecdotal comments at work from students and most of the "meh factor" is related to price. I think that's my main irk too. Although Reggie comes out saying Nintendo appeal to everyone, they have a high price for the system and controllers and then deliver limited software at launch followed by WiiU up-ports. They need to get their head out of their backsides and turn this undertone of concern over with a suggestion like @dazzybee made:
  22. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Immediately sprung to mind...
  23. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    It's really interesting to see how WiIU and Switch systems are different from Nintendo's typical successes. Typically they use ageing tech in new ways meaning it is cheap but surprising to customers. Handheld power isn't particularly surprising when we've seen the Shield/Vita; but the race to the bottom in regards to price in mobile gaming and the AAA mainstream charts of consoles is changing gaming. Nintendo should have come out fighting with a lower price point but why risk it if you've millions of switch views on YouTube and only launch with 2million worldwide. Financially it's better to come out high and then reduce. I'm sure we'all see a price reduction when this fails to shift big numbers. E3 should be fascinating too...
  24. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Had more time to mull over this and I'm not as confused as yesterday. It's a bit like when I bought my PS4. (Stick with me here...) When I bought it I'd played it a games expo in Manchester. I played a few games and was impressed by the tech but knew there were only a couple of games I wanted. Resogun, Knack and Killzone just didn't appeal to me and I was already going to play Ass Creed Black Flag on WiiU. When the better games for me came closer to launching, I then bought the console on the impending release of those games and the existence of new bundles/Christmas pricing. With the Switch I feel similar. I KNOW the software issues Nintendo used to face will be minimalised due to their restructure and 'all in one basket' approach. I know they've got more to show (Retro, VC, eShop for instance) and I know the pricing will change. I.E: when Mario hits at Christmas it will be a mainstream launch and all of the system's functions should be rounded out. If I remember, the PS4/XBone launched with features missing or not fully rounded. You can even see this in the ways both systems moved away from motion/camera gaming. The market will dictate Nintendo's direction to a degree - just like the 3DS soft-relaunch with new pricing/Mario Land/Kart being brought forward. The March launch always concerned me. I just couldn't shake the N64 feeling of having a couple of gems that hard to last you months. Christmas will be the true litmus test for this system. Nintendo have had a slow start (surprisingly!), but they have to go big at E3 and up to Mario launching at Christmas to convince the market.
  25. Will you be getting a Switch at launch?

    Exactly the same. More information needs to come out over the next 7wks. The hype train has stalled big time so Nintendo need to start dropping key information in videos asap. Show us the VC/UI/1-2-Switch mini games/benefits of the ProController/Miiverse or equivalent. Something to stop me clicking cancel on the pre-orders.