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  1. Uk Smash Brothers Players

    If you see the potential then i would say teach them or at least show them some of the advanced stuff.
  2. UK Smash Tourny

    I'll go for sure
  3. Uk Smash Brothers Players

    Haha, that's exaclty the same with me. You know people who play the game but just arn't that good and they don't know all the advanced techinques and probably dont even have the time to learn them!
  4. Uk Smash Brothers Players

    Thanks alot, I wouldn't mind coming down or if you could come down to London. So are you two the only ones on this forum who take smash serious?
  5. Uk Smash Brothers Players

    I will have to get back to you on how many people i could get...but if you guys ever need someone to play (being honest i really need someone else to train against) i'm available lol.
  6. Viewtiful Joe

    Im still trying to finish the first Viewtiful Joe on X-Rated, I can't beat the last boss to unlock Alastor. Im still unsure if i should buy no.2 or not, I heard not alot of things had changed.
  7. Uk Smash Brothers Players

    Yeah, im taking my first year A-levels so im also busy studying. Some of my friends have actually been getting worse than better at Smash for some reason. I'm really just looking to hook up with some people so that i can get better, all in all i would like to go to the US and maybe compete there but if i could keep everything all British and get some help from people like you guys i think we could expand this thing.
  8. Uk Smash Brothers Players

    Since i've just started of making these tournaments which me and my friends mainly come to it's free really, but ive been trying to find Smash Brothers players around England which hasn't been a really good search. So when i start to make connections with people i will be able to make the tournaments much bigger. I'm also a Falco player, my game cannot improve though due to not having anyone to face :P
  9. With the Wii coming out i couldn't be more excited with the talk about a new Smash Brothers. A couple months ago I found out about the big community of hardcore Melee players, although i am fairly good i have no one to play with and i normally hold tournaments in the local area (North London). Are there any other people in London or England who play Smash Brothers on a serious level?