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  1. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    My year old premium 360 already has hi-def capabilities.... what do I win? I guess people will have to wait for current stock to clear before they're guaranteed a premium 360 with a HDMI port though. EDIT: Space Giraffe and Street Trace NYC on XBLA this Wednesday!
  2. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    But you've still got your PS3 right? How's that going?
  3. Boot problem.

    Just a wild stab in the dark, but try disabling ready boost, deleting the files on the USB stick, restarting the machine, then re-enable ready boost and restart again. See what the boot times are on each reboot.
  4. Boot problem.

    Do you use a USB stick for readyboost at all?
  5. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Interesting This is a rumour but it looks like the Premium 360 is to be renamed "Pro" and the Core 360 is to be renamed "Arcade" and comes with a memory card in box!
  6. Boot problem.

    have you installed the performance and compatibility updates from the MS site... they might do the trick. Check the Vista thread (either the last page or the one before) for links... some git called theguyfromspark posted about it, the tosser.
  7. Mass Effect (2)

    Check the link again, some big shot has said it will ship in November still.
  8. Wii tennis game?

    I'm not sure whether full character control is needed really, I mean, where would you want to control your character to? Isn't it always where the ball is heading towards (if it's coming towards you) or to the center of the court (if it's moving away from you). The only real decision involving movement (in my, admittedly naive to the depths of tennis playing, opinion) is how close you are to the net... do you want to play a short or long game. My idea would be to have the A button move your character away from the net and the B button move the character towards the net, with left and right being automatic. This removes the need for the nunchuck and adds a little more strategy to the game too without being too unfriendly for the casuals.
  9. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    The only thing worse than a loading screen, is a loading screen that waits for you to press a button after it's finished loading to continue. I've wasted many hours of my life reading manuals and things while thinking the game is still loading only to realize it's finished and there's a small "press A" prompt in the corner of the screen where "please wait" used to be. Having to wait a second while a door opens is heaven in comparison.
  10. The first country has been taken!!

    I think Wii Fit has the most potential to dramatically increase Wii Sales than any other game in the short/medium term. That's where the market is these days.
  11. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    So Elite + HD DVD player is about the same price as a PS3, not too bad for both companies then i guess.
  12. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Depends on the shop for how much hassle you'll get but all electronic goods sold have a 12 month warranty from the point of sale, so you should be ok if you buy it from game or somewhere that knows what they're doing. Best thing to do is ask the shop about it before you buy just so you know for certain.
  13. Metroid Retrospective

    Cheers, updated the first post.
  14. Bioshock

    I don't view 10/10 scores as "perfect" but as a significant and genre-defining game that must be played near it's release date to fully appreciate it. Whist Bioshock isn't doing anything particularly new, it's the combination of everything that's good about FPSs and Single Player games into one game that make it a 10/10
  15. Blue Dragon

    The reviews have disappointed me on this one, as someone who can get easily bored with the grind of some rpgs it seems that the main issue with with game is that the first disc is pretty dull and the battle system is generic. I think this one will be a rental for me to see if I get on with it, all my hopes are now on Eternal Sonata now!
  16. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    It comes up automatically on my HDTV, though you may be outputting at a resolution not supported by your monitor so it may be unable to show it. The red and while cables are for sound so stick them in any audio in ports you have, if you haven't got 2 ports, use the connector that turns the red and while cables into one, that comes with the VGA cable. Sorry for being vague, I'm not too clever about such things, just trying to help!
  17. Bioshock

    I'm still hoping Mass Effect will be my GOTY, but I'm sure this will be a close second, for 360 releases anyway.
  18. Top 10 Worst Mario Games.

    I don't get why Mario's Picross is on that list too. For a start, you're not exactly controlling Mario in it and second, Picross on the DS is a great puzzler.
  19. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I also use my american account to play XBLA demos so they don't appear in my real gamertag, keeps things nice and tidy.
  20. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Saw that on the Eurogamer forum last week. Didn't laugh then.
  21. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Probably because about 5 million other people are trying to download the same or similar things at the same time, Microsoft will have only a finite amount of Bandwidth themselves that they have to share out to all their live customers. Now, if they employed some sort of Torrent system, maybe download speeds would increase quite a bit.
  22. Name That Game

    2nd is Operation Wolf I think
  23. Name That Game

    Cheers, though I played Road Rash and Speedball on the Amiga and Total Carnage on the SNES, never owned a Mega Drive, I was a Nintendo Fanboy back then!
  24. Name That Game

    1. Road Rash 2. Total Carnage 3. Speedball 2?
  25. It's That day again...

    Happy Birthday fella, got your Mac back just in time too?