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  1. "Wii Move You!"

    "Wii Move You" it ain't bad, and you can read the words backward -> "You Move Wii" :P
  2. Graphics aren't important? Bullsh*t

    the next N console will support HD and I think up to 1080 easily. i guess next N console will be the power of ps3 maybe slightly supped up, and you can see ps3 already preparing for 2xhdmi maybe even hd surround (3x1080) in later titles. but graphics are near photo-realism and once they reach it there's no where to go from there, and N is going towards it, but at a slower pace. once the best graphics are achieved then the only direction in gaming is gameplay (motion sensing, vibration feedback), maybe stereoscopics (;P), better physics and sound, but Sony is wrong to jump so quick toward "teh best graph" sience advances at a slower pace than technology <--- that's a fact
  3. Iwata Talks Channels

    i guess we'll see: Sports channel - a channel with sport results Art channel - every day a few new lessons in art and history Humor channel - every minute or so a new joke WiiAmp channel - a channel like iTunes (for downloading) and QuickTime (for listening to music) some quick irc massenger channel and many updates for current channels and OS
  4. 7 Sega VC Games Confirmed!

    nice for Ristar and Golden Axe, here's hoping for Shining Soul, Comix Zone and Streets of Rage. btw will there be 32X and Sega CD (add-ons for Gens) games on VC? edit: I meant Shining Force:heart:
  5. Definitive Wii speculation/rumour thread

    hey I just had a thought... Double Dash would work well with wiimote: with wimote you point with a char on the back to fire shells 'n' other stuff and B to fire a weapon, and with nunchuk you control a driver - analog stick for movement, Z for hop, C for acceleration and since nunchuk also has gyro in it you could twist a nunchuk for brakes
  6. Wii Hardware Discussion

    have you seen this: (damn, can't post links, go to GoNintendo and see about sensor bar) my point (((don't read if U R going to bash, this isn't a rumour just a thought of mine))) we have had slight discusion about Wii camera in flap development thread (this isn't about a flap so I'm posting this here). The point is, what if sensor bar will have camera on it. It seems logical, it's wired (DCK had good point about wireless cameras), and it's standing in front of you. Since WiiMote should be pointed toward the sensor bar, you should be in front of a sensor bar, and if you're in front of it, a camera is recording you, and you can take photos/animations anytime. Your thoughts? edit: btw the page is 3142
  7. The flap development..

    @DCK&Fierce_LiNk: Thx for the welcome, sorry for offtopic, and don't worry for th, I probably won't post very often (I've been watching this forum for about 7,5 months and just registred), and also THX for reply, I guess that is logical because of the batteries.
  8. The flap development..

    HEY GUYS!!! If Wii has Bluetooth, and BT can connect to 7 wireless aplications (@spelling, my eng. spelling is bad), and Wii will have four controllers max, doesn't that leave 3 spaces for other aplications (again @ spelling) to connect. If it does, it could very possibly be camera, and still have 2 spaces left.