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  1. Old NE Members

    It's been over 20 years since I joined the site and was just thought I'd check the site and forum. Reading this brought back some memories and I still had files like a Goldie Looking Chain cover we did on here, which is weirder as I now work with someone from GLC.
  2. Brexit - UK negotiates a deal

    I have been in the same situation, I've also moved my pension fund to a worldwide fund as I am not expecting the UK to do well.
  3. I've been following Edmund since he was making comics, 100% completed the original so was of course looking to rebirth. The game is an improvement in performance and size over the original, I don't prefer the pixel style over the vector graphics but added background details like worms are nice touch for me the fun come from the difficult challenge. I'm playing it on PC/Laptop currently but would like to switch to 3DS when it comes out but without achievements I feel I would loose some motivation to 100% it.
  4. My 10 year anniversary

    I know right... Ignore the fact I haven't been here in like 6 years
  5. Hello over there

    *waves* :D

  6. hello on here :P

  7. Broadband Speed Test Results

    god dam it, i hate AOL
  8. Wario Land: The Shake Dimension

    I had to watch it twice as the first time i didn't notice the rest of the page till the video box fell.
  9. Someone's ripped off my website!

    You don't have to get a copyright it exists as soon as your create something. If there is a problem you just have to be able to prove you created it first.
  10. Job-Hunters...UNITE!

    i've been looking for a job for a month and its just not happening the best thing i found was to put your CV on monster as i've got a lot of calls from agencies. i can't get a JSA so i have bum all money.
  11. Ha ha ah ah ha ha! I'm CRAZY?!?!!

    haha the UAC was the first thing to go for me, i haven't had a virus problem in years but think i'm going to leave it on.
  12. I'd want to be served up as food at my own wake, everyone could always carry a piece of me with them.
  13. nothing, hell i'd pay for it in a restaurant
  14. April Fools

    Deviant Art changed everyones avatar to Mudkip, confusing for the first 5 seconds on there.
  15. Leeds/Reading Festival

    urg only 3 bands i want to see, every year the list of who i want to see gets smaller.