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  1. Ok, so I have the live CD and partion magic here, I am going to set a 20Gb partition for Ubuntu as I want to keep my XP install and I see partition magic lets you choose from a number of different linux options for the type of partition you want. Which should I choose? It can be Linux Ext2, Linux Ext3 or Linux Swap.

  2. Which is exactly why Windows will always be my main OS. I am interested in Linux more for its stability with regards to being a server type system rather than my OS. I know you can get most games to work these days though I think.

  3. I have tried Ubuntu before as I was very impressed with the live CD option, but decided against running it as my main OS. I do now have a test machine which I can use for this so I'm going to give it another go.


    I watched the video of Beryl and have to say it is very sexy, but my test machine has a 9800 pro in it, so judging from what I have read, I don't think it will work?


    Also, have they got rid of the horrible brown-ness yet? I really do hate brown.

  4. EDIT The payment came through, but I inclined not to award him becuase it was 3 days late. Sorry bud


    Bank cock up i guess - i did the transfer online immediately when i spoke to you on the 21st :(


    +1 for Chuck, cube component cable arrived today.


    Transfers via online banking always take 3 days unless its within the same branch.

  5. I have just bought all the GBA/DS FF games so now I can play them all at my leisure, however finding the time to do so isn't easy! I'm really looking forward to FF6 tho, the retrospective on gametrailers.com made it look so awesome. I haven't played any of the 2D FF games before though.

  6. Me too. For me, that was the golden age of PC gaming. Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, Sam and Max. LucasArts could do no wrong.


    Indeed, although I haven't yet played sam and max, I have heard nothing but good things...could never finish maniac mansion tho, might give it another go now that I'm all grown up, lol.

  7. The price of the console doesn't bother me, it's the quality of the software I'm keeping my eye on.


    Agreed. I don't have any of the latest consoles yet, but my first purchase is going to be the 360 elite later this month. I'm not getting a Wii until MP3 comes out. In the mean time I have my DS which has more good games than I even have time to play.

  8. VISTA YOU BITCH! Sorry, very pissed off atm, I booted my computer up this morning, checked my email, locked it like I always do then went to work. Came home 3 hours later to a screen saying 'Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.'


    So I tried boot normally, just gets to Vista loading bar then reboots without an error, so tried safemode, same thing.


    Put the disk in, ran a repair, returns a report saying it couldn't be fixed.


    HELP ME PLEASE! I have so much data that I am supposed to backing up this weekend, and now I can't get to it :cry: :cry: :cry:


    EDIT - Right, finally after a few hours, found the problem. I disabled the onboard raid device and Vista booted up, so checked windows update history and there was an Nvidia nForce RAID controller update applied to my computer this morning which claims to have been 'successful'.


    I haven't yet tried to turn my raid back on, but Vista did finish installing stuff when it finally loaded.


    Now time to get on the Nvidia forums and find out who I have to shout at about this.