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  1. Perfect teaser trailer in my eyes.
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah "Neon yellow" is factually incorrect. They're pale/neon chartreuse through and through.
  3. Legal advice: leaving job during redundancy period

    I heard something along the lines that a company can't give a bad reference now, they can either say they worked there for the time they said, or choose not to provide a reference. Something along those lines.
  4. Nintendo Direct - April 12 - 23:00

    Not interesting at all from my perspective. Except this, obviously.
  5. Nintendo Direct - April 12 - 23:00

    Reasonably odd you mention this. Just last night, I was watching one of my old vlogs and it was from the day those games were announced as I mentioned it.
  6. Nostalgia: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

    May have been you/your screen. I'm fairly fussy/critical of that kind of thing and didn't struggle too much with this. Totally agree on the second point I've quoted. Characters in this are the best thing about it.
  7. Rumour (4chan): Nintendo Direct on April 1st

    Link for anyone who missed it
  8. Ite. So you may know that once upon a time I started a gaming channel, amongst my many others. Unfortunately I didn't have the time commitment to keep up with it, with my hundreds of other channels - and it quickly fell to the, standing, places. Anyway, to cut a long story I found a loyal partner in Goafer who has graciously taken on most of the work load, and we feel that we now want to start promoting it. We've been running it for a few months now, trying to get into our groove, and finding our feet, so we'd very much appreciate any feedback you have. We have had some minor audio issues, which we're working on, but yeah...other than that, we would REALLY appreciate it if you guys watched the videos, and hopefully you enjoy them and you give us a cheeky subscription. Some choice quotes
  9. good stuff thread.

    Lol. Funnily enough I asked for one and was given a bullshit reason as to why I can't have one. Managing 16 people, keeping a team motivated in a horrible role with constant cut backs from above, retaining staff at a higher rate than ever seen in the department and picking up tasks from others on top of your doubled work well as about to train the guy who will be doing the same job as not enough. Good stuff doe. I have a day off today. Was going to go to Thorpe Park but no one to go with so using the day to do videos, get a haircut, sort out rent for new place because we're moving (wheee/bants) and ting.
  10. Nostalgia: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

    Stunned how good it was. Great. The characters were absolutely superb. Not enough (good) action, certainly out of the zords, but I loved it. Totally cheesy in places, but I reiterate that I really, really liked the characters.
  11. Yooka-Laylee

    I don't know what to do. Have a PS4 pre-order but just...want the portability of the Switch. If it was released simul-time I'd get it on the Switch no problem. Dilema.
  12. Should I get a switch right now?

    Long story short, I love the Switch way more than I thought I would and I play it way more than I thought I would, thanks to the portability (being able to play in bed is amazing). It's made me reconsider my Yooka Laylee PS4 pre-order...
  13. Amazon Kindle

    Reading the replies from seven years ago is fascinating. Crazy how much general attitude seems to have changed.
  14. So. The Switch is out. Do Nintendo need to return physically to E3? Clearly, they've had issues the last few years and with the Wii U, and surely they know they need to bring the games? And surely they know that this needs to be on the biggest platform that gamers look forward to? If not, will they deliver a Direct at this time instead? What do you think? What do they need to do? What will excite you?
  15. RC Toys, Models and Other Stuff

    Nice shot. My new action cam (£60, Apeman) arrived yesterday. Not yet done a side by side with my £30 Sunco but it seems much better. Which mount did you use for that shot?
  16. good stuff thread.

    Better be fucking Lurpak, get that shit spreading.
  17. Will Nintendo Return To E3 Presentations In 2017?

    Apologies, I did indeed mean a physical presentation rather than a pre-recorded Direct.
  18. good stuff thread.

  19. General Switch Discussion

    Typo, you accidentally put a percentage sign after 22.
  20. General Switch Discussion

    Additional thoughts after a few day(s); - Screen is superb. - Playing off TV is great. Feels like a better experience than Wii U. - Not yet played in bed, but looking forward to it. - Separate controller to unit, on off TV play is great. - Whilst friend codes are cumbersome, I actually didn't struggle entering a whole load of friend requests at once, I picked up the unit, took it over to the computer (desk) and tapped them in on the touch screen as I held it, making it very easy as I went through the spreadsheet for NE users - please add me if you'd like. - Love the colour of the controllers. - RMX is fun. - No analogue buttons is a damn shame. - Joy cons are a little uncomfortable. - Connectivity issues, or whatever is going on with my joycon is whack. - Not many games. - OS is very basic, needs a lot more...everything. - Needs some, what I would call extremely basic services - Netflix, YouTube, browser. - Bomberman is quite disappointing, not intuitive to setup multiplayer, controls are a bit loose. Overall very happy with the purchase, but moreso eager to get dem games. Certainly looking forward to Zelda.
  21. Super Bomberman R

    Yeah, it's definitely not as tight.
  22. General Switch Discussion

    Are the Joycon issues that it keeps doing what you're not pressing/not responding to your inputs? Well either way; that is what is happening to me. Shovel Knight first boss is banter with a controller that does what it wants to....
  23. Super Bomberman R

    I agree with this actually.
  24. General Switch Discussion

    Been tempted by Zelda to the point that I want it now (lol). Out of stock at Argos and no other places that sell games in this town apart from supermarkets - nothing Switch related at all in Tesco, so I'll grab it sometime/when cheap. Bomberman...not sure about the controls. Analogue stick isn't perfect for movement on the joycons. I've had a bit of lag between the left joycon direction buttons when on letter selection screens too...bit weird. Other than that, pretty happy with it. Shame there is no VC, but...yeah. It's a really nifty bit of kit. Looking forward to getting some proper gaming on it and retiring to bed with it, that will be real swell. I downloaded RMX and Shovel Knight. So frustrated for you guys who had problems yesterday/today. Stay strong. On behalf of all customer service workers everywhere, I'd also like to thank Dyson for not being a cunt on the phone.
  25. good stuff thread.

    Holy fuck yeah, they look great. Looking forward to abusing my Goafer-privileges with that.