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  1. I have Redd too. There's a real basic painting left and a fake Mona Lisa if anyone needs those. My gates are open.
  2. The unthinkable has happened.. My AC switch needs to go in for repair as the joycons don't charge when connected to the console (but do charge if connected to boyfriend's switch). I think I'm going to leave my data but I know it might be lost My boyfriend has lost interest in his town so we might start a new one together and time travel through to do some catching up. I don't think I'm ready to go without my daily AC fix!
  3. I've just joined Amazon's DVD rentals and thought this would be a good idea, I'm not looking for huge reviews just your thoughts. So... Starsky & Hutch (2004) I didn't see the original so I can't compare but with Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson I thought it was a must see. From the start I thought it was going to be a cheesey cop film but there were a lot of funny scenes & the plot was pretty good. If you like laid back comedy I'd recommend it - 8/10. What did you last watch?
  4. Sorry @markderoos only 57 here. I'm on fluctuating so it might pick up after 12.
  5. @Glen-i I'm up for this too! I should be able to make tonight but if a few can't maybe Sunday would be better? Would be great to get an island full! @Aneres11 both cute names, I'd probably lean towards Mila.
  6. I'll take a look at Redds later. I've got my first blue rose! It's in an old patch of reds I'd given up on, actually not sure how long it's been there!
  7. 92 here, my gates are open if anyone's interested. I haven't bought any for the last couple of weeks as I've got plenty of bells the bank.
  8. Yea I guess it depends how much everyone already has but we could all meet on an island and bring items for cataloguing. With Nook miles items it's probably easier to do it on here because you have to order in advance anyway!
  9. Oh yes please. Do you want Nooks miles tickets or I can do a yellow phone box? @Sméagol thanks I'll send you a yellow one tomorrow. @BowserBasher I'd still like a red please. Or two... Same trade offers? Keep the phone boxes coming! They're not all for my town
  10. Does anyone have a red phone box I could trade for nook miles tickets? Also interested in any other colours except yellow or green.
  11. Oh sorry! I was rushing as I had to start work
  12. Zell is crafting a stone iron dog. I'll leave my gates open for a bit in case anyone wants to pick it up but I'm AFK
  13. My gates are open if anyone wants to come by Maple. I've got Sahara and Nook's is fully stocked. If you do come please could you water any flowers in beds, they're left of Nooks over the bridge, north of there and then on the cliffs. I've tidied up my trade area to get my 5 star rating back but have these DIY indoors if anyone wants one: Log stool, log garden lounge, wild log bench, iron garden table, ironwood chair, music stand, pansy table, tall garden rock, iron hanger stand, clothesline, orange wall, shell arch, water flooring, shellfish pochette Edit: I have Celeste too now!
  14. Thanks @Ronnie it was really fun and well made! I'll try not to win everything next time I was quite lucky really, I just caught the last fish in time and I found the first clue really quickly!
  15. @Aneres11 ah sorry I missed your competition! @Ronnie I'll try to join yours. @BowserBasher I've sent you a white vanity and a grey stool.
  16. @killthenet I've accepted you now so yea just say you want to fly, visit a friend, search for someone and then it will tell you which islands are available. Mine is Maple.
  17. @IkeI've opened my gates but I don't think I have your friend code, mine is on my profile if you want to add me. Er @killthenet I don't know why I put Ike, sorry I can't change it!
  18. @killthenet I would be interested in the trophy case, tree standee and timber doorplate. I keep a pile of DIY and furniture in my town if you want to come over and check for trades/pick up fruit?
  19. Thanks @BowserBasher! I am just missing blue and light blue now @Sméagol. Gates are open. I've updated my take/trade pile too.
  20. I now have orange, green, purple and white (thanks @Helmsly!), am I missing some others? Edit: I have Redd today, three fakes available. It's the left side one, scary and wistful. I'll open up if anyone wants to buy. I also got my wish and Cleo is leaving, so if anyone wants a snooty horse come on down.
  21. Great thanks, it's in the post! @Sméagol thank you! No rush just thought I'd ask as I was stuck with orange for ages.
  22. Could anyone send me floor lights in different colours please? I've only got orange so far and I'd like them all. Happy to trade if I have anything of interest!
  23. Yes please! I only need to do one trip. If you could let me know when's good I'll be there.
  24. Gates are open again! @BowserBasher the green suit (just the body) would be great. Don't forget it's Zell's birthday anyone that comes over.
  25. I can trade you a moon chair for the rocket?