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  1. I felt for it so much that I feel like an idiot. Didn't even remember that it was 1st of April.
  2. Bought about a week ago for 15€ For xbox360
  3. Acer Travelmate 5530G-604G32Mi, got it today! I'm so excited because it's my first laptop...And I'm writing this with it, WHOAAAAH!
  4. There's a free arcade game Dash of Destruction on XBLM. Too bad the game sucks...I managed to get all the achievements in 10 minutes.
  5. NXE is awesome, especially the game installs... Too bad I have a 20gb HDD, I installed GOW2 ja Fallout 3 and I'm already out of space. Very tempted to buy the 120gb HDD, but it's so frickin' expensive!
  6. Girgo

    Fable 2

    Just finished the game (for three days I just played this game) and I have to say...One of the best games ever, seriously.
  7. 50€, I've always wanted this eventhough I have GH3 on wii.
  8. 50€ 5€ 15€, very average but I still like it. 25€
  9. The wrench is your friend, save your ammo! Skip some enemies you don't have to kill and most importantly check all crates, dead bodies etc. And like Mike1988uk said, save your game often.
  10. Just completed Bioshock on hard without dying! Only one more achievement to get...Avid Inventor
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