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  1. Mario Strikers Charged Football

    Just wondering... What are the exact conditons for fouling a player, thus giving them an item? How can it be avoided?
  2. Mario Strikers Charged Football

    Right, played this game a bit online, not really played it offline, and i have to say thats its total trash atm. Whats the point if the hammer bro dude can't be stopped. It just stupid. Hes impossible to tackle and scores everytime with his ability. He can just take on eveyone and score, everytime. Whats worse is that almost eveyone does it. I am not stupid and have tried numerous things to tackle him. I have tried shadowing him and waiting on an opportunity etc but in the end you can never tackle him. When you have no choice but to commit your player because he is charging he can use his ability again crippling your player! What is the point tbh. I personally don't know how to counter this, i doubt there is a way. They should patch it so he can't activate his ability while charging, which would solve the problem, but i doubt they will do that. Solution or thoughts?
  3. Mario Party 8

    Is there anyway to tell a recalled version from the future produced versions if sealed? Thanks, Tobi
  4. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Ones more sterdy, having slight structual differences. However, i might be dillusional :shock: I got a problem with me wiimotes. Went to a mates and when i got back and used my Wii, the controller i use, the one with the thick strap, is no longer registered as player one, but player two. How do i change the remote/player order around? Ive tried unsyncing them and syncing them again, but it did not to work, it always seems to remember which one synced first when i got back. Thanks, Tobi
  5. I thought Contra was going up Any news?
  6. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    If thats true, its an awsome feature .
  7. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Are all four lights on the bottom of the remotes supposed to flash when u sync the controller with the console. Only three lights from the left to right flash, with the last not flashing at all. On my other contoller they all four flash. Is this a hardware problem or am i mistaken. Small issues, but i cant stand having defective products. On another note, i can't work out which contoller i got with my system and which one i got witch Wii play. One has a thin strap the other a thicker one. Did the thin strap come with the console or Wii play? I would of thought it would have come with the console, but i have heard otherwise. Note i go them both on the European launch date. Final question, with the replacement of the strap, did nintendo also modify the battery covers slightly? I have noticed a slight difference. Thanks, Tobi