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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. Destiny

    Yeah, I'm down for that @lostmario.
  3. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Lowlz. Sorry for the inactivity, I suck at life. Enjoyed this game, always like being a bad guy! Well played to the town, some unluckyness there. #TopBantz
  4. The Starfox bit where he held his hands up "the way we're using the gamepad feels really nice" makes me so nervous.
  5. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    Did we not have a roleblocker left? If Yvonne protected himself, does that clear him? To me, most suspicious person is Sheikah. I don't ever put townie switchers in my mafias. I know others do but... Vote : Sheikah
  6. Destiny

    Anyone still doing normal Raid?
  7. Super stardust Ultra (PS4)

    Incredible news. Incredible.
  8. New Terminator Trilogy - June 26th 2015

    Emilia Clarke is hot.
  9. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    Well....everyone else's actions can be accounted for or proven...
  10. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    Sorry again for inactivity. FRUK has been kicking my ass. I found out that Sheikah is a target switcher and Yvonne a roleblocker. Obviously we know this, but I wasn't 100% sure we had confirmation, and from everyone left I wasn't 100% sure on either of them, and being great players...seemed sensible. Jimbob being the only one not accounted for..... Vote : Jimbob
  11. Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens

    What is the old feel of Star Wars?
  12. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    Not quite right, my result was that the person I targeted was a protector, but didn't name check Yvonne. I targeted Jonnas and was informed I didn't reach my original target, which matches up with the info in the thread.
  13. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    Okay, I targeted Jonnas because I found it curious he was soo suspicious of me just because I've been quiet. I found a different target, which I wasn't informed of but obviously reading the thread I now know this was Yvonne, and I can confirm that he is a protector.
  14. Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens

    Well that's fine considering Episodes 1,2 and 3 are all pretty meh and Episodes 4, 5 and 6 are fairly good in places. Looking forward to actual talent coming aboard the franchise.
  15. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    Jeezus wept, sorry guys, I have been crazy shit. Well looks like you've already pieced all of that together, so yes, I'll just confirm that I did indeed target Sheikah and found out that he is a target switcher.
  16. Destiny

    It's a highly polished, nicely stylised multiplayer sci-fi shooter - one of my favourite types of online games. The items give it a Pokemon Card esque feature which appeals to my "oh I got a shiny!" nature and....it's sick m8.
  17. Destiny

    What time is the Raid tonight?
  18. The Hunger Games

    Who has read the books? Any good? How do the second/third/whatever compare to the first? Just got back from the movie. More drama-y than I was expecting, some of the design is awesome some is interesting/strange/curious choices. Solid cast. Jennifer Lawrence rightfully steals the show, an incredibly strong and decent character, (also now in love with her), the action was a little dib dab, but I thoroughly enjoyed it for the most part. Not mind blowing, but very good.
  19. Destiny

    I am also in for Wednesday Raid.
  20. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    Apologies, I've not been very much up with this game. Going to have a read through when I get back in a bit and smash names and take places.
  21. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    I targeted Yvonne successfully. #NotRoleblocker
  22. Destiny

    Vision of Confluence is fucking incredible. Elevated my PVP game son'. The first and second upgrades are killer.
  23. Trouble in the Depository Mafia

    How does lying about having not been boosted and then later revealing that you were in fact....clear you? Or am I missing something?
  24. Destiny

    Put me down for Raid on Wednesday please!