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  1. I don't expect more than a longer trailer for TotK. Perhaps 1 or 2 minutes, nothing more. Just teasing us, and showing some real gameplay that we can spend the next two months analysing. I expect Advance Wars to release in March. We don't have any big games announced for March yet so it fits perfectly there. We will likely also get news about NSO, perhaps Game Boy games as well as the next four or so games for N64. And then a surprise like a new Donkey a Kong or Star Fox game. Og course there'll be new info about Kirby, Bayonetta Origins, Octopath Traveler 2. We will also see gameplay from Pikmin 4.
  2. Og ffs, why so late? Still, going to be exciting!
  3. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    And in case you don't want to waste 6 minutes listening to that: https://www.polygon.com/23578415/new-dc-movies-james-gunn-release-date-superman-batman-schedule-calendar-upcoming
  4. I think Illumination should have chosen a different thumbnail for that video. One without any spoilers about the content of the movie. Still, good scene. And first listen to Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong!
  5. Space and the Universe

    I had a good opportunity to see it last night but it doesn't seem to be visible to the naked eye in a city at least. Shame, I would like to see it but it isn't possible to go out of my way to see it.
  6. Netflix

    My wife is in the mood for more realistic stuff at the moment. After watching The Dropout and This is going to hurt, we started Dahmer but we are now 4 episodes in and I don't know of we are going to finish it. If it were 6 episodes, we would no doubt watch it to the end but being 10 episodes with something that seems like it's going to be a lot more of the same, it just isn't that appealing. Do you have any recommendations regarding something like The Dropout and This is going to hurt?
  7. Bayonetta 3 (28th October)

    There's a small gameplay teaser for Bayonetta Origins in this after the new patch (version 1.2)
  8. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

    At the time the first game came out, there wasn't that many other games on Switch, it was just coming out. It was a totally new game with Mario in a previously unseen setting that was reviewed really well. The second came didn't have enough marketing up to the release and it was a very busy period with lots of high quality games coming out. I still intend to pick up the game but as I haven't got the time for it just now, I can just as well wait for a nice discount. So yeah, basically totally agree with @Julius.
  9. Marvel's Phase 5

    I believe the new trailer for Antman and the Wasp belongs in this thread? This caught my attention, unlike the previous trailer.
  10. Regarding Pokémon, I think the reason I like the newer games less than the old games is because I feel the developers are not competent enough and ignore what makes a good game nowadays. There is no story, no interesting things to discover, no side-quests, and no interesting NPCs. There is simply no world in the game. In the old games, you could come across a man using a Machoke to help him build a house. The world in Scarlet and Violet is just dead. Newer games need to be able to tell a story in the story - and well, actually have a story that is interesting beyond "I want to be the very best in a world where nobody is any good".This frustrates me as I enjoy the core gameplay loop (or would have enjoyed it more if everything was a bit faster...) But in general, my enjoyment of games has been going down as I get older and have less time for gaming. Games changing their formula and forgetting what made the older games great is perhaps a reason to this as well but that may just be - as @bob said - old man grumpiness starting early.
  11. Pokémon Legends: Arceus (28th January 2022)

    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a discount. You may get lucky but I don't recall Pokémon games getting substantial discounts. I would still advice you against wasting your money but if you collect them then there's that aspect to consider as well. But you can just as well wait to see if you can get it cheaper for some reason as you don't need it and it doesn't go out of print any time soon. So, back to Legends: Arceus, I suppose.
  12. Pokémon Legends: Arceus (28th January 2022)

    Someone must correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the past and future aspect of it will become clear once you have completed the game - and it's not that significant. The stories are identical and the differences are only cosmetic.
  13. Pokémon Legends: Arceus (28th January 2022)

    There's a different professor and a city is different as well. Also a different main legendary but all of it amounts to absolutely nothing during gameplay. I've never understood why some people go through both Pokémon games (in general).
  14. Netflix

    Precisely. I like to watch a story from beginning to end in one go, so I waited with 1899 until the other two seasons were (about to) air. But if many people do this, the number of views will be lower making a second season less likely. I don't like how they do this, if they release a show that is obviously not done until two more seasons, they should commit to the plan. But of course, money talks.
  15. Netflix

    1899 has been canceled by Netflix. Does it make sense to watch it then?
  16. What does your 2023 look like?

    Congrats! And same for me. At least we hope that a baby is coming, we have the first scan next week to confirm that there's something living in there. Due in August. Apart from that building a workshop and a (small, about 10 m^2) fitness room in our garage, along with some other projects in our home. We're also planning a vacation to Lego Land (in Denmark) and a party. So basically nothing too exciting planned.
  17. bad stuff thread.

    I agree, normally I would expect carpenters and the like to start at 6 am. That would have been inconsiderate. But it must be bad if people tend to vandalism because of some work being done on a house. That's a crazy overreaction.
  18. Switch eShop Thread

    New year sale has started:
  19. Wot u got 4 Xmas

    Got some money from my parents in law, and some DIY stuff from my children that they made in their daycare/kindergarten. My son got some Lego sets that I consider partly for me as I have to help him build them (though with the iPad builder app he can largely do it by himself now). The biggest one he got was the 3 in 1 Creator set with a viking ship. That's pretty cool but we haven't started it yet as it's pretty big.
  20. Are You Ready For Nintendo's Next Console?

    I imagine Tears of the Kingdom will get a Switch 2 enhanced port when that console releases, but I fully expect that a new 3D Mario will launch with Switch 2 when it launches in 2024. Can't see anything else being a system seller.
  21. General Movie Thread

    First real trailer for Oppenheimer - Nolan's next movie: Not that impressed, to be honest. It's an interesting story but it feels a bit pretentious.
  22. Sonic Frontiers

    A demo has been released on the Japanese eShop and it's been announced that the demo will release globally soon enough. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/12/psa-you-can-download-a-free-sonic-frontiers-demo-from-japans-eshop
  23. Nintendo Switch - Year in Review 2022

    Many indie games are easy to complete within 5-8 hours. Some are even only a couple of hours long.