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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome one and all to the tenth season of the legendary forum game Xpert Eleven. Those of you that have played before need no introduction to the sexiness of the game and I look forward to thrashing you all individually as your new league admin. For those of you uninitiated in the ways of Xpert, it's quite simply a football management game with a focus on coaching. Yes, I did read that from the title bar of the xperteleven.com website, but there we go. We're looking for new players, and you have until the end of this week to sign up for the season! If you're interested, register here: http://xperteleven.com/. Once registered, our league ID number is 120161. Join up and I'll approve your team. If you need help with the game and have no idea what to do feel free to ask in this thread. We may be a bunch of hardened veterans in here but that don't mean we ain't friendly. And for the record books, here's our season winners.. Season 1 Winner: Happenstance Season 2 Winner: Mr_Odwin Season 3 Winner: Charlie Season 4 Wanger: Haden Season 5 Winner: Mr_Odwin Season 6 Winner: Mr_Odwin Season 7 Winner: Mr_Odwin Season 8 Winner: Mr_Odwin Season 9 Winner: Mr_Odwin (Started a new team at the end of the season) As you can see Mr_Odwin has been somewhat dominating over the past 5 seasons. Luckily, this is about to change as the guy has decided that he is done destroying us each season and has started with a brand new team in the lower league - so now is the best time to sign up and potentially beat the man, the legend, the Odders. Good luck everyone. And for the record, my predictions for this season: Aficionados: Sixty Forthers Regulars: Happenstance FC New Members: Mcoys Sons
  2. So the fixtures are out now, what do you think of your team's opening game? Pretty tricky fixture for Arsenal, but our run-in looks good, lifting the premier league trophy at home to Fulham
  3. Fixtures for the coming season have been released, so here's the new topic. Premier League Opening Day Fixtures Saturday, 16 August Arsenal v West Brom Aston Villa v Man City Bolton v Stoke Chelsea v Portsmouth Everton v Blackburn Hull v Fulham Man Utd v Newcastle Middlesbrough v Tottenham Sunderland v Liverpool West Ham v Wigan Club Fixtures Premier League to League 2 http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/7453880.stm