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  1. I agree with Tellyn! Spongebob Squarepants all the way!:P
  2. What type of chocolate do you like?

    Ha thats what i do:heh:
  3. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Overall i thought TP was amazing and being the only zelda game ive played i now wanna play more
  4. Wii Horizontal Stand Anybody?

    That looks good!
  5. Which are you most looking forward to..... I no its hard to decide but ill go for Super Mario Galaxy
  6. Should of put Metroid 3 in poll.......... Sorry dudes
  7. Trauma Center: Second Opinion

    Is this game worth buying cause im considering buying it Thanks
  8. Modded Nunchuk

    I found this on the internet... Its awesome. http://www.wiicade.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1726
  9. Battlefield Series

    Does anyone here play any of the Battlefield games I play Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142. Talk about them here
  10. Battlefield Series

    Ive played BF2 for 91 hours now Anyone whos plays it tell us ur rank
  11. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Ive completed it and i thought that it was one of the best games ive played. But i thought that the last few temples were abit too easy(especially twilight palace) and i was expecting it to be much harder
  12. Snes Recommendations?

    Bomberman Is A Great Game
  13. What games are you buying this year?

    Wii Super Mario Galaxy Smash Bros Brawl Mario Kart Resident Evil
  14. Do you think you will buy a PS3?

    The R2 and L2 are a bit rubbish
  15. Do you think you will buy a PS3?

    I Played Resitance for the first time the other day and loved it. I would like to buy a ps3 for that but it just costs too much
  16. Games you Hate, But everyone else loves

    I dont like Gears Of War,i think the gameplay is poo
  17. LAN Help

    Ive been trying to find out for ages,how to set up a LAN for gaming and what do you need. Thanks:hehe:
  18. LAN Help

    Thanks do u know how much those CAT-5 cables cost roughly
  19. LAN Help

    Can you just help me ,i just wanna know what u generally need to set up a LAN.
  20. LAN Help

    im just wondering how to set up a LAN and what you need????
  21. LAN Help

    i tried but none was any help to me
  22. Graphics card - need suggestions

    the best one is a nvidia 8800gtx but they are expensive how much u planning on spending:)
  23. Problem with friend's computer.

    virus scan the computer