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  1. Radiohead

    I like OK Computer most, and then The Bends, and then I've basically liked one or two songs since those two albums. I bought Kid A when it first came out and didn;t know that it was going to be such a drastic change in pace from OK Computer and was like ... I've just listened to most of the new album, and it's so dirgey, and boring. There's an issue with bands that stay together for years; if they play the same sort of music and never change then they'll be accused of a lack of progression, but if they change they risk alienating fans of earlier stuff. I'm out, and need to stop kidding myself that they're going to ever be like they were in 1997.
  2. House buying is the worst

    The stress is awful, but it'll probably be worth it in the end. I feel bad for the next generation because I can only see property becoming more expensive as time goes on, and it becoming harder to get that first foot on the ladder. When I speak with older people and we discuss what they paid for their property it annoys me how little they paid, but the next generation will probably see what I paid as something similarly annoying. What sort of mortgage is everyone getting? I've felt fortunate in this regard. Moved to a lifetime tracker rate in September 2008 (BoE+0.99%), when the interest rate was something like 5.5%, but the rates have come crashing down since then, and I've been on 1.49% for years.
  3. House buying is the worst

    I'm reminded of when we moved from our first owned house to our second owned house. Has anyone else gone through this? At some point you have to hand over your keys, and you don't have the keys to the next place yet. That means all your stuff has to be out of your old house but not put into your new house (if, like us, you don't live near family and don't want to put upon friends). Moving from rental to rental, or rental to owned was easy as you could do it with some overlap. No overlap meant super stress. I guess we could have gone the route of getting some storage, but instead we packed out life into a van the night before. An awful experience.
  4. Weight Loss and Fitness 2016

    I found your instagram feed and had a look around. You're doing super well. You look so much more healthy from Jan-April. Keep going!
  5. House buying is the worst

    You can fly with Ryanair from Manchester to Brussels and back for £34 each. I'm being facetious, but still, house prices down south always shock me. Three bedroomed houses seem to top out at about £200K around here, and that's for a decent sized house.
  6. House buying is the worst

    I've lived in two houses (previous and current) as we've done them up and it isn't toooo bad. As long as you explain to everyone as they walk through the door that your house is a project then it's all cool. (Or pack your bags and move north where £250000 will get you a mansion.)
  7. Weight Loss and Fitness 2016

    Great advice from people above. Instead of the sort of short high intensity interval training you describe you should run some longer intervals. They helped me loads. Your warm up and cool down sound great, but for the intervals do something like 10x500m, or 5x800m. get your body used to running at 5K pace for the distance, but broken up by rests. Some of these are fun too: Get yourself on Strava, get some kudos, break some segment records.
  8. Same. We probably saw the same post. Maybe we should all stalk @Fierce_LiNk less.
  9. Funny Stuff Thread

    I'm defo gonna try this next time the wife and I get down to it. Will report back in three months.
  10. bad stuff thread.

    I went to the dentist yesterday and he told me I am cleaning my teeth really well and there are no issues. I felt great. But this morning as I went to brush my teeth I was thinking "don't have to bother as much, if the dentist says my teeth are great, I can probably slack a bit more, and it'll be fine still." Fairly sure that's not what the dentist would have been going for though.
  11. My kids are 6 & 9. They know who PewDiePie is, they know Rhett & Link, Amazing Phil, various minecraft players, some other people that play videogames on youtube. They have zero idea about mainstream hollywood celebs. That may change over time as they start watching hollywood movies, but for now they know nothing. Like Goafer, they watch no regular TV, but consume so much youtube. So so so much youtube, it's like a third better-liked parent in our family.
  12. Weight Loss and Fitness 2015

    Feeling good about my running after a couple of months of slogging through it. At the start of April I tore my calf muscle on a run (felt like someone flicked me hard on the back of my leg and it went twang), but wasn't sure what I'd done. The next day I tried to run on it to see if I could "run it off." I couldn't and it went twang again, then I couldn't walk for a week (fun week). Since then I've been building up the miles again, but my leg's always felt not quite right, like it was about to fail me again. On Saturday I went to a place called Running Bear in Alderley Edge to have my gait analysed. They sorted me out with some new shoes, and helped to see how my running style was flawed ("you are a lazy runner - lift your knees and get off your toes"). Since then I've done more miles than I've been able to do over the last few months and my legs have never felt better. Excited to up the miles some more!
  13. Yeah, I had one friend that asked to bring a date to our wedding, and my MIL okayed it. So now he's in our photos, and they split up like a month later. Thankfully he's on the "randomers who don't fit into our other groups" photo so it's not a huge deal.
  14. What Have You Bought?

    Walking Dead comics are amazing. But, so so bleak. I couldn't read too much in one go as I'd just feel down about everything.
  15. bad stuff thread.

    Insured? Even if it is, paying the excess is something that you could do without. I had my bike stolen from my garage last summer and felt all sorts of violated. I slept with a hammer by the side of my bed for a few weeks. Sometimes my wife would find me at night, in a dark room, hammer in hand, watching the garden and garage, through a crack in the curtains. I think I'm over it now.
  16. Before we had kids my wife and I weren't totally sold on the idea of it in the present, but both of us had a vision of what we wanted to have happen in the future. I want all my family to gather around me at my house for Christmas dinner, and for it to be a substantial gathering. That couldn't happen unless we had kids, so that's what we did. (Me, wife, two kids, their partners, their kids - enough of a substantial gathering for me!)
  17. bad stuff thread.

    I started a PhD but quit and managed to come away with a masters. Part of why I quit was because people in academia (at least in statistics) are no fun to be around. It's so much more rewarding to work with people that you like.
  18. Job woes/wins

    Shortcut: Windows+L Standing up and pressing those keys go hand in hand.
  19. My gut is telling me that a video editing PC won't need the same graphics card that a gaming PC would - I think most of the video editing work is done by the processor/RAM/HDD. So that's a significant difference in cost/build. I wouldn't believe me though - look into it yourself. Also, building your own is both terrifying, and easy, kind of.
  20. Job woes/wins

    Was it backdated a month? That would explain a double increase for a month. Hope that's not the case though!
  21. bad stuff thread.

    Lots of good advice here. Internet/Distance selling laws are on your side.
  22. Tried the iPhone scheme? (Not just for iPhones.)
  23. bad stuff thread.

    If you've used up your full tax free allowance for each month (£833 per month, though I realise it's actually a yearly thing) then your tax shouldn't be too much different than what you've been taxed in your recent payslip. The problem arises when someone starts their work halfway through the financial year and misses out on tax allowance that they're entitled to. (Unless they've put you on a BR code, then that will suck as you'll be down an additional £167 per month.)
  24. I can see into the future and I see my inbox being filled with messages of love. And when I say messages of love I mean forum members reporting each other for whatever personal insult has just been thrown in this thread, in either direction. Let's just skip that, please? @kav82 and his date exploits, but the pre-date shenanigans are not to be shared? Ridiculous.
  25. Which have been your favourite so far? Seen any great ones? What do you think of the campaign? In the last day or so these seem to have reached my facebook feed and I was challenged. I've posted all the ones from other NEers I've seen too. Mine: (Sorry, FB video only and I'm at work so can't upload to YT.) @Dannyboy\-the\-Dane and his penis @ReZourceman