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  1. I thought this was going to be a insta-buy for me, but after playing the Splatfest I may wait a bit more.

    I never played Splatoon before, but I love the theme, the setting and the characters. But after the Splatfest I'm a bit in doubt how much I will play the game. Controls are one thing, and it seems like another game which requires a ton of time to master and rank up. Right now I still have a lot of games which I still want to play, and I'm not sure this is the game I want to invest much time in.

    I think my strategy will be wait for some time, and wait until someone who picks it up will sell it cheap second-hand (which I think will happen since a lot of people have a Switch but there are not that many 1st party games yet, so they buy everything).

  2. Fun night! I sucked hard in the first 2 GPs. Luckily battle mode is in so I could get some points there.

    Got some nasty stuff (blue shell 50 meters before the finish in the one race I was in first place!) and did some nasty stuff (red shelling people who are airborne and star tackling people right before the finish line).

    Loved the all shy guy setup, these guys make the best sounds.

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  3. Here in The Netherlands preorders are not open yet on any shop. But if I look at sites and forums, a lot of people are in panic mode, refreshing like mad or plundering your UK Amazon stock.

    With the NES Mini I placed a pre-order fairly early which worked out, but I feel that the hype now is even bigger. I think all in all it will work out with Nintendo promising to miss more units, but just to be sure I pre-order as soon as a Dutch site puts it up!

  4. 8 minutes ago, Happenstance said:

    Was this the same with the NES classic?

    Yes, the NES Classic also only had a USB cable, no AC adapter.

    Great list of games though, I wonder if we will see a difference between the US and EU version. Is that EU version confirmed? I played a lot of SNES games and was yesterday thinking again about a SNES Classic Mini. The only real game I would have loved for 2p co-op is Turtles In Time. But very happy to be able to (re)play:

    Donkey Kong Country™
    Kirby™ Super Star
    Kirby’s Dream Course™
    The Legend of Zelda™: A Link to the Past™
    Mega Man® X
    Secret of Mana
    Star Fox™
    Star Fox™ 2
    Street Fighter® II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
    Super Castlevania IV™
    Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts®
    Super Mario Kart™
    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars™
    Super Mario World™
    Super Metroid™
    Yoshi’s Island™


  5. I liked Oblivion and "Elder Scrolls with guns" Fallout 3 and New Vegas, but never got to playing Skyrim. However, I think this is a game I really prefer to play on the PC. I can't see me playing this game with a controller, it is cheaper and it looks better with the HD pack.

  6. Yeah, cost is a great point to be fair.


    I'm just a little tired of it personally.


    Same here. You can make a budget game without doing pixel art/16 bit. But I guess it is the indie trend now to make it all look retro. The golf game looks fun, but really the pixel art is making it a no-go for me.

  7. I've never played Minecraft before (only "2D Minecraft" Terraria). But since the whole world plays it maybe I should give it a shot!


    Can someone explain me in short the game's mechanics? Is it completely open world or do you have some sort of goals (like Terraria)?

  8. So, I've had my Switch for a couple of weeks now so time to sum up the results:


    • Controller desync problem
    • Poor Wifi connections
    • Straps getting stuck if put on the wrong joycon
    • Docks stratching screens
    • Dead pixels
    • Completely ruined screens


    Luckily no problems with controller desyncing, dead pixels or ruined screens yet!


    Poor wifi is an issue; I cannot play online or watch movies from the News section because it is not getting enough signal. My wifi signal is not the best but the Switch is worse than my smartphone for example. But even my phone often has trouble with streaming videos. So I ordered an access point; should fix it (also for my other devices)!


    Dock scratching I don't see yet (only some stains where he rests in the dock). I did put on one of those god-awful screen protectors just in case (I hate applying these; mine has 2 small air bubbles which I can't get out. Luckily you don't notice them when the screen is on.


    What I am missing most is software though. A good firmware update would be lovely, adding:


    - Themes

    - Background audio in the home menu

    - Achievements

    - Some general apps such as browser/Youtube/Netflix

    - Never gonna happen but: Miiverse!


    And maybe wifi can also be improved a little bit with a good firmware update.

  9. I think having one thread, listing every game and asking people to pick their top 3 would work best. Assign points to each one and then tally them up. Would give a better indication than arbitrarily mixing games into three groups and asking people to just pick one.


    I would prefer this. Since you randomly assign games to part 1/2/3, my 2 favourite games of the month could wind up in the same poll, while a meh game can get points due to no competition in another poll. Having one topic and assigning points would fix this.

  10. I played the game for a couple of hours this week. Played 2 cups on 100CC (one with driving assist on since I forgot to turn it off, one with it turned off which I like better). Of course I got bombarded with lightning/blue shells/red shells all the time, which is a bit frustrating but is also very Mario Kart!


    Played some battle games as well, and especially Renegade Roundup looks like a great mode to play online! But I also need a wifi access point or wired connection since my wifi is shitty to begin with, and the Switch's wifi isn't helping.


    Tried playing it with a single joy-con+strap since some reviews complain about it being uncomfortable, but plays well for me! I'll bring my Switch tomorrow and try local multiplayer with some colleagues; everyone's been bugging me to bring it since I got it. The hype is real!

  11. I wish they would just centralise Miis. Why did I have to make a Mii on my Switch, didn't I make one on the Wii? On Miitomo? On the 3DS? Miitomo could effectively be the home of your account's avatar, that you customise and update the console version of yourself on the fly.


    This. I love Miis and would take them over Inklings anytime. Had a lot of fun with those guys in the Streetpass Mii Park on the 3DS. And I like dressing him up in Miitomo (talk about playing with yourself...). As an avatar they are great


    But now link all that stuff together! I seriously thought they did so and was trying to find a way to get my Miitomo Mii to the Switch. Didn't find it, obviously. ;)

  12. The game is starting to sell out here in the Netherlands as well. So I'm glad I ordered it, and it will arrive tonight!


    Shockingly the last MK I played were the Wii and DS versions, so I can't wait to jump back into the series!

  13. Yoshi's Springtime Siesta (Theme) - 20 Gold Coins - This happy theme features a relaxing tune and lots of colourful Yoshis. Scroll the Touch Screen to see the napper blow bubbles.


    Aw damn, those 3DS themes were the one thing I loved to get using my silver coins. And now they ask for gold coins? Come on Nintendo, shitty move and my silver points keep expiring!

  14. So, I just accidentally bought a Switch! The thing is still crazily limited on stock here in the Netherlands (everywhere I guess). So one webshop showed it had 2 grey ones on stock (neon isn't even coming in), I quickly put it in my cart to decide what I wanted to do (I thought about waiting some time for a bundle or until all issues are fixed). I still couldn't really see if the order got through (they tend to cancel if too many people are fishing for the same thing). So I put in my creditcard numbers, expecting a page 2 with verification (a lot of Dutch websites require second verification). But no, it congratulated me on my purchase! So how about that for a happy incident?


    Picked up Zelda and a protection set including screen protector on the way home, and today the Switch itself got delivered. Setting it up right now and I am as happy as a child! Didn't even see one for real up until now so that adds to the magic!

  15. Well, I'm glad they referenced it directly, but I did mean what I said about him being pretty lame.

    It's been quite a while since I played The Sacred Stones (one of the few Fire Emblem games I've played, actually... thanks for giving it to me for free, Nintendo~), but I don't remember him ever being so... weirdly aggressive about it there? Doesn't really suit him, imo.


    Though apparently he's much more chill about it in the Japanese version, so I guess it could just be a failed attempt at a retcon by the FEH localization team? But whatever the reason I don't really like it.



    ......Or maybe I just don't like being called a fool... :(


    This! I also played Sacred Stones back in the days and don't remember him as a easily burned Lannister. But now...


    On the other hand, I did summon me an epic 5 star Eirika!