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  1. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Ok guys, thanks a lot! What's the general opinion on the Metal Gear game that isn't a card game... I forget the name.
  2. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Just picked up a PSP slim... what are the must haves for it? I'm pretty much out of the loop for these things.
  3. Post Your Metroid Moments

    "The Last Metroid Is In Captivity. The Galaxy Is At Peace" The start of Super Metroid and hearing this for the first time in an age where voice samples were few and far between gave me shivers. The final battle with Mother Brain. From the point she first goes down and surprises you by coming back bigger and badder than ever, all the way to having a few points of health left and being saved in the dying moments by the last metroid, classic stuff.
  4. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Finally got my PS3 set up and online. I only have Resistance:FOM and Heavenly Sword at the moment... suppose I could download Warhawk too. My ID is the same as usual "theguyfromspark"... add me fellas!
  5. Worst piece of hardware you've ever used...

    My Dad bought me a cradit card sized digital camera for christmas that took a maximum of 10 pictures and erased them if you turned the camera off before uploading them to a pc. Defo my worst gadget as it was working as intended and still sucked!
  6. Heroes Season 2 *Spoilers*

    Well the New York explosion didn't happen either so maybe HRG won't get shot (or whatever) due to intervention. I've always thought a great turnaround for this season would be some sort of "kill the cheerleader, save the world" plot... would the heroes be willing to kill Claire to save the planet rather than doing a nice thing?
  7. Too many games - cant cope!

    I just got a 5 grand bonus from work... solved my cash flow problem in a day! Moral: Stay in school kids
  8. I own it, thought it was awful apart from the first scene. I especially hate the fact that the "writer" decided to put himself in the tutorial section of the game in a desperate attempt to try and make a name for himself.
  9. Playstation Discussion Archive

    decided on the 60gig version with resistance and heavely sword from amazon for 350 quid, makes sense as I'd want those games anyway so this way I get a bigger hard drive and backwards compat for free. I'm still in Canada on holiday though so I won't be able to pick it up until a week on Sunday!
  10. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Ok, so is it worth me getting the 60 gig PS3 so I can play MSG3, FF12, Shadow of the Collosus, ICO and a few others as well as the PS3 games over the next 5 or so years. Or should I save my cash and just get the 40 gig?
  11. Playstation Discussion Archive

    I'm going to pick up the 60gig version when i goes down to 350 quid next week. Hopefully they won't all sell out by then.
  12. Will Wii have ANOTHER amazing Christmas?

    Although I beleive that Wii will sell a lot this Xmas, how massive it will be depends on Nintendo's advertising strategy. If they manage to produce some excellent and compelling adverts showcasing both the traditional gameplay of mario and metroid alongside the family friendly gameplay of wii sports and mario & sonic then they will be huge. If they sit on it and just go by word of mouth, then they will just sell well.
  13. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    MP3 got a 7 in edge this month apparantly
  14. Name That Game

    The second one is "Frostbite"
  15. Halo 3 is awsum

    GOOD: My missis is buying me it for our 2 year aniversary BAD: That's on Sunday so won't get it till then at the earliest!
  16. Password Protect a Portable Hard Drive

    If you have Vista Ultimate then download Bitlocker and Service Pack 1. I think that should do the trick.
  17. The Incredible N-Europe movie guess game '07!

    Is it Blue Velvet.. or that other David Lynch one?
  18. VB6 help

    Yeah, you're right. Any VB language is good to learn basic programming from, but the jump from VB.NET to C# isn't that huge these days yet the gains are really remarkable so my advice will always be to try and get into C# if your doing VB.NET. Also, most of the framework versions are automatically downloaded via windows update these days anyway and at 60 MB, it's hardly massive for the gain in stability .NET provides. Anyway, this is off topic... I just like talking about programming! Yes, that's a geeky thing to say!
  19. Halo 3 is awsum

    Apparantly some testers made a baseball game using the forge too so it must be fairly open, if not totally.
  20. Halo 3 is awsum

    Yeah, they've undersold the forge stuff I reckon. If they'd mentioned a map editor from the start they would probably have turned a few heads but calling it "The Forge" means that people don't really know what it is straight away. It'll be interesting to see how it works though, I thought epic were complaining about microsoft not allowing user generated maps in Unreal Tournament because everything has to be certified by MS, but it looks like Halo is managing to do it!
  21. Halo 3 is awsum

    Hi, Captain Obvious Here... just thought I'd remind people to delete the Halo 3 beta from your hard drive, that will clear up a good gig of data ready for all the Halo 3 videos and levels you'll be creating. The Halo 3 beta will probably be listed as part of the crackdown dlc, so it's hidden a little!
  22. Lol, I've got an old photograph of me in front of the tv in my pjs. On the tv is the ending screen of Mario World, and I look so pleased with myself!
  23. don't mean to be a pain, another game request

    What were you smoking while playing this "game"?
  24. VB6 help

    I've never met anyone that consideres .NET framework to be bloatware but anyway, C# is the way to go, it's better paid, better syntax and makes you a better programmer.
  25. VB6 help

    BTW, is this for a course? Because you really should be doing .NET these days... VB6 sucks arse and always has!