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  1. Crying helps, I believe

    I agree, but also, I want to see what would happen if someone did post this over at gamefaqs... anybody willing to post it... for the sake of science?
  2. Whats the best Antivirus program

    The free beta of Microsoft One Care seems ok to me... integrates nicely with xp sp2 if you have it.
  3. Why Windows Vista wont suck....

    Microsoft are responsable for my monthly wage so I have to keep up to date with the latest technologies issued by them. Unfortunately, they occupy a position that some people would say "damned if they do, damned if they don't". Microsoft listen carefully to customer feedback and suggestions to new functionalities and many of these change requests are based on existing functionalities used by one of their competitors. If they choose to implement these technologies then people will say "M$ are just copying apple" or whoever. If they choose to ignore the requested changes then people will say "why don't they do something like apple did, it would be so much better". A case in point is the new tabbed browsing in IE7, everyone is saying they copied the firefox browser... which they did in response to customer request. If they decided to not implement tabbed browsing, there would have been all sorts of protestations demanding it to be put in.
  4. Homeless people

    Being part of the IT industry and therefore terminally non-confrontational, I never give to beggars in the street as there is always the chance they will talk to me. When i end up as a beggar on the street, i've always said i will be one of the ones that verbally abuses people if i'm ignored... at least it will keep my vocabulary strong.
  5. Spore (video veeeery long)

    It's interesting that Will mentions throughout the presentation that most animations happen "procedurally", this seems to be the next step in game animation and I'm really glad it's finally feasable on high end pcs and next gen consoles. I've read that many new 360 games will be incorporating procedural animation into their engines to add to the realism. No more strange floaty running up slopes from now on? i hope so.
  6. Xbox Live 360 GamerCards!

    I know i don't post much, but i've been here ages and would love a decent match with anyone.
  7. Ultrajamie's Revolution thoughts (sold my 360)

    The revolution will live and die by its software. If there are 2-3 killer apps released within 2 months of the launch in japan, i think it will gain a good share of the market for at least the year. One of those killer apps must have mass market appeal in a Nintendogs way, one should be a respected franchise. Outside of Japan, all that really matters is marketing and more marketing.
  8. Sony's Revolution Killer...

    For me, the main reason why sony or microsoft can't just copy the revo controller is that any new controller they release will be deemed an "accessory" to the base console rather than the primary controller. As we have seen in the past games that use specific accessories (eye toy, bongos etc) aren't as prevalent as the games that just use the default controller because developers don't want to reduce their potential audience to those that have the accessory. Where revolution succeeds is by having the "accessory" as the default controller, leading to no decrease in the potential audience so the developer is free to use the features of the controller to the full in all games. It will be interesting to see the direction sony and microsoft take with their next consoles in 5-6 years time, i guess the direction will depend on what the public make of the latest batch of consoles. If the revo really takes off, i imagine the next ps controller will look pretty much the same as it always has, but will have an integrated motion sensor like the current revo controller.
  9. Official Neighbours Topic

    I just found out that Erinsborough is an anagram of "Or Neighbours". Yay me!
  10. NES Must Buys (please)

    Solar jetman, that first turtles game, gunsmoke, skate or die
  11. Elder Scrolls 4

    Apparantly the graphics won't be as good as the E3 videos. They have had to redo the shadows with less detail. It should still be a cracking game visually, just don't go expecting the game to look like any of the released pics so far - similar, but not exact.
  12. Soulmanager.net Online Game. I'm stuck! ;)

    Just trying to figure that out myself... 00:23:45 in hex is 00:17:2D 0x002345 rings a bell with me about hex colours but i can't find a specific colour that matches it. Hex is used a lot in computer science because of bytes, but i can't figure it out just yet.
  13. Soulmanager.net Online Game. I'm stuck! ;)

    Getting closer... try entering the numbers without the colons as your answer.. something to do with hexadecimal??
  14. Soulmanager.net Online Game. I'm stuck! ;)

    I got the same thing when i entered "standup" Which is odd
  15. Firewall

    http://www.insidethefirewall.com can anybody get out of this room, i think i've nearly done it but I don't know the username to the computer.
  16. Firewall

    Yay, done it... cheers!
  17. Firewall

    I combined what looks like a battery and a magnet with the car and placed it down near the sofa, but then nothing happened.. what else do i have to do?
  18. Firewall

    Hmm, no... where's that then?
  19. Firewall

    so how does the car work with the radio and the magnet?
  20. Firewall

    Even further now... logged in to the computer but need to use the car to get the key under the sofa but can't figure out how