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  1. I came here looking for something but stumbled upon this. NE was a massive part of my life. 

    The person I see most regularly is Goafer as we're in a virtual D&D podcast together and regularly meet up for D&D too.

    I was actually brought here because I saw a Google Advert and wondered if Coolness Bears was in it.... 

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  2. Hope y'all are well.

    You guys ever had Pizza Pilgrims? Pretty nice pizza joint with a few branches in the UK - they do a "Pizza in the post" thing now, and it is absolutely brilliant! The instructions for cooking (frying pan for a bit, then under a super hot grill) worked absolutely perfectly, and being not-near-London, means that ingredients like good quality mozzarella and tomatoes are a pipe dream, so having those ingredients with it makes it delicious. Highly recommended. Works out £20 for 2 with postage.


  3. Yeeeeesssss. Was briIliant. I don't actually recall which moment it was, but shortly after (what became known as) Mucky Javelin, I was crying with laughter and finding it hard to breathe.


    Interestingly, I hadn't actually quite intended my actions to have such a comedic edge to them, but the stars alligned and the universe provided me with javelins and the corpse of a horse. My course of action was predetermined by fate.q

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  4. Yeesh, yeah. I dunno mang. There was some cool stuff there, but where were the big announcements? I will say, I love the look of Smash. But it always feels like the same. My face absolutely dropped at our yearly iterations of Fire Emblem and Mario Party. Hmmmm/ugh.

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  5. I loved the film despite an awful cinema experience - a family brought a baby, which got restless so to sooth it, they gave it a tablet put on a cartoon at full volume for the last 45min/hour of the film. The ignored staff and then shouted at people to grow up as it was a kids film so we had no right to complain


    Probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.


    Was it Odeon? Generally speaking a bunch of mong-heads.

  6. Does anyone else have a problem with the hidden criteria they set for potential partners? I've been speaking to a girl for a few weeks and she's attractive, ambitious (doing a Masters in psychology, considering a career in humanitarian work) and all the other good stuff, but there's a big bee under my bonnet at the moment. The crux of it is: while she professes to be a sceptical person who values science/reason etc, she also says that science/the scientific community is arrogant in what it claims to hold certain, and that she's open to alternative explanations of the universe like astrology.


    In principle that's not a wildly dumb position; science doesn't offer answers to everything, theories are constantly debunked, and it's perfectly healthy to acknowledge that there are limits to human understanding about nature and the cosmos. At the same time, astrology is patently a load of bullshit; it controverts our ever-dependable laws of physics, there's not a shred of evidence for it, and it smacks of the worst kind of exploitative moneymaking scheme going. It's really nothing more than man-made wishful thinking. I could propose the idea that all human souls past and present originally emanated from my arsehole, but there's no sense in being open to that idea just because it can't be totally disproved. Also, science is in fact a humble enterprise - researchers and theorists show deference to new evidence and willingly admit to the limits of their powers. [All of which I've tried to argue.]


    So I'm in a position where I feel like I should overlook this belief because, hell, we all have stupid beliefs and personal delusions, most of them kind of harmless. To be this strict on relationship criteria would be to ignore my actual feelings towards this person, and overemphasize the importance of intellect. And yet why can't I shake the feeling that it's quite important to share the same universe as your partner? [melodramatic close]


    Classic Scorpio.


    You're overthinking it.


    You're such a pisces.


    Oh you absolute prick. At least I went to the trouble of getting the right star sign.

  7. Do employers still give character references? I thought the done thing was to confirm that they did work there for the period of time stated.


    I heard something along the lines that a company can't give a bad reference now, they can either say they worked there for the time they said, or choose not to provide a reference. Something along those lines.


  8. ORAS never got a Direct.


    ORAS got a random video in a random afternoon of a random Wednesday in May 2014, with no (official) heads up or anything.

    Reasonably odd you mention this.

    Just last night, I was watching one of my old vlogs and it was from the day those games were announced as I mentioned it.

  9. I don't know if its the screen I watched it on but I found a lot of the movie dark, blurry and hard to follow. Especially the bit at the quarry at night at the beginning. Or maybe I was just tired :hmm:


    I hope any sequels don't just rush into a long action-adventure piece and continue to explore character a bit.


    May have been you/your screen. I'm fairly fussy/critical of that kind of thing and didn't struggle too much with this.


    Totally agree on the second point I've quoted. Characters in this are the best thing about it.