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  1. Emailed Parcelforce to try and get a delivery estimate, they say that for Game and Gamestation they hold on to the parcels til the official release date Oh well, roll on tomorrow!
  2. On Game's website it's showing as "Your order has been dispatched." and on Parcelforce's website it says it's an Express 24 service, which would suggest it'll be here tomorrow... We'll see...
  3. Just got this email from Game I wonder when it'll be delivered? I wonder if I could pick it up at the Parcelforce depot when it arrives there instead of waiting for the guy to deliver it.
  4. Internet not as fast as it should be

    I don't think you have to be with the Post Office for both broadband and home phone, you can go with just Post Office phone and use another company for broadband.
  5. They'll probably notify you because your modem will have to disconnect for a minute or two then reconnect to the ADSL2+ service.
  6. Typo? O2 owns Be. And yes, if it's the little white box then you should get a different router. I, along with quite a few other people, found that the O2 router would restart itself when watching anything on iPlayer about 1 minute into the program.
  7. Is it just me or do most LCD tvs...

    I've found most electronics stores have pretty dreadful TV setups. There was one in particular, either a Currys or Comet, which had all their TVs showing really fuzzy, snowy adverts for the TVs they sell. The only TVs on display which weren't getting a dreadful signal were the multi thousand pund Panasonics at the back which seemed to have their own little setup going on. The only place where I've been TV shopping and have been impressed is in Makro funnily enough. Every TV was connected by HDMI and was showing the Olympics on BBC HD and it really gave you a much better idea of what the TVs were capable of.
  8. WWDC 2009

    Here's my WWDC '09 predictions: iPhone 32GB Model Faster processor, more RAM, updated graphics chip 3.5G Speeds Magnetometer/Compass Matte casing 3.2MP Camera with autofocus Snow Leopard Mostly stuff of interest to developers Show off one or two features of interest to consumers Approximate release date will be announced Other I reckon the Macbooks and Macbook Pros will get a minor refresh. Perhaps up the base RAM to 4GB and replace the 9600M with a GT130 in the Pro. Can't wait, I love WWDC!!
  9. Other providers will be able to use BT Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) to provide the 20mbps service to customers in the WBC areas. I imagine it'll be a similar situation for customers of other providers, if your provider starts offering a 20mbps service through WBC you give them a ring and they'll upgrade you. Or you could have just gone over to O2/Be months ago like I did
  10. Hey people, I'm getting a Dell Studio XPS 1340 in about two weeks and I'm looking to set up a kick ass workstation type thing at my desk so I don't have to slouch over the LCD on the laptop. I'm gonna get a nice big monitor and mount it on the wall, I've already ordered a Logitech MX Revolution mouse and now I'm looking for a keyboard. The keyboard will mostly be used for web browsing tbh, although it'll probably see some FPS gaming and most likely some school work and some Visual Studio work. I'd really like a backlit keyboard. It's gotta be a USB keyboard and it should have at least one USB port on it so I can plug the mouse's wireless receiver into it since my new laptop hasn't got many USB ports built into it. Thanks
  11. Anyone able to recommend a good keyboard?

    I had a look at the Saitek. I'm not sure about it, it looks pretty decent but the lack of USB ports on it is the deal breaker I'm afraid I've been thinkign about going for the G11. The G15 is a bit too much for me, and my local LAN gaming cafe has G11s on all their computers and they're pretty nice. I think next time I'm in there I'll bring my mouse along and see if it works on the keyboard's USB ports . I'm guessing maybe it doesn't like you Xbox controller because of the vibration, that probably requires a bit of energy, hopefully a wireless receiver will be require a low enough power to work.
  12. O2 Internet slow at peak times?

    Here's a news story on it: http://www.samknows.com/broadband/news/be-and-o2-to-combat-congestion-hotspots-with-network-upgrade-489.html I've noticed that speed has dropped a little at peak times recently, but it's still significantly better than Orange was. Hopefully this will make an already great service even better
  13. Vista Thread

    Hey people, I was wondering if anyone here was a Mac user and switched to Vista? I'm considering making the move back to Windows after a few years of owning my Macbook, was just wondering if anyone here had done something similar and how they found it.
  14. Microsoft Silverlight

    I don't see what's wrong with Silverlight Surely a bit of competition in the video streaming market is a good thing, and it's not as if it's locking people into anything anymore than Flash is since it's available for Windows, OS X and Linux through Novell's partnership with Microsoft. I also don't see how Flash is rubbish for streaming content. Sure, Youtube has it's faults but iPlayer and Vimeo have always worked perfectly for me.
  15. You can get a Linux Live CD with a formatting and partitioning program called GParted on it here: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php
  16. This Thread Again....New ISP

    Ah ok, sorry I'm being grumpy again, I'll try to cheer up!
  17. This Thread Again....New ISP

    The crazy low usage caps perhaps? Their reputation for bad customer service? The OP said Sky in his area was at a high price which probably means he's not in a Sky enabled area and Sky are just reselling BT's Wholesale broadband, hence why I asked the OP to find out what services are available on their line other than BT Wholesale.
  18. This Thread Again....New ISP

    Stick your home phone number in here and copy and paste here what services are available on your line: http://www.samknows.com/broadband/checker2.php
  19. Technology In Ten Years Time

    Yes I know they do broadband over BT lines but their preference is to do it over their cable network. If you live on a street with cable and BT lines, they'll want to put you onto cable. *My* prediction is that in the future they'll stop focusing on their own network and start focusing their attention on people with BT lines.
  20. Technology In Ten Years Time

    I didn't say they wouldn't both still be operating. As far as I knew Virgin weren't installing their lines on any streets which currently exist, only new streets. Anyway, in 10 years time I'm pretty confident every BT line will be Fibre to the Cabinet and a reasonable amount will be Fibre to the Premises. This will pretty much (note the 'pretty much') make BT and Virgin's network equal in terms how much can go down one line. I'm sure Virgin's network will continue to exist and will be used by existing customers, but I'm also sure that Virgin will also become an LLU provider on BT lines and make all their services available to people in non cabled areas, in a similar way Tiscali now offers TV, Phone and Internet through an LLU package on BT lines. An awful lot more people can get a BT line than a Virgin line, and installing your equipment in a few hundred BT exchanges is a lot cheaper than digging up a few hundred streets. I just think it makes sense for Virgin to offer their services to people with BT lines when BT's lines are up to it. Again, I didn't say Apple would take over Microsoft, I just said they would be seen as the big bad company and that Microsoft would have managed to get a cooler image.
  21. Technology In Ten Years Time

    There will be a time when the computers we use will look *nothing* like what's in front of us just now. We've got no idea what computers will be like in 20 or 30 years, but whatever happens I'm pretty sure we'll have/need hundreds of cores.
  22. Technology In Ten Years Time

    In ten years time I'm guessing BT will have replaced their copper to the cabinet with fibre in all cities and big towns, and in all new builds the connections will be 100% fibre. 4G wireless technologies will be used a lot out in the country and by people who want to be able to work on their laptop or smartphone outside their house but don't want a bill from their wireless provider and from BT. Virgin Media will announce it's not going continue building its own network and will instead become an LLU provider over BT lines, massively increasing it's potential customers Sky will have mostly stopped using satellites for its TV service and will have moved most of its customers over to its IPTV service with every channel being available in HD. Actually pretty much every TV company will have moved to IPTV and everyone will have all major networks' programs on demand to their TV. Every child in school will have their own laptop and all work will be done on computers with work being emailed back and forward between teachers and pupils. Apple and Microsoft will have switched places in terms of how they are thought of by people. Apple will be seen as the big bad company and Microsoft will be seen as the cool company. Steve Jobs will be long gone from Apple and everyone will hate Phil Schiller because he has neither the charisma or the cool factor that Jobs had, and people will begin to like Steve Ballmer because he's just a pretty crazy guy... and he'll have had a makeover. People will be fighting for freedom on the Internet after most countries start filtering web access. There will be numerous scandals over the filtering in some western countries which sparks outrage among the people because the Government blocks something they shouldn't have, like another party's website or information about illegal activites the current Government are taking part in. Those are the ones I'm reasonably confident on. Some look good, some look pretty bad. I won't even try to guess on other areas like user interfaces or mobile devices because there's just so many different ways they could go :awesome: EDIT: Oh and people wil have given up on DAB and DAB+ radios and just go to Internet Radios. This will have the advantage of being cheaper for radio stations as they won't have to run transmission towers. it will also be better for listeners as there won't be the capacity limits of current radio technologies so there will be thousands of stations available from all around the world and the sound quality will be superb. EDIT: Also, all telecom will have moved over to IP, so all phone calls etc will be done over IP. We wont necessarily use our computers for calls, probably still use landline handsets, but everything will be VoIP. Some people will also start using a lot more video conferencing but it won't really take off hugely because people don't want to take calls if people can see them when they're looking rough or on the loo. EDIT: Or perhaps friendly aliens will make contact with humans and, like in Star Trek, it will bring about world peace ^.^ . I'm hoping for that one.
  23. O2's Router absolutely terrible?

    I'm pretty sure there's a new version of the firmware out than is installed on the O2 WB 2s, but for some reason O2 are reluctant to give it out. I replaced my O2 router with a D-Link D 2470B, been pretty good since then.
  24. Best way to get freeview?

    You will need a freeview box to decode the digital signal and output it to a TV or projector unless the TV or projector has a Freeview decoder built in. If your antenna cable is too short you could put the freeview box at the end of it and use a long VGA cable to go from the box to the projector.
  25. Blu-Ray without HD TV?

    Don't buy a blu ray player until after you buy an HDTV. It's unlikely you'll really notice a big difference. Also, buying one now so you have one when you get an HDTV isn't a good idea unless you're getting an HDTV soon. By the time you get an HDTV the prices for players will likely have dropped and there may be a newer version of the bluray spec out by then.