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  1. Switch eShop Thread

    Disney Speedstorm has gone f2p. Is it any fun or mostly just a tedious grind? Might download it for my son but don't want him to be discouraged.
  2. Job woes/wins

    Have you met my wife? Yeah, I know that I won't be getting any sympathy but I was (and am) frustrated by the lack of flexibility in an otherwise excellent scheme. But it turned out that my workplace is not to blame, the government forced some new rules on paternity leave that make it impossible to spend the time and still get money after the child is 1 year old. Previously, there was an upper limit at 7 years old but they wanted the fathers to spend more time at home in the early years so they changed the system and made 11 weeks exclusive to the father where it was shared beforehand, meaning that less fathers took the time off.
  3. Netflix

    My wife and I started Sex Education season 4 the other day. Two full episodes in, and I just really don't care about it. It' way too much this time around, can't really enjoy it.
  4. Job woes/wins

    I'm having af small beef with HR at my work at the moment. Thing is, I got a daughter in August and am planning my paternity leave. My workplace gives me my normal salary for 12 weeks of my paternity leave (which is pretty normal here in Denmark). However, they will only do that if I spend all 12 weeks before my child is 52 weeks old - but my wife and I think it's better for our child to be at home for a longer period of time so my wife takes one full year (some of it is without income) and then I take over. But we can't do that because of my workplace's random rule, and HR is not willing to discard it even though they can give me no reason at all as to why it is there in the first place. In the public system, we can take our paternity leave (or parent's leave) at any time until the child is 9 years old, and we get compensated by the public system with a (somewhat) small amount of money. A workplace can then take the compensation and pay out the full salary instead which is a privilege, I know, but this being the case, my work should not care the least about the age of my child, which is what provokes me. It's just a local agreement with a local union at my work. When I talked to them, four HR people quickly surrounded me and told me that what I wanted was simply not possible, despite me having done it twice without problems. I lose about 65,000 Danish Kroner. because of this, which is about two month's pay, so it really affects my financial situation privately, even more so because my wife is without her usual income for half the year already. But since I believe that more time at home will give me a more robust and strong child, I'll take my leave. I could also just accept the situation and take the leave within the 52 weeks but then I wouldn't be alone with my daughter, my wife would be home as well, and then it doesn't really make sense for me as the time is spend to bond with the child.
  5. Lego!

    Oh, that's nice. And much more affordable than the other Mario sets (though of course also less bricks). Might grab it!
  6. If I were to play this, my wife would kill me the moment I started it.
  7. Netflix

    I've considered it but haven't really seen the anime or read the manga, so it's not on the top of my list. It does look like some silly comedy that could be great to watch during the fall.
  8. General Switch Discussion

    I know it's normal to have a Direct in September but I don't feel like I need one. We pretty much know what's coming until February and the rest of the year is already pretty packed. I could see them throwing out a Partner Showcase, though.
  9. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge (Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC)

    Is the DLC free?
  10. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    I'm at about 65 hours on this game and just completed my fourth temple, the Spirit Temple - I enjoyed the first part of that temple, it was a good puzzle, but the warrior you got access to was way to weak for me. I need to go to Gerudo now for the final Regional Disturbance-quest. I'm also chipping away at the underground, though I don't particularly enjoy that place. It's a bit too empty and dark for me, and there's so much more to do on the surface and skies. I feel that I need to up my pace for completing story-stuff now, as I also have other games I want to play. However, I simply don't feel I have the time to play much these days, so it's not that I can just sit down a complete the game.
  11. Netflix

    Watched Beef this week. It started out well, with humour and something to think about, but as the episodes went by, it just got more and more absurd and in the end, it just got surreal. I really didn't enjoy the last couple of episodes and don't think they made much sense. Had it been two episodes shorter and with fewer side stories, it could have been better Still enjoyable, though, and the acting was good.
  12. Sonic Superstars

    Out on October 17th. Just days before Super Mario Bros. Wonder. That's just bad timing...
  13. good stuff thread.

    My wife gave birth to a healthy baby girl yesterday. Third child. Had anyone asked me 20 years ago if I'd ever get children, let a lone three, I'd laughed at them.
  14. Switch eShop Thread

  15. Netflix

    Scott Pilgrim anime gets the name Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, and it comes out November 17th. Looks really good! Really catches the style of the comics. It's also really funny that they are using the same actors as in the movie. Nice gimmick. (I think Michael Cera was great as Scott.)
  16. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah. But the sales I posted were from the fiscal year report in May and thus newer... And more complete, it seems, as Ring Fit Adventure is absent from the first list (worldwide).
  17. General Switch Discussion

    How old are those sales data? I noted that in March 2023 the list was this:
  18. General Switch Discussion

    Impressive numbers by Tears of the Kingdom... But at this point, I don't think Switch will outsell PS2. That's about two years left of sales at the same level as the previous year but if they put out Switch 2 in tur meantime, which is the sensible thing to do, it will most likely kill the sales of Switch 1.
  19. I really hope they make Pro Controllers backward compatible this time. It is such a waste to just hide away perfectly fine controllers, and they have got quite expensive these years.
  20. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

    So for the first time ever, Rayman and Mario could meet up in the same game and they decide to bring Rabbid Mario instead? Shame.
  21. General TV Thread

    Nearly done with Succession - halfway through season 4. I don't understand the praise. Sure, there's something about it, but it just doesn't get really good. Acting is good, but as no character is truly likeable (except Greg but he's changed a lot since season one which is the point, I guess) it's hard to find someone to root for. I also feel that all plot devices and turns just like turn into nothing after a while and that many points are just forgotten. I wouldn't be able to tell anyone what has actually happened during the show, just that the kids are spoiled brats that feel entitled and want to take over their dad's company. It's not bad as such, it'js just weird. I wouldn't rate it higher than 7/10, though.
  22. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    I'm on vacation and needed to get some reading done. I happened to find a couple of comics at the library that I am currently reading. The first one was Moon Knight The Complete Collection by Jeff Lemire. I enjoyed his Green Arrow Year One stuff but I must say that I didn't enjoy Moon Knight that much. Sure, it was intriguing trying to figure out what was real and what wasn't but at the end of the day, there wasn't enough interesting stuff going on. Might give the TV series a watch now, though, as the character itself was a bit interesting. The other book I borrowed was Batman The Black Mirror. I'm not done yet but it is a very different Batman-story so far. Not much action but a great story. Can recommend it so far.
  23. Predicting The Last 2 MK8DX Characters

    Just because he isn't in Smash Bros, I'm counting on a Waluigi variant.