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  1. Nintendo Wii Launch Date Announced!!!

    Heh, good way to get attention. I'm overall a bit disappointed with prices, kinda hoped things would be cheaper all round, console and accessories, I expect the games will be the same price as games are already.
  2. 1 day to go!

    Oh, they looked like bigger discounts than that to me, you get better in GAME :p, unless they changed it in the past year. They give 10% off consoles, 30% off games, 25% off accessories, it's at times like this I wish I still worked there Speaking of work, I'm off!
  3. 1 day to go!

    Where do you work and what are the discount rates? Those look like some pretty decent prices to me!
  4. Wii have a problem...

    That was a most excellent post, and I agreed with it, we are indeed arguing over nothing that needs to be argued over. I apologise, I get a bit caught up in things sometimes, but never take me too seriously, I'm not much of a serious guy :p
  5. Wii have a problem...

    Maybe I'm willing to take that chance, I don't know if that was supposed to be a dig at me, but I don't appreciate it either way, I don't need to do it to prove or assert anything. I know why I'm posting this, alot better than you do, so don't start making such assumptions, cos that's the sort of shit that really pisses me off. I'm not, I didn't start the topic with anything like that in mind, and I have already stated that I don't want to see it happen. It was just where the thread ended up. However, it doesn't mean I'm not going to enjoy doing it though :P If it's such a non issue for you, why are you even bringing it up, why are you even considering it a possiblity of occurring? Why are you even bothered about what I'm posting or why, looks to me like you've got quite a passion for the issue too. What was annoying me is how everyone seems to be dismissing it so quickly, however, Flaight has made me feel better because I know now that at least one person understands where I'm coming from. I'm actually glad because Nintendo have taken notice by changing the instructions on their site too, rather than ignoring it. They could do with making better straps though, or at least putting the updated safety instructions in every wii(which they may do, we'll know in a week!).
  6. 1 day to go!

    I went into ASDA today, realising it was the 1st of december already and I didn't have an advent calender, looks like ASDA don't have any either . I just wanted to eat it normally until the 8th, then I was going to devour the 9th-24th in celebration before eating my wii.
  7. If it's for A-Level, I'd definitely recommend going, I found my mock exams in maths quite handy for knowing what I needed to improve. I think they've changed maths curriculums now though, do you do 3 P modules, 2 S modules and 1 M module? I suppose this is going off topic actually...
  8. The Console Price went up?

    Seems like alot of people have 1 keys near their 2s. Oh wait...well, you know what I mean! Given the current value of the dollar, it works out after a straight exchange of price to £50 cheaper! That's crazy, CRAZY I TELLS YA. As for the original poster, is the price the same in all the shops around? If it isn't, and it's cheaper elsewhere, try ranting at your store saying you were told that it was going to be cheaper than that and if it's going to be more expensive, then you'd rather have all your money refunded because it's cheaper elsewhere, and worth the wait. Sure, you may not mean it, but the shop might think they don't wanna lose the custom, and might knock the extra 10 off the price, it's a bit slim, but might be worth a shot. You do risk looking silly if you threaten it, and then they call you on it though.
  9. Moria Can Now Drive! (legally)

    Congrats again, even though I sad congrats in meaningless, I think you deserve more, so erm..congrats! Now, if you could just come down to south east ldndon area as my friend who drove me everywhere is off at uni in herts now....
  10. Ninty Preparing Big Christmas Surprise?

    Pfft, the PS7 will be able to turn your TV into a wormhole that will allow you to stop into TIME ITSELF AND BE IN THE TIMESPACE CONTINUUM WITH BILL AND TED. Wii sucks. I won't believe it until he comes to my front door and thanks me personally! Don't tell me its impossible to do that for everyone in one night, Santa manages!
  11. My original plan was to wake up real early, wash myself, get ready for uni, go down to the shop asap and possibly dragging my mum or dad(they get points for using their credit cards, I use a debit card though) to the store with me to buy it(with TP + extra full wiimote), then go home, calmly laying the box down in my room, then going to uni at 10. Spend all day thinking about wii, wobbling my leg, walking at increased pace due to excitement, potentially running everywhere that day. I had a class that day which I cannot skip. My new plan, seeing as I am going to the class tomorrow instead, is to wake up real early, wash myself, get ready for wii, go down to the shop asap and possibly dragging my mum or dad(they get points for using their credit cards, I use a debit card though) to the store with me to buy it(with TP + extra full wiimote), then go home, rip the bag off it, plonk the box on the floor in my big sitting room, opening it as hastily as I can whilst not damaging it, and proceeding to cream my pants, then set it up with the TV, reading the instruction manual no matter how much I don't want to. I'm skipping the lectures of uni for that day, screw uni! I'd possibly run home from the shop in each instance, but I feel it'd be real immature and mean of a 19 year old to run away from his parents in order to get home and play his shiny new game. Once I have it all set up, I am going to call my mum or dad over, whoever is available, hand them the wiimote(well, strap it on securely actually), and get them to share the christening of my Wii. I'd rather it be my dad, for trying to play our SNES when I was 8, but not quite comprehending jumping, and dying at the most basic part of SMB2(i.e the first shyguy), its a distinct memory that sticks with me, and I really appreciate now for some weird reason. Ninty screwed you over?! Blame the SYSTEM maaan! Them and their edumacations, those killjoys. In all seriousness, my advice would actually be to not skip the day, even if it is just a mock, what level of maths is it at? I don't think things are quite as extreme as that over here in the UK(although there was a hefty line at the midnight launch of Harry Potter when it came out! I went along because I'd just been at work then to the pub, and had to pass on my way home, honest.) I also thinks theres alot more supply for the demand we have(theres less people over here, and more consoles per person)
  12. The Console Price went up?

    Wasn't it an ERP over here though, and not a RRP? That might have something to do with an unexpected price rise, which I was hoping wouldn't happen. However, the explanation of your post confused me, and it may possibly be a mistake on the stores part, definitely check it and ask them whats going on.
  13. Wii have a problem...

    I don't know why, but I feel like it is going to keep happening, but I like I said, I'm just gonna wait and see. I don't want it to happen, but I think it will, if it doesn't, then I'm not bothered, if it does, I'm gonna be right there saying 'I told you so'. The site is pretty funny;
  14. Why are some games more wii points that the system specific wii points they said there would be? Snes stuff is supposed to be 800, not 900! Not bothered about the fact they have better and more, gotten used to being a british gamer now.
  15. It might have been that somebody messed it up on the tills too, or they missed some numbers out and decided to just scrap those numbers so as not to make it unfair by filling them with people who came in after.
  16. Sitting at an angle to the sensor bar...

    Does time actually come into play at all? I thought it might, then I thought it wouldn't. With angles and the synching, is there any real need to bring time into things?
  17. Ninty Preparing Big Christmas Surprise?

    *recalls BIG secret from before* Eh, I'd go with some so insignificant people will still be anticipated it after it's passed.
  18. Wii have a problem...

    According to this other site, they're changed the safety instructions on the official site; http://www.wiikilledmytv.com/
  19. Sitting at an angle to the sensor bar...

    Call it a wiibar, then launch a confectionary product based on it! As for the original question, I was thinking that if you sat to one side then one IR beam would be travelling further than the other, even if it was pointed at the sensor and so it'd assume you and the wii mote are pointing further to the side you are on. It depends how good the wiimote is at measuring the angles of light, as there is no time delay on the beams so erm...As I post this, it makes less sense actually and I've forgotten what I was saying...sorry...
  20. Wii have a problem...

    All right, clearly I have a low view of my parents and this will never ever occur to any of you at any point at all. Mods, please make sure this thread doesn't get deleted(I doubt old threads get deleted) so I can have it for reference in the event it DOES happen to someone who posted in here, so I can promptly point and laugh, alot. Accidents happen, although apparently not to anybody who posts on here. I don't want to hear an excuses if the time comes either, like 'Yeah, but I didn't know the controller was glossed! I thought it was mat!' or 'Well, it was actually my dad who did it, not me'. I give up, for now, I just wait. I'm clearly the only one here, with the exception possibly of Nintendork, who considers this to be a possibility of occuring in my home.
  21. Wii have a problem...

    Yeah, you're confident in YOUR ability to hold a controller, are you confident that someone who isn't a gamer, like your parents(forgive me if they are, and ignore this) would think about this? It's not even something they'll have considered happening, and I think it's more likely to occur with non gamers caught in the moment.
  22. So I did some further reading about the test on Wikipedia, and it said that its been criticised for being subject to the Forer effect(wikipedia that). Basically, its the sort of thing that causes horoscopes to work, it gives a vague general outline that is supposedly specififcally tailored to you and so you believe it's quite accurate. Go ahead and test it, try answering the questionnaire a little, or even completely(less likely to be true in this instance) differently. I got 3 different personality types, and all seemed to be true to me
  23. Wii have a problem...

    By people, do you mean people as in regular people/gamers, or Nintendo? In the eyes of statistics, if it occurs at more than 5% or 10% of the time, it's a significant problem, and needs to be addressed. Even so, I expect better of Nintendo that they would address this issue even if it only happened to 10 wiis. The problem I have here, with all these 'but u mus be lyk well retarded innit if u cannot 'old onto a wiimote lyk' type posts, is that I feel as if this is aimed towards gamers. You have to understand, alot of non gamers will be playing this system, and I think it's those people who will lose grip of wiimotes. These people are probably going to be overwhelmed with excitement at the wii and how fun it is, and I know that sounds exxaggerated, but I honestly believe it. I can see it happening with my mum or my dad if they played, and I'm sure some of you out there can imagine it happening with your parents too. Relative to the wii's other faults, in fact, not even relative, it's still quite a big deal if people are losing TVs due to the wii. It's not an isolated incident. Do all of you honestly think this is not a problem?! P.S I must agree with FL, tit is a great word.
  24. Woops, stupid me forgot to post my results! Some of the questions were hard to decide on, was quite on the fence with them. Anyhoo, I came out as; It's quite accurate of my self impression, and I have considered both acting and counselling(others, not recieving :P) as it happens. Reading it indepth further, just seems to be me all over! This thing seems spot on for me, despite what I said earlier(which is actually underneath) I've only read the first post, quite interesting to post on the forums, especially as I'm currently studying Psychology. I'd point out the flaws and strengths of this test, but I'm not that geeky, and nothing's perfect anyway. Do you know the name of this personality test though? It's most interesting because at this very moment, I'm supposed to be writing up a short presentation on personality models for a tutorial tomorrow! Freaky thing, life and it's little coincidences! EDIT: Don't worry with the name, even freakier is that it was the EXACT next thing I read in my reference that I am reading, it's the MBTI(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Scale, and actually helped me understand it a bit better too. It's a book by my psychopathology lecturer, it's still in press though. It goes on to explain those 4 different dimensions, and further personality models I assume. For anyone interested in reading a bit more about personality, you could PM me and I could possibly send you a source, although, I may be breaking some sort of copyright law.
  25. Do opposites attract?

    Scientists say that they do. I think, yes, they do and they don't. I know some couples who seem nothing like each other, and others who seem just like each other. I think, that similar opposites attract, if that makes sense. Like *haphazard analogy approaching*, when it comes to magnets, North is attracted to South, and in charges, Positive is attracted to Negative. In the first case, they're both opposites, but within magnets, in the second, they're opposites, but they're both charges. I think opposites do attract, but there needs to be some sort of similarities present too. I feel like this sounded stupid...