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  1. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Ooooh. Lycanroc looks like a goer for team. Might be nice to have another one that you keep from the very start/outset. Pumped for this. Pre-order is officially in now.
  2. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Have we talked about Invincible ending?
  3. The Walking Dead

    I have to say I completely agree. I didn't even realise who the character at the beginning was. I know who hardly any of them are now.
  4. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    This made me burst out the funniest thing I've ever read...makes me proud of you, and finally....deserves more likes. Fantastic.
  5. N-Europe Summer Meet 2016 (13th August)

    Unfortunately didn't film a whole lot this year...
  6. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Hated Metroid Prime Trilogies controls. To the point that I couldn't get into it. Ruined it for me.
  7. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    I used to use Infinity Games and Psi Soft for things like that but don't know what they're like now. Could try local comic book store too.
  8. Goafer And I Started A Let's Play YouTube Channel....

    We'd love to have you on as a guest actually.
  9. Goafer And I Started A Let's Play YouTube Channel....

    We've tried to make them shorter. Also think of them more as total laddage bants rather than LPs.
  10. N-Europe Summer Meet 2016 (13th August)

    Lol, yeah my bad. I can get easily agitated pissed off and walking down a cunted Bond Street when I was hot and tired was dat snap point. Was great to see everyone again. Got some sick vybez snaps esn't et. Not enough Ninja doe! Y'all were bitches. Next year, I'd like it if toilet breaks/lunch runs were somewhat more co-ordinated? It kinda seemed like as soon as we got a full group, we lost one to food (which is not exactly super close if you make the trip to Tesco/whatever) then loads of separate groups of toilet bants. Anyway, just a thought. Still had a cracking time.
  11. N-Europe Summer Meet 2016 (13th August)

    What time we meeting at Hyde Park (The Cock Pit I assume) tomorrow?
  12. Instead of spamming other threads, I thought I would create a new thread for my uploaded videos. As you may know, I do a lot of different genres, so I'd appreciate all feedback on what you folks enjoyed. Here are some of my recent efforts. How To Draw Superman Short Horror Movie Trip With Claire to a Wildlife Park
  13. ReZourceman's Videos (Enter At Own Risk)

    My niece is utterly absurdly adorable.
  14. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    So, I am super super pumped about this game, but a lot of the designs are a bit ropey. Like, too many of the designs are a bit ropey. The best ones so far, are largely the Alola ones. Why can't they do more designs that looked super sick like the first three gens, mostly I loved all of them. Like. Nowadays, it's like there's so few actual ones that you'd consider for your team. Like I say, still super pumped though.
  15. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Holy crap, that giant light up fish is tremendous. He has made it into my team.
  16. bad stuff thread.

    Good luck Iun, dats some shitty stuff. Find a women who will shower you with LEGO. Literally, if you're into that kind of thing.
  17. N-Europe Summer Meet 2016 (13th August)

    Next Saturday esn't et.
  18. good stuff thread.

    Isn't it though. Not a colossal uptick, but it's cool to be getting comments and stuff. Weirdly/coincidentally, its a few days after the most views in one day we've ever had (and it's not like it's steadily increasing, it's very up and down, but yeah). But as I say, very cool, and the little bit of extra attention is cool. The first peak is it on Lad Bible Twitter, and the second peak is it on Lad Bible Instagram, the day after. Shame there was no credit and channel name wasn't in it.
  19. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Can't wait for this. Lots of non-Pokemon friends have expressed interest too, it's really cool.
  20. N-Europe Summer Meet 2016 (13th August)

    I'm essentially confirmed, but I'll be bowing out mildly early/before Loading bants isn't it.
  21. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Yeah I just read Civil War II issues 1 - 3. Really, really enjoyed them! Dafuq at issue 3 though. Howzat.
  22. How Was Your Day?

    Hello. How Was Your Day? Mine was alright. I have never had the interest, motivation or incentive to learn how to use Windows Excel, but I've been learning some mildly useful things recently which are helpful for my new position (for those that don't know, I was made a manager in July...of a contact team. Contact team manager), and I've been working on a spreadsheet with my colleague that shows what skills people know and create a points system that shows what they can do to get a promotion. So I was dropping all kinds of conditional formatting today, and there were a few bits that just...hooked up. Interlocked. Like some cogs slotting into place. And it was awesome. And I love colour coding and I totally smashed the colour coding. And I've been talking about Windows fucking Excel for several paragraphs. Jesus Christ, it has come to this. #Adult. In extremely good news today, Claire and I are going to a small (but cool) theme park in June, and they have a new area opening up soon, and they have release an app/game for it, and the top three scores each day win tickets to the park. The competition closes tomorrow. I've been playing it for a week, and not been doing too badly. The problem is it's 25% skill, 75% luck because your score (and how high you can get it) all depends on how many "time increase" items you get. Anyway, this morning I got very lucky and am currently sitting at second place with 3,450,000. Third place hasn't moved all day, at 2,620,000. So I am fairly...confident. I don't think I'll be unseated. Even so, I'd have to drop two spaces. I've been playing it for a week so I'm really happy to be in the top today, and I feel like I deserve to win and it will massively make me happy and reward my hard work. Also waiting to hear from Hotel Chocolat, they sent an egg to us and there is also a compo they are running for the best VLOGGER/Blogger's video or article review will win a £75 chocolate ostrich egg, and I reckon we have a good shot with a five-camera-setup Easter Egg hunt Claire and I did... I'm just feeling alright at the moment. Last few weeks have been stressful, so it's nice for work to not be cripplingly busy and for me to be able to catch up on some stuff. And Daredevil this week and BVS next week!
  23. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    100% Salandit is in my team. Oh like. Fine.