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  1. I believe it would be fine but I'm making assumptions. I follow a large, prominent LEGO YouTuber (Just2Good) who has a) had legal run ins in the past, so I know he is very careful about this kind of thing and b) uses Gameboy music in lots/most of his video.s. all he does is write on screen what the songs are from.

  2. There are some companies better than others, I would definitely recommend checking trustpilot.




    I think share dot com are highly rated on there. Typically there are additional rules to buying foreign shares but they're not too cumbersome (e.g. if purchasing American Nintendo shares, then its just a form that's required to qualify you to buy overseas shares with, I believe, most companies).

  3. For those who are yet to preorder, the steel book editions of the game are currently £35 over on Simply Games. Most places are charging that for just the normal edition.


    Oooh. Nice. That comes with the plastic case too right?


    Who guarantees release date or earlier these days? Shopto are the only people to never let me down. The Games Collection have fucked me around recently.

  4. I really don't like facecam. It just feels a bit narcissistic, as it covers up part of the game, whilst not really adding anything. If it were absolutely necessary, I'd do it, but channels like Gamegrumps, 2 Best Friends, Hat Films and Yogscast seem to do well without, so I'll hold off for as long as I can on that. I'm not saying we won't do it, just not yet.


    If we ever do any live streams though, that's different as it adds some interactivity, so well definitely facecam those.


    Although we did do a bonus one with facecam!


  5. Wow, thank you so much Mr Paul and indeed all. Very kind and Claire says thank you too.


    I'm not in front of PC so can't post pics in here but if anyone would like to link some thats cool.


    Thanks again. Very tired today, but just at home before going off again shortly to stay over at Heathrow tonight then off to Washington DC in the morning.


    Thank you again.