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  1. Happy birthday DCK!

    Happy Berfday mate.
  2. Spice Girls Reunion

    Emma Bunton, are you lot mad? She looks old and saggy like my nan. And that's when they first burst onto the scene so forget about now.
  3. Adverts That Blow: Summer '07 Remix

    I don't get the advert where the male model in white speedos kisses that woman in the boat then someone yells, "cut". Stupid fragrance ads. Anyone seen that new Mercedes C-class ad know what the fricking music is playing in the background? Tried a million searches and nowt.
  4. Bring Back The Astley!

    You have my support, Flinky.
  5. Spice Girls Reunion

    I didn't realise Take That had reformed. Are East-17 back? I wonder if S Club Seven will get back together? Maybe when they finish rehab. There's still hope for Rick Astley.
  6. Spice Girls Reunion

    Right, I'm gonna cut my ears off and sell them ebay, they're of no use to me anymore.
  7. The greatest advertisement. Ever

    True. Check the related vids.
  8. The greatest advertisement. Ever

    And some strange editing.
  9. Sexuality Thread

    Could somebody summarise the thread so for me, I just got here. I'm not reading 26 pages. Do it like the previously part at the beginning of TV shows. Ta.
  10. Is Batman A Superhero Or Not?

    The term 'super' just highlights the character from normal people. Batman is a vigilante. And a bit of an emo twonk. Punisher is way better. (I couldn't help it the fanboy in me went off). Oh, and all the gadgets in the world aren't going to help Gates since he doesn't know how to fight. He could, however, bore villains to death with tech talk.
  11. Bionic Woman (2007)

    QFT. I agree rokhed00.
  12. Mothers; Lock Up Your Daughters

    Happy Moriaday
  13. Virgin School - Channel 4 - 10pm

    Is it just me or is Channel 4's programming a complete load of toss? This reality crap is getting way out of hand just because they are cheaper to make doesn't mean you have to saturate your channel with it. Shrink Wrap is another piece of crap. It just seems exploitative to me. All docu/reality shows are shite. What happened to good old TV like Macgyver and A-Team?
  14. I didn't know. Sorry Rokhed I'll keep my snack suggestions to myself. 8( :P