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  1. Thanks guys.


    This game is just so huge. I put off going to Skellige for ages, because i wanted to do most of Velen first. I still have about 25 secondary quests and contracts to do in Velen, but i wanted to progress the main story more.


    It's a very, very special game.

  2. Got to level 4 and I'm pretty underwhelmed. The shooting just feels poor to me. It's quite good fun, maybe I'll like it abit more when I've unlocked some more weapons.

  3. :bowdown:




    Thanks chaps. That's all I needed to hear!


    You're not wrong about the deals flink. Searched on HUKD and reserved this ludicrous deal from Argos. Seems too good to be true but I'll find out tomorrow!




    Whey! It's worth buying a PS4 just for those two games, nevermind the other great titles.


    Fantastic price aswell. 😊