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  1. I won £1239 pounds on the lottery once, and if my stupid mum had been born a day later, i would have picked 30 instead of 29 and would have match all 6 numbers instead of 5.


    Oh well, it paid for my deposit on my house and it's better than a kick in the nads.


    I think its terrible how 5 numbers gets less than £2000 and 6 numbers gets millions. The prizes should be more spread out, say 1 million for 6 numbers 500k for 5 numbers etc.

  2. I am at work at the moment, I will upload the psd file or my website later as I don't think I am explaining myself very well, then hopefully you guys will see what I mean. I'm not so bothered about the button, I'm pretty sure I understand whats wrong with it and how to fix it now, but the corners on the website are p*ssing me off.


    EDIT - Shorty - Ah I see what you mean about the corners, the selection tool idea will probably work now that I think about it. The back ground that I actually want to use is a bit like the revo-background, as in its not a solid colour which is why I want to get rid of the white all together, I just used black for that example. I'll try that when I get home and see what happens :)

  3. I think maybe I'm not explaining myself very well. I understand what you are saying about the drop shadow thing, although I haven't had a chance to play with that yet, here I have illustrated my problem:




    As you can see the corners are white. I can't remember exaclty now but I might have made it on a white back ground and then 'trimmed' the transparent pixels afterwards, although I can't remember....


    Thanks again for any help!

  4. So I made this right:




    And this:




    If you put them on any background other than white, you get a white outline around the corners on the first image or a really bad looking drop show as per the second image. Any tips on how to fix this?


    I'm new to photoshop and I'm sure that there is a really simple solution, I just can't work it out. Thanks in advance for any help.

  5. Eh, who wants en 'emo kid' bar anyway...


    Lol, erm, maybe an emo?


    yeah they are good, the only thing i don;t like about the waffle one is that it's cut off..


    Agreed, but finding a good picture of a waffle isn't easy, its surprising how many people actually take pictures of waffles tho!


    i want a user square, not a bar, but a square!


    with Insane Clown Posse, and then another one with a pic of the band twiztid.


    I'm working on it! It will be more like an avatar tho!?


    Hey dont say that man. You make good userbars, as stated by myself, Retro lover and King boo.


    You're right! I was having a bad day so sorry for the attitude, anywho, sorry for the delay, been busy this bank holiday, finally got to lvl 50 on WoW (I know, SAD!but only 10 levels left!)


    Here we are:








    I wasn't sure what colour scheme to go with on the streetphire ones, so I did one based on the forums and one based on the homepage banner, let me know if you want something different!

  6. Millions? Hardly, and any fast pc can render a <1kb gif in microseconds. From what I can tell with Revo Europe's design, there's just one background image for the whole main layout, with the spacing carefully organised so that sections fit into their allocated area of that image.


    Ok, maybe I mis-understood. All of the links that have been posted just have tiny gifs in them. The one that sarka posted of the background pattern is just 2x2 pixels, so I thought that the style sheet just tiled it over and over?

  7. Hey, if your still taking requests oliherst, would you be able to make one with the writing 'Captain Waffle' with a picture of a waffle on it please?

    (Its my nickname at school, and my friend Jade said i should ask for a userbar that says that)


    If you dont want to im totally cool with it.


    Here you go:




    Let me know if you want it in different colours, or if you have a better picture of a waffle!

  8. I see. So the back ground is made up of millions of little pictures that will tile down as more content is added. I would have thought that would take ages to render though?


    Does that mean (if we continue with the revo theme) that there are also lots of layers? From the way I see it there must be at least three layers, the dark background, then the white, and then each posting, which I assume is created using tables?


    EDIT: Also, why isn't revo centered in the browser?

  9. Not sure if anyone has said this already, but I thought I would anyway. I'm sure you have all seen the user bars floating around the net at the moment, and there are millions of them! But I thought some of you might like some personalised ones, so if you do, post here and I'll make you one.


    Here are a couple I made for examples:












    They don't have to be serious, maybe you want a funny one, like 'chicken eater' or something :awesome:

  10. Umm.. Is it just me, but isn't buying a mac and using windows on it pointless? It's like you're getting a hugely overpriced windows pc. I mean what's the point in a mac if it hasn't got os x? I know that the build quality is better, but it also has almost no way of upgrading it. Other than buying the next version.


    Note: this is not a post that says macs suck or something like that, I'm still considering to get a mac laptop.


    Also, because of the way mac's are built, if you ran windows on a top end mac and a top end pc and compared them, the mac would out perform. This is because all the hardware inside is designed to work with each other, where as pc hardware is bottle necked with driver in-compatibilites etc. I can't remember the fine details, but Schpicks will, I remember a massive post he wrote ages ago going into the fine details of it.

  11. I like to think that I am quite good at various aspects of web design, html and the like, but I have a question I haven't managed to find a solution too.


    When you design a site, take for example revo-europe's home page, they designed the whole look and feel, probably with something like Photoshop. If you look at the home page on the right you have the updates section.


    When this was designed, it must have been made so that it didn't matter what they put into it, it would always 'stretch' so that it is always the right size for all the articles, without having to always re-do the back ground imagry, but how?


    Is this done with tables or iframes or something? I thought tables were old fashioned in the HTML world?

  12. Sorry, I hate to go on about this, but I really really do love this design, where did you learn all of that stuff? I have been looking through the tutorials thread, but I can't find even basic stuff (I'm a total n00b). I have PhotoShop but haven't ever used it, just small things like making a rectangle with rounded corners and that cool 3D effect!

  13. I think its great! We should all make boxes and place them around the world! World peace under Mario!


    I'm in! I'm going to make some and put them somewhere cool! Infact, that's what I am going to do easter weekend! I'll post the results!