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  1. New NOM

    Did they review Tony Hawks DS?Oh - and was there any free gift with it?
  2. Could Anybody make a Avatar for me??

    No I don't mind at all, that's why I posted the address so he could just copy and paste it. Cheers mate.
  3. Could Anybody make a Avatar for me??

    Click on User CP (in the top left hand corner) then click on Edit Signature.Once in there click on the Insert image button and add the address of the image. The one I made you is: http://img293.imageshack.us/img293/7572/calzasig5zd.jpg
  4. How much would you pay

    £30 - $53£40 - $70 £50 - $88 £60 - $106 £100 - $176
  5. Why you hate GAME

    What I hate about GAME, despite the sky high prices of course, has to be that 99% of the staff has shit for brains and whenever you go in to buy a Nintendo product they don't let you leave without attempting to mock you or harass you in to buying something made by Sony or Microsoft. They’re so biased its unreal! I much prefer Gamestation, but not as much as Gameplay.co.uk and VGP. Both of which now get all of my hard earned cash. Seriously the best bit of advice to people that don't like GAME is this: Ignore them, buy all of your games online. You'll save money, You'll get your games earlier, and most importantly, You'll be contributing to the demise of GAME!
  6. A couple of cool Resi 4 videos!

    Wow, watching that vid really made me realize three things: 1/ That I didn’t die nearly enough playing the game. 2/ The amount of work Capcom put in to it is immense. (but of course this is obvious just from playing it) 3/ And how fucking annoying Leons death sound is repeated over and over like that! Anyway cool vid.
  7. New Famitsu Console Survey

    How the fuck could anyone say it looks uneasy to use!? I'd understand if the survey was done 100% on old biddies, (and even then it would be hard to believe!) but it obviously wasn’t.
  8. Help Your Favourite Admin!!

    Any good?
  9. Help Your Favourite Admin!!

    OK here ya go, I added a border too: If you prefer it like that then you're stuck with this one as I don't have the other two as .PSD files and I'm not re-doing the txt on those, not even for "my Favourite Admin!"
  10. How much would you pay

    Indeed, those were the days my friend. I got many a C64 game from John Menzies for £1.99. (After moaning to my Mum about it for half an hour beforehand or course!) Memories... As far as the future is concerned, well I don't think Revolution buyers will have much to worry about in terms of high game prices. Nintendo have made it very clear that development costs will be low on Revolution, therefore I think prices are all but guaranteed to remain the same, if not drop a little. 360 and PS3 games though, that's a different story altogether. $$$! :wink:
  11. Help Your Favourite Admin!!

    I ended up making a few sigs, although they're all pretty similar: Couldn’t resist doing a smutty one too, that Charlotte bird has nice legs! (Even though she does look disturbingly like Janine from Eastenders in this pic.) :
  12. 007 Daniel Craig

    How dare you!Insulting the best Bond ever like that. This is how I rate the Bonds: 1/Moore 2/Brosnan 3/Connery 4/Dalton and last and least, That guy no one ever remembers, 5/Lazen whats his face.
  13. 007 Daniel Craig

    Forget the time machine, I mean bring back Roger Moore as he is now.That would be quality.
  14. 007 Daniel Craig

    Who the hell is this weirdo?^ Bring back Roger Moore that's what I say! http://www.roger-moore.com/
  15. Ever since Satoru Iwata spoke at E3 about how technical specs aren't important anymore a lot of people have assumed this means the Revolution will be vastly inferior in the graphics department. I think those people are going to be in for a big shock when the final games are made public and the visual capabilities of the Revolution are revealed. Just look at Twilight Princess, it will be on last generation hardware by the time it gets released, but it will still be a fantastic looking game. Its proof that even with reduced hardware specifications Nintendo's artistry can still get great results, and I’m sure that they and other high profile developers (especially Capcom) will be able to do the same on Revolution.
  16. Stallone squares up for... ROCKY VI!!!

    I kind of knew this was going to happen sooner or later, what with the Contender and everything. I mean that show was a blatant attempt to get the ball rolling on Rocky again, and it looks like it worked a treat. Anyway, if it has Mr.T in it I'd definitely go and see it! Who am I kidding I'll see it anyway but Clubber Lang coming out of retirement too. Now that would rule! :wink:
  17. Capcom have done a very good job with the port by the looks of things, although there clearly are a lot of differences (especially in terms of texture quality and lighting). I'm yet to see it in motion so I still wonder about the quality of the frame rate too. I find comparing these two images very humorous though: It looks like Dr Salvador has been on a chainsaw swinging rampage, I mean where are all the trees!?
  18. Signature Request

    Here ya go:
  19. Sig Request :D

    No problem mate. This Rag doll Kung fu game looks very interesting, seems you can only download it though starting from Wednesday. http://www.ragdollkungfu.com/ Are you getting it?
  20. King Kong Demo

    I've been playing it with my Gamecube controller which makes things a little easier, although I still don't like how Kong moves. I got the latest drivers for my graphics card too, wow! What a difference it makes, now there is loads of cool motion blur going on and it's much smoother. (I'm surprised it let me even play it before the update) Also there is a Ubisoft intro and an annoying P4 vid at the start that wasn’t there before. Very strange. I guess most people are more on the ball with this kind of shit than I am as I hadn't updated my drivers since I got my PC, a long time ago. But by the looks of things it really pays to stay up to date.
  21. Sig Request :D

    How about this?: *Edit Made some matching avatars too:
  22. King Kong Demo

    That happened to me 3 times! It's certainly got very impressive presentation. A word of advice to people though, don't click "play anyway" if the game tells you that your graphics card is not up to date like I did. I was beating the hell out of the dinos and then - Crash! I think I'll get a new driver before playing it again.
  23. The Rate Other People's Songs Thread

    Cool idea. I like your song, it's got that kind of C64 retro style sound to it and for some reason reminds me of Goldeneye too. Anyway I don't have eJay, but here is a track I made using Electroplankton, and put together in Sound Forge: Plankton1 The sample is from some old black and white film that was on TV at the time.