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  1. 3DS Console Discussion

    There has been some discussion about this on Reddit as well. Appears to be normal. I've not opened my XL yet but I will do later and report back.
  2. Hey guys, long time no posts! I'm thinking about picking this up but I've struggled with MH games in the past (MH Wii), despite really wanting to I just can't seem to enjoy them. Any tips?
  3. 3DS Console Discussion

    Cheers S.C.G but I'm going to hold out for now
  4. 3DS Console Discussion

    Doesn't look like any of the deals for the XL are still available I'll have to wait for the next round!
  5. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    It's when you turn your phone into a portable wifi hotspot (essentially you convert the 3g connection your phone can use into a wifi signal). Any wifi enabled device will see your phone as a wifi point and be able to connect to the internet via the phone. Depending on your smart phone 'flavor' and carrier, some devices allow this, others do not. Normally 'rooting' or 'jail breaking' your phone will allow you to run an app that will let you do this even if you carrier blocks it out of the factory. When you do this it will allow you to use the phone as normal (calls and sms) but obviously it can't connect to wifi at the same time, but it does use more battery juice and can eat into data usage depending on what you are tethering. The advantage of this is that you only need one data package (on your smart phone) that you can connect all your peripheral devices to (such as the Vita, an iPad, iPod touch etc) and you can also buy the normally cheaper wifi only variant of said hardware. (Hope that clears that up ) For me, getting the cheaper wifi only model is no-brainer. I have a wifi/3g iPad and have never put a sim card in it. I can't justify the cost of a second data plan when I have such a good plan for my phone that I can share.
  6. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Hey man, I literally just got a PSP for PSP2. Looking into getting Infinity but I'm worried about the language barrier. This is totally off topic so maybe PM me if you wanna chat
  7. Hey all. Has anyone ever replaced a PSP screen with one of the cheapo ones available on ebay? I have a PSP3000 and I'm thinking about getting a replacement screen but I need to know if the ebay screens are as good as the factory Sony screen.
  8. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    Thanks dude, good to know this does happen sometimes!
  9. 3DS Console Codes

    @ShavenWolf I just added you.
  10. Letterbox

    Guys I'd like to join in! I put my code in the code thread but I'll go and add everyone who has posted in this thread if you can add me back
  11. I added you back :)

  12. 3DS Console Codes

    Hi all, can you add me please? I will return all adds if you let me know you've done it via PM or mention @Ollie. Really want to send some letters to people Many thanks!
  13. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    But I live in a flat and I know my neighbour doesn't have a 3DS (he doesn't even game) and where my flat is situated, no one would be close enough even through a wall. Oh well, time to reinstate the webcam ^^
  14. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    Hi guys! I just opened my 3DS to find I met someone via street pass apparently 5 hours ago. The thing is I was at work 5 hours ago and the 3DS hasn't been out the house for a few days....did someone with a 3DS come in my house whilst I was out or is the timing not very accurate?
  15. Hello Flameboy :)

  16. 3DS Console Discussion

    I'm a bit bummed to have paid full price, but equally pleased that I'll get some free games especially as there are a few in there that are missing from my collection that I wanted to get. I may have missed it, so my apologies, but is there a date when the games will be available?
  17. Monster Hunter Tri

    Hey all, Sorry for the bump! Just wondering if people are still playing this game online? I ordered a copy from amazon yesterday as it was only £23! I have always wondered about the Japanese obsession with Monster Hunter so now I get to find out if I like it.
  18. Little King's Story

    Guys I have just been to my local Sainsburys and they had half a dozen copies left, they were £6!!!!! If that doesn't get you to buy it, nothing will :P
  19. Well I'm getting into the Christmas spirit early this year as it is the first Christmas I have had my own place Here is our tree, sadly it isn't real, the Mrs wouldn't let me have a real one, but we did get a bargain at B&Q. We're missing one more bit of tinsel as we didn't buy enough, but it's nice to have the tree up, feels Christmassy in the flat

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  21. A bit disappointed at the lack of trees this year :'(
  22. My mum doesn't put hers up until about mid December, I guess that's partly why I wanted to do ours earlier this year
  23. Happy April 1st!

    Got me!
  24. (Mods, if this is inappropriate, please move/remove thanks) Guys and gals, your attention please. A few months ago I posted up in the Creative gallery about a website that I had wanted to make for sometime now. After some positive feedback, myself and my friend got stuck in! :awesome: Well the time has come, finally, and we are now ready for beta testers! Yay! It has been over 2 months of pretty much solid work on the site, as we both have full time jobs fitting this in has been hard but well worth it. All I need you to do is start using the site (should you like the idea that is). There is a feedback form on the site which is currently available from anywhere, you will see what I mean once you get there. Important note: Please don't post bugs etc here, N-Europe is in no way related to my site and I am asking here purely because NE users are more likely to be interested. What this means is that under no circumstances should the services provided by NE be used by myself or MGA users as a communication medium! Anyway, what we have released is only a TINY part of what we have planned and bug fixes/new features are going live everyday. We are also aware that there many small formatting bugs but any feedback at all is very very much appreciated. PS - I have a feeling (although currently a bit funny looking) that the friend code management feature will be popular : peace: Cheers guys, hope you like
  25. Beta testers needed - MGA!

    Well for this release we were hoping that descriptions would be populated with the sort of text you might read on the back of the box. We will have a specific reviews area soon. But that is also why there is a voting system. Users can decide what should be shown, same with the box art. Obviously this highlights the point that it isn't clear, so I'll get on that tonight