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  1. Weight Loss and Fitness 2014

    500ml of water is 0.5kg. 1kg is 2.2lbs. So 0.5kg is 1.1lbs.
  2. New Hobbies

    Exercise! In particular for me, running. You can probably start with what you have now - all you need is some trainers, shorts and a tshirt, and to go outside and plod. As time goes on the hobby can evolve and if you stick with it you'll want to track your runs by GPS, buy clothes that are lighter and don't stick to you in rain, socks that don't give you blisters, trainers that are more comfortable, vary your training, run up hills, enter races, join a club, get your core strengthened, and so on. But for now, you've got all you need. Just get outside. (Also, a 10km run (done in under an hour after a few months training even for me) is a lot of chocolate.)
  3. good stuff thread.

    Woo congrats! Now go out on your for the first time and have the scariest drive of your life.
  4. good stuff thread.

    Totally. In other cases, reach for the calculator. When it's out of something that easily multiplies up to 100, then use the noggin.
  5. good stuff thread.

    You say that as if you don't believe it!? :p (Number you get right) x 5 = percentage right 13 x 5 = 65 Ta da!
  6. bad stuff thread.

    29 minutes. We're not here all the time. The post was given an infraction as it's beyond what I think is acceptable. As this is clearly upsetting to nightwolf let's leave it there. I was considering making a new thread, but that would be better saved for another time when the emotions of others will hopefully be less raw.
  7. bad stuff thread.

    From what has been said above, it's quite clear that what you wrote is exactly the sort of thing that would wind @nightwolf up. So why, why do that?
  8. bad stuff thread.

    In my opinion (and you know it by the sounds of it) it wouldn't do any good. Your friend seems to lack empathy. You arguing back, saying stuff like that would just lead to more arguing.
  9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Exactly what I was thinking!
  10. What Have You Bought?

    Do you track your running (GPS watch? Phone?)? On Strava it keeps track of how many miles/kms you've done in your current shoes. Now's a good time to get on that!
  11. good stuff thread.

    They ... they don't call you Dr. bob?
  12. Funny Stuff Thread

    Amazingly familiar. Loved the dog bit. Today I sat in a conference call and was basically that dude that says nothing, until the farewells. Thank the heavens for smartphones.
  13. What Have You Bought?

    You should not give these people money.
  14. Weight Loss and Fitness 2014

    Sounds like you've got a big poo brewing. Or ... you've put some muscle on as well as losing fat, so your weight has stayed relatively constant.
  15. Weight Loss and Fitness 2014

    Any runners can add me/join Strava: Just before Christmas I cracked out a 20:20 5k run. Next two months I plan to lose a few pounds and then go sub 20. THE DREAM. But the diet is already taking its toll on me - I'm tired and grumpy most of the time. Yay. I liked Mokong's photo thing so thought I'd have one of my own. Pics from the last three Christmases: Last year I lost weight between January and March, and went from about 12st2lbs to 10st10lbs (then maintained!). Hope you can tell. 1 pound of lard = 6 seconds off my 5k time.
  16. New Year's Resolutions 2014

    I've read a lot of children's books in recent years and what I've seen of your work is often better than what's in published books. Do it!
  17. Funny Stuff Thread

    I've read too much reddit - puns are dead to me.
  18. Awesome stuff thread

    There's a cool bit at 1:23-ish where his hand is stroking the cliff. Like "Ah, my old friend, you're kicking my ass, I still love you."
  19. Twitter, really? Maybe for celebrities with several thousand followers it's a game, but not for most plebs like us. Bar that I enjoyed this and was able to predict most of them up until the mid 90s, when I clearly left the path most trodden.
  20. Post your Christmas goodness

    Here's my tree! They always look worse in photos than in real life. Each year we buy a new ornament. This year mine was a little drum (just east-north-east of the white dove).
  21. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Just slogged out a 34:38 8km run and broke my 5km PB as part of it. Lungs now broken.
  22. How much do you spend on rent?

    I've been fortunate in mortgage matters - I switched to a lifetime tracker mortgage just before the bank rates started falling. My mortgage is at 2% above the Bank of England rate, so that's 2.49%. We have a 3 bed semi-detached (in a nice area) and our mortgage is £575. This is our second house (as in, the second that we bought together - we don't have two houses), so we built up equity in the first then sold it and managed to scrape together enough for this one.
  23. Funny Stuff Thread

    I found this quite funny, though I may be slightly biased. The highs and lows of Mario for a five year old.
  24. Wii U and 3DS Gaming Bargains

    Picked up Pikmin 3 for £18 from Blockbusters today. All Wii U stuff was 40% off lowest sticker price.
  25. Suggestions

    I use chrome too.